Mary Foy is MP for City of Durham

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Mary Foy is MP for City of Durham and a member of the Labour party.

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I was privileged to attend a powerful performance of The Crack In Everything in Parliament last night followed by a Q&A.

The play told the story of six children killed during the Troubles and involved the families of those involved. 1/2

Many people know my first request to visit HMPO Durham was declined.

Following further shocking revelations from passport workers & applicants I've written to Director General & Chief Operating Officer of @HM_Passport to insist on a visit.

Let's see if my request is granted.

Angela Rayner says it's ironic that the Speaker has to intervene to stop the "mob" of Conservative MPs shouting her down in the House of Commons, while the government brings in a law to stop people noisily protesting against them outside. #pmqs

*URGENT* Imminent transfer of women for deportation from Derwentside IRC.

Please gather at Derwentside IRC *NOW* and help stop the deportation of women to Nigeria and Ghana. Support for travel costs can be provided including taxis.

Derwentside IRC, Corbridge Road, DH8 6QY

I've written to @pritipatel & @kevin_j_foster after constituents and HMPO staff have raised backlogs & the working environment of HMPO Durham with me.

Senior officials should provide leadership and set high standards through their own behaviour. I look forward to their response.

Today the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Act comes into law and can be enforced by police forces around the country.

This Act criminalises the Gypsy, Roma & Traveller way of life & will have an incredibly negative impact on the mental & physical wellbeing of GRT communities.

Tonight the Labour Party told the Tories to get a grip on Backlog Britain.

They over promise, under deliver, then shift the blame.

The people of Durham deserve better than this Government.

This weekend I'll be bringing my market stall back to Durham City Centre!

I'll have my wishlist for the city, support with casework, & I'll be there for general chats & to listen to constituents.

Please drop by, I can't wait to chat to everyone.

🕙Saturday 2nd July - 10am-3pm.

.@UKinTurkey I need to speak to someone urgently for assistance with a case I am dealing with for a constituent. Please can you make contact with me via email at as there seems to be no direct way for me to contact you and time is of the essence.

Tories erode workers' rights.

A @UKLabour govt will:
❌Outlaw fire & rehire
🏠Give right to work flexibly
👷‍♀️Create 10,000+ apprenticeships

The Tories want a race to the bottom. Their actions last week proved that.

Read @justinmadders' piece below 👇

Very few Tories on the benches opposite me.

Could it be they're not at all comfortable with defending the PM illegally ripping up a treaty he said was "oven ready"?


I'm waiting to speak on The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

.@BorisJohnson and @trussliz are breaking international law and risking the integrity of the Good Friday Agreement with this Bill.

Their legal justification is a dangerous distortion.

“Thousands of children are currently in pain, distracted as they learn, in pain as they eat & struggling to sleep because they cannot access vital treatment” warns @marykfoy MP.

We need urgent action from govt to halt the exodus from NHS dentistry.

Heading back to Westminster for a big week of legislation.📝

Govt are planning on ripping up the Northern Ireland Protocol, they'll also introduce a controversial Bill regarding the Troubles.⚖️

I'll be asking the Transport minister a question as well as my usual meetings.

We're delighted that @marykfoy is here to help us unveil the banner and to talk to us about how unions represent solidarity and the voice of the workers! @NEUnorthern

Congratulations to @simonlightwood Labour's new MP for Wakefield!

I look forward to working with you in Parliament!


Earlier today, @grantshapps bragged about introducing new legislation to bring in agency workers to break strikes.
It seems pertinent, therefore, to share his words about our members during COVID when, far from being militant trade unionists, he described them as "true heroes".

This afternoon I popped down to meet Rich at @RockingHorseRR.

This wonderful recording studio and rehearsal space is under threat of redevelopment, but would make an amazing centrepiece to a cultural quarter in Durham.

I'll be doing what I can to save this hidden gem!

Delighted to meet with Richard and Scott from @pragmatic_ltd to discuss the plans for their new site in Meadowfield.

Their groundbreaking microprocessor tech is revolutionary, and their plans to bring highly skilled jobs to Durham are really exciting.

🗣️A massive thank you to those who took part in my Healthy High Streets survey! There was a great response.

It's clear people want to see Durham become a destination with a vibrant unique high street bursting with local indy businesses.

Watch out for more on this in the future!

I'm so pleased @CoDLabour members joined me today on the picket line in Durham to support striking @RMTunion members.

They are fighting against cuts to pensions, the rolling back of safety inspections, and cuts to jobs.

Victory to the RMT! ✊

We're calling on Gardner Aerospace in Consett to get round the table with their workers and give them:

👉 A pay rise in line with inflation
👉 Protect accrued long services holidays

Sign the Petition at:


Today is the day!

@UKLabour's @simonlightwood will deliver a fresh start for Wakefield.

When I was campaigning there a couple of weeks ago, there was an appetite for change. People are sick of this Tory Government.

So remember in Wakefield to #VoteLabour TODAY! 🌹

Constituents have been contacting me about the state of the weirs in the city centre for some time.

Despite calling on @DurhamCouncil to sort this out since last year, the situation has only got worse.

It's time council leadership takes action and gets this mess cleared up.

I spoke in today's debate on NHS dentistry after many people in Durham got in touch with me to say how difficult it was to get an appointment.

Sadly, despite the brilliant work of dental workers, NHS dentistry is on the brink of collapse.

Today I congratulated @petrogustavo on his election as President of Colombia.

I also called on the Government to ensure a proper investigation is carried out into the killings of civilians in Remanso, Putumayo by the army.

My thoughts are with the victims and their families.

While I couldn't be at the @RMTunion picket at Durham train station in person today I made sure I sent a message of support.

I think it went down particularly well with furry RMT member - Reuben.🐶

I'll see you all on Thursday! Stay strong! Solidarity!

As strike action starts today, I stand with @RMTunion members who are fighting against attacks on their pensions, cuts to thousands of jobs, and to protect key safety inspections.

When one of us is attacked all of us are.

Solidarity. ✊️

I stand with @RMTunion and all workers striking for better pay and conditions.

I will be joining rail workers on the picket line this week.

I've contacted @PostOffice today after a resident in #Ludworth told me the service is not accessible when it should be.

Post Offices have closed at an alarming rate over the last few years & customers should have guaranteed standards when counters relocate into retailers.

"They don't call it the struggle for nothing..."

Great to march with @IanLaveryMP as the Labour movement descended on Parliament Square yesterday to demand better than the Tories.

Solidarity ✊

My dad is so lovely.
Worked his socks off for us kids & always had a smile & a song for us #HappyFathersDsy dad. Love you ❤️

When working people stand together.

Fight together.

Take action together.

Organise together

We WIN together.

Thank you for coming today in your thousands!


Everything is being raised but wages for working people.

Today @The_TUC marched through London to Parliament Square to #DemandBetter from this Government.

This week I was delighted to attend a reception to wish the @Lionesses good luck ahead of @UEFAWomensEURO. They’re an inspiration to so many women and girls, showing them it’s possible to play football.

Hopefully the #Lionesses will get their hands on the trophy this summer!

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