Sam Tarry is MP for Ilford South

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Sam Tarry is MP for Ilford South and a member of the Labour party.

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Change starts here. In 2019, I achieved the highest vote for Labour ever in Chingford & Woodford Green. I’m standing again and, together, we can finish what we started. #TeamShaheen #Faiza4Chingford

.@grantshapps has repeatedly refused to meet @SadiqKhan about a long-term funding deal for @TfL.

Rather than meeting with @RMTunion to prevent the #ToryRailStrikes, he's instead spent the time making cringeworthy TikTok's and fuelling the flames of a culture war against unions.

Is that really it?!

@RMTunion can you confirm, if "Ministers and officials regularly meet with the RMT on a variety of matters"?

Or is @grantshapps telling lies?

It's important that the Home Secretary @pritipatel understands our feelings, as the London PLP, following the news that the Met Police Service have been put into special measures.

Our letter, co-signed by fellow London Labour MPs, with 3 hours notice.

Will no doubt add more.👇🏾

I spoke to @BBCNews today about the tragic murder of Zara Aleena in Ilford earlier this week.

My heart goes out to Aleena's family & loved ones. I cannot begin to imagine the pain they must be feeling.

Every step possible must be taken to ensure that this never happens again.

Of course, he did!

From day one, @grantshapps was desperate for his #ToryRailStrikes to go ahead.

Instead of allowing the train operators to negotiate with @RMTunion, he's decided to attack and demonise workers, all to save our failing PM's skin.

The murder of Zara Allena in my constituency was deeply distressing for Ilford's community & my thoughts are with Zara's family during this awful time.

I'm grateful to @MPSRedbridge for their efforts & today's arrest. If you have any information relating to the murder, call 999.

Redbridge MPS @MPSRedbridge

UPDATE: Statement following murder of 35-year-old woman in Ilford

A privilege to officially open Smoke and Ice on Ilford Lane.

I'm certain that this will become a hub for our local young community and is a brilliant sign for our thriving business community and young entrepreneurs.

I keep hearing the 1970s as a derogatory term to attack trade unionism.

We did not have..
12 million people hungry
Student debt

We did have..
Council housing
Secure employment
Nationalised energy, rail & mail
NHS Dentists
Free Uni education


Fantastic to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of Cranbrook Castle Tennis Club today, alongside @CllrJeyaranjan, the Mayor of Redbridge.

I grew up playing tennis here and it has always embraced the local community, with its outreach work.

Heartbreaking news. I've just been visiting local residents concerned about this tragic event.

If you have any information, footage, or any witnesses, please call the major incident room on 0208 345 3715.

Adil Ray reads Business Secretary Paul Scully a list of the Tory shit show that contributed to them losing both seats in last nights By-Election's. #GMB

Of all the Government's #RailStrikes mistakes this is their most asinine.

Not only is it morally repugnant & violates workers' democratic right to strike, it risks the safety of passengers & staff & could lead to another Hatfield or Potters Bar disaster.

This is a Tory recipe for disaster⚠️

Not just undermining pay, rights and conditions, but risking public safety and ripping up ministers’ own words.

They’ve learned nothing from the P&O scandal, which led to safety failures and grounding of vessels.

The Tories' despicable attempts to demonize working people and @RMTunion members have failed.

The British public know full well that the fault for these #RailStrikes lays firmly at the feet of a Government, more interested in attacking workers than doing their jobs.

Liam Thorp @LiamThorpECHO

Polling from @SavantaComRes: 58% of public say rail strikes this week are justified, 34% say they are not

66% say government have not done enough to prevent the strikes

UK inflation has increased to 9.1%, its highest rate in 40 years amid record prices for petrol and the soaring cost of food.

We have all the tools we need to get everyone through the soaring #CostOfLiving - the chancellor just needs to use them. THREAD >

Grant Shapps could have avoided these #RailStrikes. Instead, he put his feet up and didn't spend a single second in negotiations with @RMTunion.

It was clear from the outset that he wanted these strikes to happen, to deflect from @BorisJohnson's corruption & incompetence.

Workers don't take the decision to #strike lightly, but they've been left with no choice.

Solidarity with workers risking their livelihoods for a better tomorrow.

You can donate via the @RMTunion strike fund to help workers losing pay they can’t afford:

We have now formally served notice on Royal Mail Group for a national industrial action ballot of every postal worker in the country.

Now let’s deliver a massive vote.

Grant Shapps could have avoided these #RailStrikes. Instead, he put his feet up and didn't spend a single second in negotiations with @RMTunion.

It was clear from the outset that he wanted these strikes to happen, to deflect from @BorisJohnson's corruption & incompetence.

Workers have been left with no choice.

No one takes strike action lightly. I will always defend their absolute right to do so for fairness at work.

The PM needs to do his own job. His Government caused this. Now they must solve it.

This Government's plan for the rail industry is austerity on train tracks.

Of course, the industry needs to modernise, but you don't do that by burning it to the ground.

The Govt knows that @RMTunion's concerns about pay & safety are legitimate, but they won't even allow negotiations to begin, refusing to meet with unions & train operators alike.

Why? Because they want these #RailStrikes to go ahead & distract from their abysmal record in power.

EXPOSED: The rail industry's secret plan to close all 980 ticket offices in England, starting in September.

But there's no reliable smart ticketing system and 1 in 8 tickets are still sold over the counter.

Yesterday I joined @The_TUC and tens of thousands of trade union members marching to demand better.

Demanding better pay, to stop attacks on pensions, terms and conditions and for an end to fire and rehire practices we have seen so disgracefully used at BA, centrica, and P&O.

Britain deserves better.

My ✍🏻 for @MirrorPolitics 👇🏻

The resignation of one hand-picked ethics advisor is an embarrassment 🤦‍♀️

The resignation of TWO ethics advisors AND an anti-corruption tsar shows a pattern of the Prime Minister degrading our democracy 📉

It is a badge of shame for this government.

@AngelaRayner @rach_hopkins

Great to see so many friends @GMB_union Congress in Harrogate and at the @GMBLondonRegion get together last night. Thanks to @WKennyGMB @PennyGMB and @GMBGarySmith for their continued support as we champion #MakeWorkBetter in workplaces and Parliament ✊🏻 #UnionMade

Great day out campaigning on the #LabourDoorstep in #Wakefield for @simonlightwood with @labourlewis, @ellyannab and @eddieizzard today!

Wakefield residents are fed up with the corrupt Tories and deserve better than this pitiful Government.

#VoteLabour on June 23rd. 🌹

This Govt's motion on the #railstrikes is yet another attack on workers' rights.

It wasn't the Unions who broke our rail networks or allowed a #CostOfLivingCrisis to spiral out of control.

Instead of attacking them, it's time that they sit down with @RMTunion and sort this out.

Fantastic to speak at the @Politics4Many event at #UNDC22 last night.

Our electoral system is in tatters. It's rigged to keep power in the hands of an elite few and elect Tory Governments.

It's time for change.

Rail union RMT has called for a face-to-face meeting with Transport Secretary @grantshapps and Chancellor @RishiSunak to avert strike action on the rail network next week

British Airways sacked 10,000 staff using fire and rehire and are now the most affected airline for labour shortage induced flight cancellations. As I discussed with @eddiemair this afternoon, there must be a link? (Thanks for letting me take over your studio, @IainDale!)


'I think it took about four gos to get to that answer, and at which point I kind of gave up really.'

Labour MP Darren Jones tells Eddie Mair about his questioning of a British Airways representative.

@eddiemair | @darrenpjones


If you want them to stop, it's time you sat down and worked with, not against, the #Unions.

The only person to blame for these strikes is this anti-worker Government, which seems hellbent on destroying workers' rights, pay and conditions.

Oliver Dowden @OliverDowden

Families are facing global cost of living pressures. Labour's response? Backing national rail strikes.


Sign the petition:

The airline Privilege Style has been ignoring thousands of us about the flights to Rwanda for weeks. So today we turned up at their Majorca HQ.


This racist Home Office will press ahead with its brutal #Rwanda plan.

It will send asylum seekers, fleeing unimaginable horrors, thousands of miles away from their families and at risk of persecution.

This brings shame to Britain.


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