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Tommy Sheppard is MP for Edinburgh East and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Edinburgh Fringe 2022 kicks off today!

I’m incredibly lucky to represent most of the area in which the fringe takes place. I know well its importance for my constituency and for the city. Good luck to everyone performing this year!

Edinburgh Festival Fringe @edfringe


My next constituency surgeries will be held on:

📍Friday 5 August (1PM), at The Ripple Project, Lochend
📍Friday 5 August (3:30PM), at The White House, Craigmillar

No appointment needed. If you would like further details, please email:

"As Conservatives members from across the UK debate their choice of future Prime Minister, those of us who are supportive of international aid spending can only fear the worst about its future."

✍️ I've written for the Scotsman on independence and aid.

I support efforts to increase early detection of chronic kidney disease.

It was great to hear from the teams at @healthyio1, @kidneycareuk, @kidney_research & @NKF_UK recently on their work to improve early detection rates. #WeeCanHelp

Westminster's contempt towards our democratically elected Parliament and First Minister will ensure the destruction of this Union. #YouYesYet?

It’s disgraceful that in the current modern age, we still allow people to indulge in the slaughter of wild animals for entertainment. It must be stopped. Proud to support the #BanThrophyHunting campaign.

The royals don't attract tourists. Royal buildings do, but the ones not occupied by royals are far more profitable. Here are the top 100 tourist destinations in the UK. #AbolishTheMonarchy

It was fantastic to visit the new state-of-the-art Meadowbank sports centre alongside local Cllr Danny Aston yesterday.

I’m delighted that more local residents will now be able to benefit from an even higher quality sports facility. 🏓⚽️

Meeting staff and trustees @EdinDogCatHome summer soirée. Impassioned speech from @FyffeLindsay on traumatic choices facing pet owners as #CostOfLivingCrisis bites.

It’s become clearer than ever that the labour movement’s future depends on political control being regained by Scotland, rather than being eternally dependent on the whims of the political elite at Westminster.

"These workers are not only fighting for their livelihoods, they're also fighting for a better rail system.” ✊

@EdinburghLive_ | @RMTunion

Workers deserve decent pay, work conditions & job security.

Pleased to join the @RMTunion picket line at Edinburgh Waverley station this afternoon. They have my full support and solidarity.✊

Voting is now open for @FieldsInTrust UK’s Favourite Parks 2022. Delighted to hear that Figgate Park, Holyrood Park, Lochend Park and Princes Street Gardens in Edinburgh East have all been nominated!

Vote here 👉

ICYMI: Welsh Labour First Minister says Scotland ‘has the right’ to hold #indyref2.

Meanwhile, Scottish Labour continues to stand side-by-side with the Tories in denying the democratic will of the people of Scotland. Thoroughly depressing.

On Monday (25th July), I’ll be hosting a welcome event at the Charteris Centre for Ukrainian citizens and their visa sponsors living in Edinburgh East.

It’s an opportunity to ask questions and raise any issues you would like help with.


Thank you to everyone who donated to our crowdfunder to secure the release of secret Union polling and prevent a nightmare precedent being set that would give the UK government a license for secrecy.

We’re now in a position to get the legal support needed to win. Stay tuned.

Less than a month away from Festival Weekend and the programme is almost ready to launch!🎉
👀Here’s a sneak peek at the cover in the meantime 🕐
#CNCF2022 #craigmillarstories #greatercraigmillar

It’s ironic that a body that is neither elected nor accountable has the affront to tell the *democratically elected* Scottish Parliament what it can and cannot do.

This is the sort of Westminster nonsense Scotland can rid itself of with independence.

Big turnout for @FoodPlacesUK event at WM today and much praise for Scotland’s world leading food bill. Shame the climate disruption prevented team from @EdibleEdin getting here but will catch them over the summer.

A significant step forward.

The UK government seem to have adopted 'ignore it and it will go away' as its official strategy on #indyref2. It won’t work. Scotland will have a choice.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇦 It was great to speak with @Zhenya_Dove today about the Ukrainian community in Edinburgh who took part in a litter pick as a gesture of thanks to Scots who have welcomed them to the country.

⚠️ An amber extreme heat warning is in place across Edinburgh and throughout parts of Scotland today and tomorrow.

Please take care and follow sensible advice. For more information, please visit 👇

Fab turnout of ⁦@eastsnp⁩ members in Porty today to make plans for #indy. Biggest meeting in years on a hot sunny day. Positive, enthusiastic discussion. We’re on the way ⁦@theSNP⁩

Just 2 days to go until our next Democracy Loves webinar: "Democracy Loves Local Power"

Looking forward to hearing from @TommySheppard and the rest of our panel about the Proportional Representation and local power.

Social prejudices, economic illiteracy and drivel about a smaller state. The Tory leadership contest has descended into a toxic race to the right. It’s foul.

Read my latest column here 👉

.@NicolaSturgeon: “So scared is Labour of Tory attacks from the right…that they are becoming a pale imitation of the Tories, rather than a real alternative.” It’s sad state of affairs but completely true.

📺 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Tomorrow I will publish the second in the Building a New Scotland series of papers, refreshing the case for independence. This one focuses on democracy and democratic renewal, and could not be more timely. Watch from 11am on @scotgov channel #indyref2

It’s a horrible reflection on the Tory party that to gain the confidence of their membership, this cohort have to parade themselves as being to the right of Genghis Khan. Depressing but predictable. #YouYesYet?

The National @ScotNational

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🌍 Edinburgh is the best city in the world, and Glasgow is a close 4th, in @TimeOutLondon’s best cities in the world - their global snapshot of city living.

🔴 On Thursday - just as Johnson was resigning - his government's response to a parliamentary inquiry into FOI was published.

Guess what? G'vmt has rejected almost all transparency

Cabinet Office gave “two fingers up to the process” says @TommySheppard

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