Claire Coutinho is MP for East Surrey

What has Claire Coutinho been up to today?

Claire Coutinho is MP for East Surrey and a member of the Conservative party.

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These strikes will kneecap an economy in recovery and drive down already suffering train revenues.

Why are Labour supporting them when they will be bad for rail and other workers?

Labour are wrong. More disruption on rail services will mean less people use the trains = less train revenues = less pay and eventually job losses for rail workers.

Labour and militant union action are going to leave workers worse off.

Very disappointing @RMTunion are taking action that could damage the rail network after taxpayers contributed £16bn, £600 per household, to keep jobs during Covid. We're working with industry to reduce disruption caused by strikes but urge unions to come to talks with employers.

Extremely thoughtful and thorough examination of levelling up and skills from Prof Ken Mayhew here

I need reminding that beneath the blithe bluster of the LU slogan, there is a helluva lot of actual thought going on

“I have been humbled and deeply touched that so many people have taken to the streets to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee.”

As the #PlatinumJubilee weekend draws to a close, Her Majesty has sent a thank you message to all those who have marked her 70 years as Queen.

.@annietrev signs her first MOU with an US State which paves the way for greater trade in clean tech, mutual recognition of professional qualifications, research and academia.

The 8 deals we plan to sign will cover 20% of the US economy. One to watch.

Today the Chancellor announced £15 billion of fresh measures to support families with rising energy bills. The policy package was progressive with two-thirds of the new cash going to households in the bottom half of the income distribution...

The energy profits levy will mean that North Sea tax rates will return to more typical historical levels for up to 3½ years.

But a new ‘super-deduction’ means that North Sea investment, far from being discouraged, will be hugely subsidised while the higher tax rate is in place.

Great to hear @ClaireCoutinho and @FloEshalomi both agree and disagree on #BrokenLadders implications. Highlighting the need to see the diversity within women of colour’s experiences and not to lump them together as a homogeneous group. #representationmatters

The fantastic panel launching our #BrokenLadders report at Westminster this morning.
Including @ClaireCoutinho
@FloEshalomi @shabnabegum76 & @EthnicityPayGa1

Josh McAlister, Founder of Frontline, has written a landmark report on children in care which recognises the power of having strong family networks and relationships in our lives.

We should absolutely make this a priority for children in care too.

There is now a broad public consensus on diversity being part of British culture, by 72% to 28%, a 23% swing from the 49/51 split when offered this choice a decade ago.

Delighted to say we are back in full swing with in person @miyrbiz events uk wide. Hot off the back of Northallerton and Tunbridge Wells last Friday we can announce an @miyrbiz event later this year in east Surrey with @ClaireCoutinho - details to follow! #SME #smallbiz

Lady planning a Jubilee street party to raise money for a local hospice sent 23 pages of forms by local council demanding a counter-terrorism plan, a security plan, a severe weather management plan and a Covid risk assessment.

I've considered the childcare ratio question carefully and put safety and quality first. We will be consulting on mirroring the Scottish model before the summer, which means a maximum ratio of 1 to 5 instead of 1 to 4 for 2-year-olds. (1/3)

Power and money should be pushed down into deprived and ‘left behind’ neighbourhoods so that they can make levelling up a success from the ground up. It’s about trusting the people. Fantastic that leading parliamentarian @ClaireCoutinho shares our vision for a better country.

Fantastic seeing so many members of the Community Wealth Fund Alliance this evening. The future is one where communities are empowered to lead their own change. That vision has terrific parliamentary champions in @ClaireCoutinho @danny__kruger and Baroness Ruth Lister.

✨👏🗣️"A woman's place IS in the House of Commons"💪

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿First Welsh woman to follow the Queen's Speech, #FayJonesMP on why it's so important for women to get involved in politics, and why Parliament is a place where women can, and do, achieve great things 🙌


Buried in the Queen’s Speech today is a policy that promises to give neighbourhoods a steady stream of bottom-up funding to level themselves up, and an incentive towards much stronger civic governance.

I’ve written about it in today’s @timesredbox.

If you haven’t heard of this government’s ‘Lifelong Loan Entitlement’ then have a read of this. Vice Chancellors are already agreeing with me that it is a game-changer for education, re-skilling, up- skilling and our economy. @Daily_Express

@ClaireCoutinho, MP for East Surrey, brings you her update for May.

#politics #MP #eastsurrey

@ClaireCoutinho Our May front page will feature stories from #Tandridge families who are sponsoring Ukrainian families - we are hearing nothing but praise for all the help @ClaireCoutinho and her team have given them...with Jack being particularly singled out as a superstar!

The Great British Rail Sale continues to prove extremely popular with a remarkable 628,000 Rail Sale tickets sold to date! 🇬🇧

Total discounted tickets available expanded to 1.5 million 🎫

Average cost paid per Sale ticket just £8.23.

Get yours here:

I have dyslexia, which means that when I speak I often run my words together and say things that sound like the words I’m trying to say.

Dyslexia affects people differently. For me, it affects my speech more than my writing, which is why I find solace in writing. (1/5)

Thanks very much to @ClaireCoutinho for speaking at our Onward After Hours drinks event last night.

Sign up for an invite to our next one here ▶️

Today #F4F @JoanniePeak met with Councillor Lesley Steeds and East Surrey MP @ClaireCoutinho to raise awareness for the present, celebrate our past and to protect the future of Showman of East Surrey. It was fantastic to be part of the conversation a really positive discussion

We will only defeat racism if people with experience in tackling racial disparities are heard. Instead, the @UniofNottingham is penalising thoughtful, evidence-led contributors like Dr Tony Sewell.

Free speech and the free exchange of ideas are the foundation of social progress.

Today’s Tax Plan delivers the biggest net cut to personal taxes in over a quarter of a century.

👇 Read the plan here 👇

🔊🇬🇧🇺🇸 We’ve secured a resolution with the US to end the issue around steel and aluminium tariffs @SecRaimondo

Good news for our vital industries who were unfairly hit. UK producers can enjoy tariff free access to the US market again ✅️

We really appreciate @Conservatives for the staunch support of Ukraine! @BorisJohnson @OliverDowden @trussliz @BWallaceMP
So many full hearted wishes and genuine desire to help Ukraine! So many true friends of Ukraine! We are #StrongerTogether

1/ Dr Tony Sewell is a highly experienced and dedicated advocate for racial equality. He has helped thousands of young Black people throughout his decades-long career.

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