Rachel Hopkins is MP for Luton South

What has Rachel Hopkins been up to today?

Rachel Hopkins is MP for Luton South and a member of the Labour party.

Rachel Hopkins has 9302 followers on Twitter.

"The job of central government is to give councils the powers to be able to deliver".

Following her #LGAConf22 plenary, we caught up with @lisanandy on @UKLabour's vision for #LocalGov.

Stagnant wages, rising poverty and rampant sleaze. The British public deserve better than this rudderless Government falling apart at the seams.

The Conservative Party need to grow a backbone and tell the Prime Minister the game is up



Now British Airways should do the same - restore the pay of your loyal workforce which is rightfully theirs, and settle this dispute.

And then Tory Ministers should finally ban shameful fire and rehire for good, so no workforce is ever put in this position again. https://twitter.com/the_tuc/status/1541764113982001153

Trades Union Congress @The_TUC

Unite WIN 🚨: 'Game-changing' pay deal secured for Heathrow cabin crew. 👏

The Energy Bill is coming soon.

After the Conservatives' decade of failed energy policy, this is an opportunity to cut bills for families, boost green energy to tackle the climate emergency, and deliver energy sovereignty for the UK

Here are 5⃣ things the Bill must do:

Today I called for the Chancellor to pay at least the real living wage for all those who work for government - including contractors.

He refused.

The Tories are choosing to trap people in poverty pay as the cost of living crisis worsens.

Working people deserve so much better.

Look who I bumped into today!

Absolute pleasure to chat with @AzeemRafiq30 - I made sure to tell him about all the budding #cricket stars growing up in #Luton! 🏏

📺 WATCH: The Govt's approach to levelling up, with it’s debilitating beauty parades & ropey allocation criteria has been widely panned.

@UKLabour's alternative will get money to the communities who need.

The minister wouldn’t back it: tells your their priorities.

Ministers are the only people that can square this circle.

Nobody wants to see rubbish pile up in the streets, or elderly people left without help.

The government has to do its job 👇

Luton Rights, @HMCTSgovuk and @we_aredigital have teamed up to provide help for people struggling to fill in online forms.

Find out more and get in contact with them here:


Instead of trying to resolve the rail dispute the Tories are using it as another excuse to attack trade unions my piece for @LabourList https://labourlist.org/2022/06/breaking-strikes-using-agency-workers-is-recklessly-gambling-with-public-safety/

⚠️Pop-up Covid-19 vaccination clinic on Wednesday 29 June from 9am to 12.30pm at Citizens Advice Luton in Community House, 15 New Bedford Road, LU1 1SA.

You can get your first, second or booster vaccine if aged 12 and above

For more information, visit🖱️ http://www.blmkccg.nhs.uk/drop-in

Have you been waiting months for a passport or driving licence?

Have your travel plans been disrupted?

Still waiting for a hospital appointment or court date?

Sign our petition if you’re sick of Boris Johnson’s Backlog Britain. 📝


The Tory government are sitting on their hands while working people are being devastated by the cost of living.

This weekend, back Labour’s plan to tackle the Tory cost of living crisis.

Pleased to be part of Luton's first Pride event.

Do come and join us in the Hat District.

The main stage is outside but there's plenty of other activities and stalls inside the Hat Factory.

☘️ Delighted to join @IrishinLuton for their AGM this morning. Such a fantastic community focused organisation.

👏 A huge well done & thank you to Noreen Kellett as she retires as a trustee after 20 years involvement with Luton Irish Forum.

Today, on #ArmedForcesDay we thank our Armed Forces for keeping us safe and for their service on the front line.

A Labour government would make sure our veterans get a better deal with fair access to the housing and the services they deserve.

The overturning of Roe v Wade is a major and deeply upsetting setback for women. It sends a message that a woman’s reproductive rights – which are fundamental to their physical, psychological and social wellbeing – are not worth protecting.


In this week's Parliamentary update:

➡️Home Office backlogs
➡️Aid for Bangladesh and northern India
➡️Access to GPs and dentists
➡️Luton Pride

🌹Wakefield is Labour’s first by-election gain from the Tories since 2012

🌹This swing of 12.7% would see Labour win an overall majority at a General Election

🌹Our best result in Wakefield since 2001 — and best ever on these boundaries

🌹Labour is now a government in waiting

I had my breast cancer screening today at @LandDHospital on Lewsey Road on @SarahOwen_ 's patch.

The whole thing only took about 5 minutes and your breasts only have to actually be in the machine for less than a minute altogether.

Angela Rayner has written to Simon Case demanding that he explain whether he was involved in looking for jobs for Carrie.

The latest in the Carrie CV saga - Rayner says there are “serious questions…about potentially impropriety and conflict of interest”. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/politics/2022/06/23/angela-rayner-demands-simon-case-explain-carrie-johnson-jobs/

Pleased to join the official launch of Luton’s first #Pride tonight. An excellent team has come together to get it organised, based on feedback from our LGBTQ+ community.
#PaintingOurRainbow 🌈

Today is your chance to boot Boris out of Downing Street and deliver a fresh start.

Don’t miss it.

Polls are open until 10pm. You can find your polling station here: https://iwillvote.org.uk.

I wrote to an FCDO Minister last month with @SarahOwen_ about the imprisonment of Yasin Malik, calling on the Government to outline the steps they took to ensure he faced a fair trial.

We're yet to receive a response...

This Public Services Day, I'm appreciating all of the brilliant public sector workers who make up the backbone of our country.

It's also an opportunity to remember the public servants and keyworkers who lost their lives to Covid.

This week is #LearningDisabilityWeek @mencap_charity

This year's theme is art and creativity and exploring how it helps to stay positive and connected. I thought the handmade bunting was a lovely way to demonstrate this in action.

☀️On the Labour campaign trail in Wakefield for Simon Lightwood with @NavPMishra & @JudithCummins today.

Vote Labour on Thursday 23 June to give Wakefield a fresh start🌹

#WinningWakefield #LabourDoorstep #GOTV

Thousands of holiday flights cancelled.
People unable to renew their passports.
Biggest rail strike in a generation.

The Tories simply aren’t doing their job.


I fully support women in Northern Ireland’s access to safe, legal abortion services.

Here's my statement on today's vote on the Abortion (Northern Ireland) Regulations 2022 (SI, 2022, No. 554) 👇


The Windrush generation helped build Britain.

But the Tories' hostile environment left many homeless, jobless and without healthcare. Victims are still waiting for the justice and compensation they deserve.

Windrush descendent @DavidLammy tells their story. #WindrushDay

World Humanist Day is an opportunity for humanists all around the world to publicise the positive values of humanism and to share the global concerns of the humanist movement. 👇 Learn more with @HumanistsInt



Bangladesh and northern India are facing the worst flooding in 100 years. Local communities need international humanitarian support.

Today I raised my concern in Parliament and wrote to the relevant minister on behalf of Luton South constituents concerned for family and friends.

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