Liz Twist is MP for Blaydon

What has Liz Twist been up to today?

Liz Twist is MP for Blaydon and a member of the Labour party.

Liz Twist has 4735 followers on Twitter.

BREAKING: Interest rates up 0.5%, inflation to hit 13%, and forecasts of a recession - further proof the Tories have lost control of the economy. (1/4)

I was thrilled to present the Unison Northern Kenny Bell Memorial Award to Mary for her outstanding work in the field of lifelong learning.
It was also great to catch up with Unison members who have recently completed their IOSH H& S award, and work place reps training courses.

What makes our programme truly unique, is that it is not a one size fits all approach.

We work with workplaces to help them identify the areas for improvement, assess their requirements and continue to support as the organisation grows.

Find out more:

Less than two weeks to go to have your say on where the new public body, Great British Railways HQ, should be located.

Here's just some of the reasons we think Newcastle is perfect, not that we're biased!

#DestinationGBR #RouteForNewcastle

We’ve seen today exactly what Liz Truss thinks of public sector workers.
It’s clear her priority would be to slash their pay packets and send local economies backwards.
12 years of the Tories and this is what we’re left with.

Britain deserves better.

Major news after several years of campaigning: all new homes in England will be built to #accessible & #adaptable standards: @Habinteg tenant @kerrymThompson shares her views on what this means for disabled people

I wanted to congratulate the England Women’s team on an incredible performance yesterday.
It can be a watershed moment for women and girls’ football in England. The FA has a bold strategy to #LetGirlsPlay
Find out more and how to get involved here –

Lionesses @Lionesses


Best of luck to the Lionesses tonight!
Whatever the result we should be proud of this group of ladies for inspiring us all and leading the way for the next generation.

Lionesses @Lionesses



Would anyone like to run the great north run? We have 7 spaces available that need taken TODAY

Please message us if you’re interested 🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️

Any shares would also be appreciated 😊

UK health department played ‘fast and loose’ when awarding Covid contracts to Randox

This week Michael Gove said that the core functions of Government aren't working - this is the proof.
We need a change of Government to fix backlog Britain!

The PM calling the words of the leadership candidates as ‘satire’ showcases the farce of this Tory Government. We need a fresh start for our country can move forward! #PMQs

Be a mate. Be the change.

It is not always easy to tell that someone may be struggling, which is why its so important that we check in with friends and family.

We all can reach out and ask somebody how they are.

#climbBenNevisforInfact 🏔
4 weeks on Saturday along with my Son who has Fetal Valproate Spectrum Disorder, husband and supporters I will climb #BenNevis to raise funds for @Infactuk
You can sponsor me here

Today's annual report from @Channel4 show plans to privatise are a busted flush.

These results demonstrate that its current model works but goes above and beyond in delivering dynamic growth, revenue diversification and long-term sustainability!

Yesterday I called for the implementation of a fashion watchdog.
Introducing this will create a better foundation for good working conditions . I will be working on the development of this with several other MPs. Thank you to @traidcraftexch for their support in raising this.

Today, @LizTwistMP is standing up for a #FashionWatchdog in parliament after #PMQs – introducing a bill that would curb UK fashion brands’ abusive behaviour towards their suppliers that drives workers in the Global South into destitution.

Listening to @karinsmyth @evenor23 @LizTwistMP @cmcanea @maryanncv8 and @unisontheunion's Helen Couchman on care work.

High-skilled diverse women in social care are too often taken for granted, paid too little, & not given a chance to progress. Few greater feminist causes.

We support the UK Fashion Supply Chain Bill 🔗

This bill provides a Code of Practice for fashion retailers in their relationships with their suppliers, and an Adjudicator to enforce and encourage compliance.

@FionaGooch @traidcraftexch @LizTwistMP


Privileged to host @CMO_England at Edberts yesterday. Alongside community members, Leader of Council, GP, Headteacher, Police, Researcher, Youth & Community team. Home is for health - hospital for repairs. @AliceWiseman11 @Jaytee82 @MartinGannon002 @LarkspurPrimary @peoplesbiz

It’s not just temperatures that are soaring ☀️- so is the cost of many essentials we all depend on. If you’re struggling financially, don’t forget water companies have schemes that can ease some of the pressure. Check out our advice hub #endwaterpoverty

Sky News @SkyNews

Cost of living crisis: Households told to brace for even steeper energy bills this winter

All telephone lines and IT networks are down at Blaydon Urgent Treatment Centre. Engineers are on site.

If you have an appointment today at Blaydon, you may be contacted for it to be rearranged.

The Conservatives have overseen 12 years of economic stagnation, declining public services and empty promises.

We don’t need to change the Tory at the top – we need a proper change of government.

We need a fresh start for Britain.

Our review of water affordability has sparked a wave of action to improve support for people who struggle to afford their water bill. Find out more about the progress we’ve made with the water sector in the past year #endwaterpoverty #costofliving

We believe that there is no health, without mental health.

Mates in Mind are empowering organisations to create mentally healthy and sustainable workplaces where their people can thrive.

Find out more about our mission:

Tory Cabinet Ministers have known all along who this Prime Minister is. They have been his cheerleaders throughout this sorry saga. In doing so, they have been complicit every step of the way, allowing Boris Johnson to disgrace his office and let down his country. #PMQs

This is proof that the Conservative party is at war with itself. We need strong leadership and it's time Boris and the Tories realise enough is enough, he's out of ideas, he's of touch and he's running out of time.

Great turn out for our @NEA_UKCharity and @FairByDesign social tariff event at parliament today. Excellent opening comments from @BenMLake @LizTwistMP @peter_aldous @alanwhiteheadmp & Baroness Pinnock, all talking about fairness and recognising the need of the #CostOfLivingCrisis

Kicking off our event on the social tariff and the cost-of-living crisis by hearing from @LizTwistMP @BenMLake @peter_aldous @KathPinnock and @alanwhiteheadmp! @NEA_UKCharity

A consistent supply of water is the minimum water consumers should be able to expect. However, repeat supply interruptions are impacting tens of thousands of customers every year. Don’t suffer in silence – contact our team

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