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What has Rosie Duffield been up to today?

Rosie Duffield is MP for Canterbury and a member of the Labour party.

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On abortion, Labour's Rosie Duffield calls on government to "enshrine women's right to choose" into law

Deputy PM Dominic Raab declines to commit to the amendment to the upcoming bill but says the issue is "settled in law"


At least 52 UK women have been killed this year in cases where a man (or men) is the principal suspect. #CountingDeadWomen

Language matters. I have made clear that the word β€˜woman’ should not be removed from key women’s health pages.

I have been assured that the changes highlighted below, as well as others, are being reversed.

Boris Johnson has confirmed the Covid public inquiry's official start date is today ... which just happens to be two days after @CovidJusticeUK threatened the govt with a judicial review over delays

Plenty of messages about the cost of energy bills for @RishiSunak in Canterbury this morning and rather surprisingly some of them were not rude!

Does Nottingham City Council vet the views of all speakers at their civic venues? Or just feminists? They’ve cancelled a lesbian speaker during Pride because they’re signed up to Stonewall. I hope they’re sued for discrimination on basis of belief, as the Forstater case allows.

🏹 My Nottingham @MyNottingham

Read our statement on why we are not allowing an event to go ahead at one of our libraries today here:

#ArmedForcesDay is a day to thank the extraordinary men and women in our Armed Forces community.

We are grateful for your professionalism, dedication, and exceptional service to our country.

Thank you!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ™


πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ Jewish players as young as seven β€œhissed at” by rivals to imitate the Holocaust, Parliament told in debate on antisemitism in football.

Revelatory contributions from Theresa Villiers, @Christian4BuryS @RosieDuffield1, @ScottBentonMP and others

Due to industrial action on Saturday 25th June, our services will be severely disrupted.
Services will also be affected on the Sunday 26th following the industrial action, particularly in the morning.
Click here for more information:

Canterbury Greenpeace will be in the High Street this Saturday to talk to people public on how @RushiSunak and the Government can help those facing a cost of living crisis whilst at the same time respond to the climate emergency.*qa9vkp*_ga*MjEyNzgzOTIyLjE2NDE4MTE0NjM.*_ga_D9NS7GQC94*MTY1MzQ4NDg3My42MS4xLjE2NTM0ODU1ODEuMA..&_ga=2.81871830.1383969756.1653469594-212783922.1641811463

'It’s just downright embarrassing the Conservatives have had two and we haven’t even had a woman leader in opposition'

In an exclusive interview with Gloria De Piero, Harriet Harman MP says the Labour Party's next leader 'has got to be a woman'

We live in the age of the jabby, confrontational interview & the RMTs, Mick Lynch, has had a few of them.

If you treat people with respect, you can still ask tough questions & get decent answers allowing your audience to make their own minds up

Interest payments on the national debt rose 70% in May to Β£7.6bn (compared with a year earlier) - largely because of the impact of rising inflation on income paid to holders of index-linked gilts (inflation-protected government bonds). More worryingly, this was 49%…

Facebook's owner Meta has removed a large number of accounts posting pictures and videos of upskirting after an investigation by BBC News.
Shadow Safeguarding Minister @jessphillips MP spoke to #BBCBreakfast

Keir Starmer’s EU speech will contradict what everyone knows about him @indypremium @IndyVoices

As Johnson tries to limit pay rises the government controls to 3%, to bring down inflation, ministers have no explanation for why planned rises in the state pension, in universal credit and benefits, which will automatically rise in line with inflation - so by circa 10%…

The Queen today was presented with a special 'Canterbury Cross' by @JustinWelby for her 'unstinting' service to the Church of England over seventy years.
The Archbishop or Canterbury made the presentation during an audience with the Queen at Windsor Castle on Tuesday.

Our hearing on Rural Mental Health has now started

Watch live on

Please note that this hearing will cover sensitive topics around suicide that some people may find upsetting

See below for support groupsπŸ”½

What a fantastic reception @HouseofCommons today hosted by @JLC_! So great to chat to the inspirational @RosieDuffield1 @KarenPollock and the amazing @JewishWomensAid chairs @carolineratner and so so many more! There's nothing like an in person event in the sun!πŸŒžπŸ˜ŽπŸ’œ

"Silence is lucrative but I will not be silent about men trying to stop women meeting, speaking, and thinking. I am so sick of the DMs and emailsΒ from those that support my stance in private but don’t want to get involved in the whole β€˜gender thing'..." @suzanne_moore πŸ’œ

suzanne moore @suzanne_moore

Male violence or the right side of history? Who knows? I do

Exclusive: An epilepsy drug that caused disabilities in thousands of babies, after being prescribed to pregnant women without warnings, could pose a risk to second and even third generation children, @MHRAgovuk has said. 🧡 1/8

Spent the day back in northern France talking to those in the camps. What’s striking, is how similar the mood is to November, just after the catastrophe on the Channel. Fear yes, of the seas and now Rwanda- yet total resolution to make it across, all the same. This is why (🧡)

I am one of almost 100 Labour women MPs who have written to Boris Johnson today urging him to block new rules which threaten the rights of rape survivors to seek counselling before their attackers go on trial. No survivor should ever have to choose between therapy and justice.

The Met Office has announced a Level 2 Heat Health Alert for Kent from this Friday, with temperatures set to reach mid-30s Celsius. Remember to keep cool, stay hydrated and be prepared. More at

@metoffice #HeatHealthAlert

@KarenAdamMSP Bank: We’ve no way of knowing whether you can keep up mortgage payments of Β£650pcm.
Buyer: I’ve paid my landlord Β£950pcm for 3 years.
Bank: Pay us a Β£30k deposit so we know you’re good for the Β£650.
Buyer: I can’t, because I pay my landlord Β£950pcm.

Thanks to the 42K+ people who signed our #ScootAware petition. Volunteers Sam, Elaine and Laura handed the petition into @10DowningStreet this morning. Let's keep pavements safe for pedestrians. Find out more by following this🧡

Just spent a really great morning with @gdcampaigns team and my lovely constituents, Laura and Jimmy 🐾 who presented a petition to @10DowningStreet about pavement safety around e-scooters. Please follow the campaign below (to see the proper photos!) and sign the petition πŸ™‚

Guide Dogs Campaigns @gdcampaigns

Help keep our pavements safe from illegal e-scooter use, add your name to our petition before we give it to the Government on Thursday:

This afternoon I joined the @BritishCouncil strikers from @pcs_union who are facing the slashing of jobs and forced redundancies #SaveBritishCouncilJobs #HandsOffBritishCouncil

At 2️⃣.4️⃣5️⃣pm we're taking evidence about the Global Environment Facility from senior leaders @TheGEF

β–ͺ@CMRodrigueze, CEO and Chair &
β–ͺ@GabFonsecafogo, Director of Programs

πŸ“ΊWatch online

Find out moreπŸ‘‡

Just spoke in the #channel4 debate. I really hope the Government do rethink their plans for privatisation as #Channel4AintBroke and is such an important part of our cultural life.

EU leaders and business executives are planning for the possibility of a major deterioration in trade relations with the UK, writes @faisalislam

Deporting asylum seekers should shame us as a nation.

Our Christian heritage should inspire us to treat vulnerable people with compassion, fairness and justice.

Read today’s letter in @thetimes from myself, @CottrellStephen and all the bishops who serve in @UKHouseofLords:

#Grenfell - many people who lost loved ones, and who survived, tell me they are still waiting for justice 5 years on


Deportation of asylum seekers should shame us as a nation.

Our Christian heritage should inspire us to treat vulnerable people seeking asylum with compassion, fairness and justice.

Far too many murdered women whose violent deaths are being highlighted in the tweets of @CountDeadWomen today. Read them and weep πŸ’”

Interesting and busy day in Parliament as we have UQs on #RwandaDeportation, #FoodStrategy and debates and vote on #FreeSpeech coming up...

"Both Walsh and the people he interviews conflate sex denialism with the rejection of gender stereotypes.

He thinks we should suffer the stereotypes; they think we should suffer the surgery.

Feminists believe we shouldn’t suffer either."
- @glosswitch

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