John Nicolson is MP for Ochil and South Perthshire

What has John Nicolson been up to today?

John Nicolson is MP for Ochil and South Perthshire and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Lovely to be out and about in beautiful #Clackmannan today - one one of my favourite places in my constituency. The 16th Century Tolbooth and the mysterious Mannan Stone looking especially atmospheric today.

The Times’ expose of the conspiracy theory cranks who now shout ‘groomers’ at Drag Queen Story Hour has zero awareness of the role that The Times itself has had in creating this situation with its constant attacks on LGBTQ+ people and institutions

I’ve expressed longstanding concerns about the behaviour of #NadineDorries online. Wildly intemperate & frequently abusive it’s absurd she’s the Cabinet minister responsible for online safety - and disturbing the #OnlineSafetyBill grants her more powers.

Ready for Rishi says he’ll “hold the SNP to account”. The electorate do that at elections. Last year @theSNP won more votes than any party in Holyrood history. The Tories haven’t won a Scottish election since the 1950s. #Indyref2023

Sky News @SkyNews

Sunak says Sturgeon must not be ignored after Truss calls first minister an 'attention seeker'

It's Westminster recess so my chance to get out and about in my beautiful constituency. Great to meet the team at the #Clackmannan Development Trust and hear about their exciting future plans.

Starmer’s broken promises:

🥀 Increase income tax rate for top 5%

🥀 End private outsourcing in NHS

🥀 Nationalise rail, mail and water

🥀 Defend free movement

🥀 Support trade unions

🥀 Abolish the House of Lords

🥀 Close relationship with 🇪🇺

Making cement based plasters extra hard is not a solution for salt problems. They make it so much worse.

Permeable lime base plasters, or alternatively clay based plasters are far superior.

Even Scots who don't agree with independence, generally recognise that Nicola Sturgeon is a dedicated public servant. That's why Liz Truss's personal attack is causing so much offence. I think @itvnews @Channel4News @BBCNews failure to cover it was a mistake.


What a run from Eilish McColgan to win the Commonwealth Games 10,000m title 32 years after her mum! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

And a Games record too!!!

#TeamScot #TimeForHeroes #B2022

If that Brandon Lewis performance in any way reflects #LizTruss thinking it's as jumbled and incoherent as many suspect. All tinged with a hint of aggression. @MishalHusain had him for breakfast on #r4today

Brandon Lewis defending Liz Truss' statement that she'll "ignore Nicola Sturgeon" but agreeing that she'll need to sit down and talk to Nicola Sturgeon. The jumble of words he's spewing is largely meaningless on #r4today

Brandon Lewis on #r4today blaming #RishiSunak for the #LizTruss policy mess yesterday. All very Boris Johnson. Always someone else's fault.

Our Nordic office will officially open later this month.

Ahead of the launch, office head Katrine Feldinger discusses Scotland’s close connection with the region.

More absurdity from Lambeth Palace as the Archbishop of Canterbury says that gay love is a sin but is relaxed about churches blessing that sin.

Two internets. The latest idea from #LizTruss who seems determined to prove that she’s the dimmest candidate ever to run for high office in a major political party.

It was always obvious #Brexit was going to be a disaster. And it's been a catastrophe. One foisted on Scotland by the Tories and now supported by Labour. Here's a reminder of what they said. #Indyref2023

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Brexit: an update (with Anna Ford)

One week ago #PennyMordaunt said a vote for #LizTruss was tantamount to the “murder” of her party. Today she’s endorsing the ‘murderer’ #Liz4Leader She is the very definition of unprincipled. How can anyone take these sleekit people seriously?

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