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Colum Eastwood is MP for Foyle and a member of the Social Democratic and Labour Party party.

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👀Boris Johnson was made aware of allegations of inappropriate behavior by Chris Pincher before the last reshuffle, but appointed him deputy chief whip in February anyway - grim background from @EleniCourea

The legacy of the Troubles is all around us like a fog, and no one wants to move on more than victims & survivors. But legal + truth recovery mechanisms to allow it will be thwarted by the Legacy Bill. All NI parties are publicly opposing this legislation, it has no consent here.

The family of Kathleen Thompson and the PFC are inviting family, friends and supporters to join us at 2pm on Guildhall Sq Sat 2.7.22! @MuseumFreeDerry @derryjournal @DerryNews @madden_finucane @columeastwood @padraig_delargy

Kathleen Thompson’s family have been fighting for truth and justice since the British army killed their mother in November 1971. The Tory's legacy proposals would have forever denied justice to the Thompson family.

Colum Eastwood says justice for Kathleen Thompson's family would have been barred under legacy proposals

It was a pleasure to host @PlayhouseDerry #TheCrackInEverything in Westminster this week, telling the stories of children tragically killed in our conflict.

All victims, their families and their stories deserve to heard. We will always stand with them.

The Tory government are determined to deny victims truth and justice. We will continue to stand with victims against this immoral law.

🇬🇧 Sinn Féin on Ormeau Road flags in 2021 when SDLP held Infrastructure post: 'The Department for Infrastructure should act.'
🇬🇧 In 2022 when Sinn Féin holds Infrastructure: 'The PSNI should act.'

Tonight, @columeastwood @ClaireHanna and I forced a division on the immunity (de facto amnesty) clause in the NIO's Legacy Bill.

Sadly, the Conservative Government rammed this through over the heads of the voices of victims in NI. The fight goes on.

"How can Julie Livingstone's family believe this government when they say they want to give accountability, truth and transparency?"

Watch @columeastwood in the House of Commons today👇

SDLP Leader @columeastwood raises today’s inquest ruling that Kathleen Thompson, a mother of six, was shot and killed in her own back garden by soldiers more than 50 years ago (half a century!).

The government’s proposals will ban this route to justice for other families.

‘Nobody who ever knew her will be alive by then’ - the verdict of Julie Livingstone’s family after files were sealed until 2064.

SDLP Leader @ColumEastwood raises the case of Julie Livingstone - a 14 year killed with a plastic bullet on her way home from the shops on the Stewartstown Road in 1981.

How can this government talk about transparency when Julie’s file has been sealed until 2064?

"Kathleen Thompson’s family have taken on the full might of the British Government and today, at long last, they have been vindicated."


"Constitutional conversations have to involve hard questions for those of us who want change on this island. But no one can now assume a stable, trusty status quo underwritten by a UK government committed to basic norms."


Truly amazing disturbing thought provoking evening with the playhouse and Mach’s productions in Westminster thank you Kieran for the invite and thank you Colum for taking the time to listen to our concerns @PlayhouseDerry @columeastwood @lewsleymooney

A brilliant article from @MatthewOToole2.

Britain cannot be trusted and this has deep implications for Irish unity

The widow of a farmer murdered by the IRA has warned the government not to "trample" on victims as MPs prepare to vote on the government's Troubles legislation.

Thanks to @PlayhouseDerry and @ClaireHanna @columeastwood for facilitating testimonies from ‘The Crack in Everything’ @ Westminster today. Pictured with family of Annette McGavigan & Kathleen Feeney & PFCs Sara Duddy who spoke on the panel afterwards

I spoke to @TimesRadio this morning along with Martin & Maria McGavigan & @columeastwood ahead of this evening’s presentation of ‘The Crack in Everything’ at Westminster. It tells the stories of 6 children who were killed during the troubles.

“It’s important they have the opportunity to see for themselves the impact that the past has had on people.”


One of those stories where you wish you had more space - relatives of children killed in the Troubles will tell MPs their stories this evening ahead of tomorrow's vote on the Legacy & Reconciliation Bill (via @PA)

@PA The event has been organised by @columeastwood, who says there has been a "fairly cavalier attitude" to Northern Ireland from the Government and wants Tory MPs to come and listen to this evening's event in Parliament.

Spoke yesterday on the campaign of distortion being waged about the causes & effects of the Protocol, by those who created it, and urged DUP to unshackle themselves from the ERG & help us achieve the negotiated solutions that can work for all our people. They heckled instead 🤷‍♀️

The notion that this bill is about consent or consensus is mind-bending.

There is no consent for Brexit in Northern Ireland. There is no consent for this legislation among people or their MLAs here. @ClaireHanna

DUP MPs Gregory Campbell and Jeffrey Donaldson call out to SDLP MPs Claire Hanna and Colum Eastwood 'You lost a third of your seats.'

SDLP leader Colum Eastwood replies 'You are going to lose the union.'

Fielding calls from members about some stuff published today which has neither their support nor even the the basics of a request to use their name. Poor form.

Stories of children killed in the Troubles to be told to MPs

NI Protocol Bill:

It will damage the GFA, not protect it.
It’s a breach of Int. Law & will damage the UKs reputation.
It’s against business & majority opinion in NI.
It’s unnecessary UK unilateral action when partnership & compromise is on offer from #EU.

This Bill is no fix.

EXC New research shows gov plans to protect small no of veterans from prosecution will hand amnesties to IRA men who murdered hundreds of soldiers, critics say.

Every MP is being sent details of how many people from their constituency were killed by the IRA.

SDLP leader @columeastwood said the controversial proposals - which a number of senior Tory MPs have doubts about - would "shield paramilitary killers, and fundamentally alter the rights of those who have lost loved ones."

Reminder please join PFC & @RelsForJustice families tomorrow Tuesday 28th at 1pm Guildhall Sq, Derry & NIO HQ Chicester St, Belfast to protest the legacy #Billofshame which is being fast tracked in H of C by @BrandonLewis All political reps welcome. Please RT widely.

SDLP MLA Matthew O’Toole said “Liz Truss's intervention is simply further confirmation that this disreputable law breaking is about the battle for control of the Tory Party rather than people in Northern Ireland”

💥 NEW legal opinion shows Grants Shapps has “extensive” powers to step in and help resolve the rail dispute.

He needs to stop inflaming tensions and get people around the table to find a fair resolution.

Sheffield/UK pals, Lyra premieres tomorrow 18.15 at @theworkstation. Q&A with the filmmaker @ericastarling1 hosted by the amazing Adrian Dunbar. Tickets available

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