Liz Saville Roberts is MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd

What has Liz Saville Roberts been up to today?

Liz Saville Roberts is MP for Dwyfor Meirionnydd and a member of the Plaid Cymru party.

Liz Saville Roberts has 21031 followers on Twitter.

Diolch am ddoniau mawreddog Dwyfor Meirionnydd!

Gruffydd Siôn Ynyr - y Fedal Ddrama
Meinir Pierce Jones - Gwobr Goffa Daniel Owen
Esyllt Maelor - Y Goron
Sioned Erin Hughes - Y Fedal Ryddiaith

Remember GPs are people, the NHS has been under enormous pressure for a while now.

Let’s continue to be kind and thankful for the work that our amazing NHS does under enormous pressures.

Such a tragic loss. 😢 #NhS #MentalHealthMatters 🥰

Evening Standard @EveningStandard

Surrey GP dies after ‘pressure of the job finally got to her’


Tories like Rishi Sunak SPECIFICALLY TARGETED the poorest parts of the UK with their Brexit message in 2016.

They recognised the system had left them behind, and promised to make things better.

EVERYTHING we've seen since has been based on that betrayal!

No surprise Tories redirecting money from poor areas to their own. But boasting about it? Incredible arrogance and corrupt behaviour. We need #independence and #indyref2

🧵(1/2) Leader -Dyfrig Siencyn- & Deputy -@NiaJeffreys- visited the Blaenau #Ffestiniog area recently to be shown around by our superb new Cllr Elfed Wyn ap Elwyn 👍
It was also a chance to discuss the £27m funding bid submitted to bring benefit to 3 of Gwynedd's slate towns...

🧵(1/2) Bu'r Arweinydd -Dyfrig Siencyn- a'i Ddirprwy -@NiaJeffreys- yn ymweld ag ardal Blaenau yn ddiweddar i gael eu tywys o gwmpas gan ein Cyngh newydd gwych Elfed Wyn ap Elwyn 👍
Bu hefyd yn gyfle i drafod y cais grant £27m "Llewyrch o'r Llechi" cymeradwywyd gan y Cabinet...

🎂 IT's Plaid Cymru's 97th Birthday today!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Come and join the celebrations with us if you're at the Eisteddfod.

Or join the party ➡️

🎂 Mae'n benblwydd Plaid Cymru heddiw yn 97!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Dewch i ddathlu gyda ni os ydych chi ar faes yr Eisteddfod.

Neu dewch yn aelod ➡️

“I managed to start changing the funding formulas, to make sure that areas like this are getting the funding that they deserve,” boasts Rishi Sunak to Tory members in wealthy Tunbridge Wells

You can’t make this stuff up

‘It is easy to imagine that, as a rule, British politics is English and English politics is Tory’

It’s no imaginary state, it’s the reality of UK politics and the tyranny of Tory majority

Time to imagine a better future for Wales

The Tory flying visit to Wales is over

Instead of learning from our grown-up politics, Sunak and Truss showed contempt to devolution

The Tories’ wannabe leaders have proved the obvious: we can do so much better than this

‘The best union in the world’ says Tory David Jones MP in the Cardiff Conservative Leadership hustings

Best for whom exactly?

Wait till we demand fair price for our water and electricity
#annibyniaeth #IndyWales

Eisiau help mynd ar y we? E-byst? Cyfryngau cymdeithasol? Dewch draw am gymorth FORY rhwng 10.30-12 💻 📱💻📱💻📱💻📱💻📱

Need help to surf the web? E-mails? Social media? Call in for advice TOMORROW 10.30-12 📱💻📱💻📱💻📱💻

Genocide. Sexual Violence. Enslavement. Marginalization. Oppression. Injustice.

The Yazidi community has endured all of the above & more before & since ISIS’ invasion in Sinjar in 2014. International action is needed. We urge you not to forget #August3rd and the #YazidiGenocide

Liz Truss plans to cut salaries of public sector workers outside London

The end of Tory fantasy levelling up

Welcome to grinding down

Malu’n fân - malu awyr

Truss or Sunak. Red or Blue. Westminster will never work for Wales.

Choose a better future for Wales.

Choose independence.

Join Plaid Cymru today.


Enillydd Y Goron yn @eisteddfod Tregaron 2022 yw Esyllt Maelor o Forfa Nefyn. Llongyfarchiadau mawr!

The winner of The Crown at this year's National Eisteddfod is Esyllt Maelor from Morfa Nefyn.

Welsh teenager Medi Harris became British champion for the first time in April in what is a breakthrough year for the Gwynedd swimmer as she won bronze in the women's 100m backstroke

“A nation which has gone through that has a special feeling for those who suffered similarly. We share our experience of post-colonial struggle. Ireland fought for independence from empire. That is exactly what we are doing now.” (via @IrishTimesWorld )

Diwrnod swyddogol cyntaf fel Prentis i @YCarneddau ! Edrych ymlaen at y flwyddyn i ddod 🪵🏔🚜🐞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 My first official day as an Apprentice for @YCarneddau ! Looking forward to the year ahead 🪵🏔🚜🐞🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

The next stop on the Caffi Carneddau Roadshow is Capel Curig!

Come along to learn more about the scheme, the opportunities to get involved and hear interesting talks about the cultural heritage of the area

📍 Capel Curig Community Centre
📅 18/08


Y stop nesaf ar daith Caffi Carneddau yw Capel Curig!

Dewch draw i ddysgu mwy am y cynllun, y cyfleoedd i gymryd rhan a chlywed sgyrsiau difyr am dreftadaeth ddiwylliannol yr ardal

📍 Canolfan Gymunedol Capel Curig
📅 18 Awst


Map darluniadol o'r Carneddau

Mae ardal y cynllun yn cynnwys dros 220 km sgwâr o ardal fwyaf gogleddol @croesoeryri – gan gynnwys yr ardal mwyaf o dir dros 900m i'r de o'r Alban ⛰️

✏️Dyluniwyd gan David Goodman

An illustrated map of the Carneddau

The scheme area occupies over 220 sq km at the northern most part of @visitsnowdonia – including the largest area of ground over 900m south of Scotland ⛰️

✏️Designed by David Goodman

Happy Lamb day one and all! 🥳

We hope you have the best day marking the start of the Welsh Lamb season. Be sure to let us know if you’re feasting on Welsh Lamb today!

For recipe inspiration, head to our website:

Calan Oen hapus!🥳

Gobeithio y cewch chi ddiwrnod gwych yn nodi dechrau tymor Cig Oen Cymru a byddwch yn siŵr o adael i ni wybod os ydych chi'n gwledda arno heddiw!

Ewch i’n gwefan am ysbrydoliaeth i wneud y gorau o’ch cig oen:

High St banks have abandoned their social responsibility to customers say @LSRPlaid and @mabonapgwynfor as #Barclays and #Lloyds announce #Gwynedd branch closures within same week.

A suggestion to the many Welsh politicians tweeting support for England: please come down to Cardiff City Stadium to support @Cymru for their crucial World Cup qualifier on 6 Sept & encourage your constituents to do same. Wales need the exposure a major tournament would bring.

"The narrative is rightly being shifted from speculating about the cost of independence, to the cost of staying in this unequal union" ✍️@RhysOwenThomas

Ymateb @mabonapgwynfor a minnau wrth i #Barclays gadarnhau eu bwriad i gau cangen #Dolgellau. Mae banciau y stryd fawr wedi cefnu ar eu cyfrifoldeb cymdeithasol i gwsmeriaid ffyddlon.

#Bancio 🏧💷

Mae angen creu llwybr diogel i fenywod Afghan sy’n ffoi rhag peryg

Create a UK asylum and resettlement route for Afghan women-at-risk

Arwyddwch y ddeiseb / Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

1 year after Op Pitting, Afghan women have no legal asylum route to UK. No country in the world has the conditions that Afghan women face. Pls sign & RT.
Create a UK asylum and resettlement route for Afghan women-at-risk - Sign the Petition! via @UKChange

Yet another bank closure in my rural constituency. This time #Barclays in #Dolgellau. Rural areas are effectively being airbrushed by these banking giants who have long abandoned their social responsibility to customers.

#BankClosure 🏧💷

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