Alexander Stafford is MP for Rother Valley

What has Alexander Stafford been up to today?

Alexander Stafford is MP for Rother Valley and a member of the Conservative party.

Alexander Stafford has 7428 followers on Twitter.

It was fantastic to host a Q & A between party members in Yorkshire & the Eastern Region and Minster for Brexit Opportunities @JacobReesMogg.

Like @Alex_Stafford & I, Jacob believes that Liz's vision, plans, & experience make her the best candidate to lead our great Party!

It's time to unite.
21 current and former colleagues who have sat around the Cabinet table have come together to back Liz.
She will unite our Party, beat Keir Starmer, and is trusted to deliver for Britain 👇

Three cheers for @bwebster135 who tonight leaves the Times as one of the UK’s longest serving environment reporters. I hope he will still be on the beat - tenacious and kind all of us in the environment area respect and love him !

I have a clear plan and vision for our country and economy - and I'm ready to deliver as Prime Minister from day one.

✅✅✅ Join the thousands of @Conservatives who have already signed up to our campaign here:

It's been a big day in the office. Local MP, @Alex_Stafford, visited the revamped @ame_3d
workshop and discovered what the purpose-led design team, @biild_together, have been up to.

Both of these brands are thanks to venture capital investment by @Mercia_PLC.

In @timesredbox today 📩👇

@Alex_Stafford on why Liz Truss is the candidate for change.

“Liz Truss is not the business-as-usual candidate. She is the take-action-now choice. And she knows how to get things done.”

🔺 EXCLUSIVE: Liz Truss has the experience to stand up for Britain | ✍️ @BWallaceMP

Great to be out this morning with @Alex_Stafford & hear about how he has:
➡️ secured a £619,679 funding boost for Rotherham Council to support domestic abuse victims restart their lives.
➡️ campaigned for better banking services so everyone has access to Cash! #RotherValley

Writing for ESG Clarity, @ESG_APPG chair @Alex_Stafford outlines collaboration with industry on green finance strategy, green and social taxonomies

With a foreword from @Alex_Stafford MP welcoming the contributions our report made to the #criticalminerals debate, now is as good a time as ever to give the paper a read!

Couldn’t agree more Simon. Lots of services have shared resources across borders all day. It’s what we do when the need arises and @SYFR would be there to support @DerbyshireFRS if they were asking for our help. Mutual support arrangements add to our resilience.

Simon A Ball @SimonBa11

@DerbyshireFRS thank you so much for attending in Maltby today, a superb effort by all involved. @SYFR @SYFRChrisKirby

Very concerning reports of fires across Rother Valley, especially in Kiveton and Maltby. I will be keeping residents up to date on my facebook page:

I’ve now met with @grantshapps who tells me we have his full support.

I have also met with @Alex_Stafford & Miriam Cates the other two Conservative MPs in S Yorkshire. It’s fair to say they are very unhappy with the proposed closure of @DSA_Airport

#doncasterisgreat #SaveDSA

Great news that the economy grew by 0.5% in May – outstripping expectations.

This government has taken action to protect jobs through a challenging 2 years, whilst making record investments in infrastructure, levelling up and ensuring people can get skills they need to progress.

Honoured and delighted to be appointed a Parliamentary Under Secretary of State at the Home Office and Ministry of Justice and a great first day in my new role today.

I've recently been appointed Parliamentary Private Secretary to Prime Minister @BorisJohnson. Its important that smooth running of government continues during the transition & is important that I take every opportunity to ensure Rother Valley's voice is heard at the highest level

Even on a day like today in Westminster, Alexander Stafford MP sprints from the House to deliver his speech on the government’s approach to ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) investing. A top man, a pleasure to host. Yes, I’m the little grey chap to the left. 😁

Great to host our first hybrid APPG on Health & the Natural Environment: Arts, Culture & Heritage today.

With speakers @Alex_Stafford @ace_national @HistoricEngland @TheNCCH @DCMS.

Thanks to everyone who joined online AND in-person!

Thanks @dcsandbrook, @holland_tom and everyone who listens to @TheRestHistory, my campaign to increase the teaching of medieval history has made the front page of @Telegraph today. Do tune into the debate in Parliament starting at about 10pm tonight.

This is absolutely right from @Alex_Stafford & @telegraph in their editorial.

Students should be taught the grand sweep of British history, not just snapshots, and that includes the medieval period - which is not just important but fascinating.

Conservative Friends of Education @CFoEducation

Teach medieval history in schools or we will 'lose our past'

Focusing on Hitler and Henry VIII is too narrow, warns Tory MP Alexander Stafford @Alex_Stafford


Teach medieval history in schools or we will 'lose our past'

Focusing on Hitler and Henry VIII is too narrow, warns Tory MP Alexander Stafford @Alex_Stafford


Schools should teach more of England’s medieval history and not just focus on the “two Hs – Hitler and Henry VIII”, according to an MP

'Students are far more likely to learn about someone like Martin Luther King than they are about Alfred the Great.'

Conservative MP Alexander Stafford wants schools to teach medieval history and not just 'Hitler and Henry VIII'

Out this morning with a great team of local activists in Maltby, speaking to residents and delivering my latest newsletter. If you see me do come and say hello and you haven't received your leaflet yet drop me a line so I can send you one.

Mark Babington, @FRCnews's Executive Director of Regulatory Standards, joined the APPG today to discuss the regulator's role in supporting a greener and more socially responsible economy.

@Alex_Stafford @CBRE_IM @kpmguk @csr_accred @rigbygroupplc #EMKcapital

Hi @holland_tom & @dcsandbrook, I'm hosting a debate on the teaching of Medieval History in Parliament on Monday, what do you and @TheRestHistory listeners think should be taught in our schools, and what is the importance of Medieval history to young people?

Today the IOPC released a report highlighting the failures of South Yorkshire Police around the rape of 1,500 girls in Rotherham. Despite police officers involved being found guilty of serious/gross misconduct, none have been disciplined. Once again victims are being failed.

Rother Valley MP @Alex_Stafford called on the Prime Minister to pledge support for a "high wage, high skills #RotherValley" and level up the region's high streets.

@BorisJohnson told #PMQs the Government is going to continue with the levelling up agenda across the country.

As many people know, I moved to this country aged 11, unable to speak a word of English.

Some of my first school experiences involved being called a ‘p*ki’ and even having my head dunked in a pond by bigger kids as entertainment.
It’s time to talk about bullying.


Rishi Sunak was shown around Dinnington town centre by MP @Alex_Stafford

Rishi Sunak was shown around Dinnington town centre by MP @Alex_Stafford

So there is a lot of rubbish being spouted about the PM’s trip to Ukriane. 1. Firstly these trips are organised in total secrecy. Very few, and i mean very few, people know the dates and arrangements. Russia is still launching missile strikes right across Ukriane . 1/5

One day after the European triumvirate visited, Zelensky releases video of Boris Johnson in Ukraine. "Many days of this war have proved that Great Britain's support for Ukraine is firm and resolute. Glad to see our country's great friend Boris Johnson in Kyiv again."

Great to address the Northern Research Group conference in Doncaster this afternoon to discuss jobs and skills in new industries for our area.

Great to hear @Alex_Stafford and @RicHolden at the NRG Conference highlighting the potential for Britain to be a world leader in extracting and recycling minerals, creating jobs in the North and ensuring our long-term sustainability and security 🇬🇧🔋

I meet regularly with @Alex_Stafford in Parliament. He is the MP for Rother Valley. As we have neighbouring constituencies and common issues arise, it makes sense for us to work together.

Interesting to see this @Alex_Stafford PQ on what @educationgovuk is doing to help ensure that (a) specialist and (b) mainstream schools can provide the therapies and other services that disabled children need.

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