Alicia Kearns is MP for Rutland and Melton

What has Alicia Kearns been up to today?

Alicia Kearns is MP for Rutland and Melton and a member of the Conservative party.

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Good to see the Govt listen to the APPG for Bosnia and Herzegovina and agree to deploy counter disinformation and defence reform experts alongside cyber security funds to help tackle hostile state efforts to undermine integrity and fragile stability of 🇧🇦

Complacency has left the door open to corrupt wealth taking root and morally bankrupt billionaires using the UK as a safe deposit box.

Our Chair @TomTugendhat talks about our new report

Read more here 👇

An enormous welcome to Sweden and Finland, our good friends and allies on joining us in @NATO.

Together we will stand united against tyranny, and you strengthen our alliance and shared security.

This means:
- units assigned and deployed
- equipment prepositioned
- enablers in place
- command and control structures established
- defence plans upgraded. 3/5

Wonderful to attend a celebration of the @AllertonProject in Parliament earlier this week - such an incredible and informative project that has shaped farming across our country from Loddington

As the G7 meets, they must recognise that we need to arm Ukraine fully, now as they fight for us all

We must end the continual drip feed of just enough weapons systems, it is like treating an infection with antibiotics w/out the right dosage: the virus can become more resilient

We now have an agreement that paves the way for #Finland & #Sweden to join #NATO. I thank Presidents @RTErdogan & @Niinisto & @SwedishPM for the constructive spirit that made this historic decision possible.

Good to catch up with ⁦@aliciakearns⁩ who chairs ⁦@APPGKurdistan⁩ for which I’m Secretary, to discuss how to further build bilateral links with & support for #KurdistanRegion. Much done, more to do. ⁦@SafeenDizayee⁩ ⁦@karwanTahir⁩ ⁦

Here's @aliciakearns raising polysilicon. She says US officials "very surprised" that UK has done so little on this, and references the link between polysilicon (essential for solar power) and Uyghurs forced labour in Xinjiang.

(Part THREE)

Many in FAC laughing out loud at Barton's inability to give straight answer. @aliciakearns asks him how he knows it's almost finalised if he can't remember seeing it.

@TomTugendhat refers to it as “Schrödinger strategy” - both exists and apparently doesn't.

Congratulations to Sir Laurence Howard who today was awarded the freedom of the county of Rutland by @rutlandcouncil It was wonderful to see his contribution to the county acknowledged with this honour together with a recognition of the support given by Lady Howard.

Last week @CommonsForeign met w/the White House, @antonioguterres, @KarenPierceUK, @BWoodward_UN, diplomats, congressmen, US Treasury & global businesses to discuss getting grain & fertiliser blockaded by Russia out of Ukraine, shared global priorities & tackling illicit finance

As the G7 meets, they must recognise that we need to arm Ukraine fully, now as they fight for us all

We must end the continual drip feed of just enough weapons systems, it is like treating an infection with antibiotics w/out the right dosage: the virus can become more resilient

The coveted Kremlin-backed secessionist endorsement: “For the first time in history, Serbs are waiting for time…We must be patient…Europe is inevitably confused with its internal problems. I pray to God that Donald Trump comes to power in America again.”

This wasn't an easy story to share - but I hope it persuades you to check in on somebody this weekend.

If you are struggling yourself, please contact @samaritans now. Things will get better for you 🙏🏽

Today we celebrate the service men and women who dedicate themselves to protecting us all, esp 7th Infantry Brigade Desert Rats, the 2nd Batalion The Poachers, 1st Military Working Dog Regiment, the Royal Army Veterinary Corps & the Defence Animal Training Reg - thank you

Just the most wonderful few hours at Rutland's first ever PRIDE - @OakhamPride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

I'm so proud of our community coming out in such force to show support and love for our LGBTQ+ community. #LoveisLove #OakhamPride

When I came to Parliament I promised to hold those accountable who conducted witch-hunts against U.K. Veterans. That promise was always professional and personal; I referred Phil Shiner to the National Crime Agency and he will now appear in court on Monday

UK Foreign Policy Committee parlmt delegation’s gladly received @UKRinUN, great opportunity to discuss priorities bilateral & multilateral cooperation. Special thanks @BWoodward_UN @TomTugendhat @StewartMcDonald @aliciakearns @Royston_Smith @coyleneil @HenrySmithUK @liambyrnemp

On #RoeVWade, when people ask why Handmaid's Tale struck home with so many women, this is why

They're making women less safe & criminalising them

Thomas also concludes the court should reconsider rulings protecting contraception, same-sex relationships, and same-sex marriage

There's no should about it - it is not for the victim to appease the aggressor and perpetrator.

Church of England bishop: Ukraine should give up Donbas to get a ceasefire

Together w/Minister for Exports @MinFreerHMG & the East Midlands Int'l Trade Advisor, I'm hosting a virtual export event for local farmers on 14 July 2022 1245-1315

Email me at to attend & complete the survey on my website:

Delighted to interact with a delegation from United Kingdom Foreign Affairs Committee led by Hon’ble @TomTugendhat, MP and Chairman of the @CommonsForeign

Deeply value the close engagement with Ambassador @BWoodward_UN & the UK in the UN Security Council on a range of issues

"In Parliament we are not going to stand for that and one of the things I am hoping to do is amend the Public Order Bill that is coming forward to include farming and food production sites," @aliciakearns @dairyuk

Today the UK Joint Force HQ held a parade where @BWallaceMP and @LtGenStickland presented Op PITTING medals and commendations.

Shout out to WO2 T, with his cap badge so far around his head there’ll be comments galore.

The Chair of JCNSS, Margaret Beckett, has written to the NSA to endorse the @CommonsForeign report on #Afghanistan and to scrutinise the National Security Council #nationalsecurity @TomTugendhat @aliciakearns

Read the letter here:

Plans for a massive solar farm on 2.3k acres north of Stamford. Objectors @MallardPassAG say as a country we can't afford to lose the farmland. Developers @MallardPass say we can't afford not to generate solar power on a big scale. @KwasiKwarteng will decide. @bbcemt

Form 3 pupils enjoyed a fascinating session looking at why we have laws and how they differ from rules. A highlight included a live link to parliament & speaking to @aliciakearns MP for Rutland & Melton.
Read more >
#academic #parliament #law

By teaching younger children financial education skills, they can develop the knowledge & resilience to prevent them from falling into debt and succumbing to fraud later in life 👇

The escapee outlines "lengthy interrogations, torture such as being locked in a ‘tiger chair’ and shocked with electric prods, forced labour, and forced medical procedures such as being injected with unknown substances."

It includes evidence from a witness who escaped Xinjiang camps in 2018, submission shows.

It outlines how Beijing is "rounding up Uyghurs" from outside China, "including ICC member States such as neighbouring Tajikistan, and forcefully deporting them back to China."

Well said, @aliciakearns

#China communists strangling free speech IN BRITAIN and we are funding them! ALICIA KEARNS

"This should not be something we are having to debate and I am furious."

MP @aliciakearns says today's UK Parliamentary debate on trans conversion therapy should 'shame us all' and should not be up for debate at all 🏳️‍⚧️

Arrived very early for @SirMattBourne's #CarMen - it was utterly astounding (no surprises there!). @carmen

There was something even more magical about seeing Carlos Acosta sitting watching it too.

There's only a few more chances to see it - make sure you do!

Did you see the amazing spread in the latest edition of Rutland Pride Magazine? 🙌 celebrating Real Bread & the opening of our new bakery at Hooby Lane #rutlandpride #newbakery #hoobylane #artisanbread #wellbread #freshlybakedeveryday

So good to be back at the @dairyuk annual dinner, bringing the industry together for the first time since 2019! Listening to @aliciakearns recognising the importance of food security and supporting #UKdairy

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