Liz Twist is MP for Blaydon

What has Liz Twist been up to today?

Liz Twist is MP for Blaydon and a member of the Labour party.

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.@AngelaRayner wiped the floor with Dominic Raab at #PMQs. Tax rises, struggling families and broken promises - how much more will Tory MPs tolerate before they tell Boris Johnson enough is enough.

We have a responsibility to take care so that others do not suffer avoidable injury. I support Injury Prevention Week and the work of @APIL in their commitment to support those injured on the road or at work. #IPWeek2022

Over the next few months @FSCS is running TV and radio adverts highlighting the importance of checking that your #pension is protected. Look out for the adverts and check if your money is protected at

It was inspiring to meet with @sendmyfriend Campaigners last week in Parliament. They are campaigning to support the worlds teachers and ensure everyone around the world has access to education.

It's official! 'Being in green environments boosts various aspects of thinking, including attention, memory and creativity’ Apparently activities carried out in nature are called 'ecotherapy'. Here we call it gardening, others sitting quietly. Free therapy in Whickham. Enjoy!🌻

This is a very powerful and moving interview from @sajidjavid.

Thank you so much for sharing.

Let’s do what it takes to reduce the prevalence of mental ill-health and speed up access to treatment for those who need it.

Nobody should have to face bullying, but sadly thousands of young people experience it every day. We can make sure they don't face it alone. Find out about what you can do to help: #SpeakOutAboutBullying

Construction workers had the highest male occupation morality rate from suicide between 2011 and 2015, so if discussing feelings is 'woke' then this seems like a very good and important thing

Headlines like this are unhelpful 🙅‍♂️

Ridiculing construction workers for talking about their feelings only serves to further stigmatise mental health and self-care in an industry where people are three times more likely to take their own lives. (1/4)

A very warm welcome to UNISON #undc22 delegates in sunny ☀️ Brighton. An important week for the democracy of our union and our chance to set UNISON’s agenda on taking on the government and employers over the cost of living crisis and workers’ rights.

“…The Prime Minister seems to be embarking on yet another attempt to reset his premiership… [but] there are only so many times you can turn something on and then off again only to find it’s still broken and you need to get rid…”



There have been clear regulatory failings in the collapse of the Football Index and @fi_action customers lost thousands and have had lives torn apart as a result. We need to do so much more to look at this, work with those affected and push for their justice.

211 Tory MPs think a liar who broke the law is their best option for leader. I think this says a lot about where the Tories are and their contempt for the country.

Labour will tomorrow force a vote in Parliament to clean up politics.

Boris Johnson has demeaned his office and downgraded standards.

We are urging MPs of all parties to back a package of reforms to strengthen standards in public life.

It’s time to stop the rot.

It’s right that families get the support they need.

But it’s also right that the country knows how the Chancellor is paying for it.

Charges down, response times up & victims left despairing; BBC investigation shows action on crime getting worse.

With 7000 fewer neighbourhood police, crime rising, more criminals let off & more victims let down, this Govt is badly failing on law & order

❗ Our emergency department is very busy ❗

Please don't turn up to A&E unless it is serious - #DoYourBit and think GP, pharmacy or 111.

Thank you for your support.

The door of 10 Downing Street is one of the great symbols of British democracy.

A democracy which relies on the principles of honesty and integrity.

Its current inhabitant has failed to uphold these principles.

Boris Johnson must go.

"The senior leadership at the centre, both political and official, must bear responsibility for this culture."

This report lays bare the rot that has infected 10 Downing Street under this Prime Minister. The buck stops with him.

"The next few months will be tough." - Rishi Sunak two days ago...

It's clear from todays exchange, the PM is on the side of those making excess profits and Labour is on the side of working people feeling the affects of the cost of living crisis.

When with they simply get a grip and call for a windfall tax on oil and gas companies! #PMQs

Great article by fantastic campaigner @SamanthaRenke - who's also a @Habinteg tenant - on the cost of living faced by disabled people & the urgent need for government to take action @MetroOpinion

Research has shown that dementia has been the leading cause of death for women since 2011. We cannot ignore this.
That's why I’m supporting @AlzResearchUK 's call for government & policymakers to recognise & address dementia as a key issue for women’s health. #WomenandDementia

Today is #NursesDay and I am proud to support @theRCN in showcasing the #BestofNursing.
Nurses across the country have played an incredible part in looking after us all when we've needed it most - especially over the last two years.
Thank you for everything you do.

It would have been good to see support coming from the Government to support people through this cost of living crisis.

Instead all we got was a Government turning its back on workers who have given them everything over the last few years.

The Derwent Walk is an integral part of my constituency and is under threat of destruction or irrevocable change.

Read my thoughts on this in my recent article in the journal.

It is #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek. This year the theme is #loneliness.
People who are lonely are more likely to experience mental ill health.

Let's tackle loneliness and mental health together!

Today it’s clear people trust @UKLabour more and the Tories far less. I’m awestruck by the hard work and dedication of local members and cllrs. Congrats to those that won elections. To those that didn’t, you did the hard yards and put yourself out there- that deserves recognition

#LocalElections2022 #VoteLabour that’s the campaigning over and it’s over to the fabulous people of Dunston Hill & Whickham East. I hope I am given the opportunity to represent you all unlike invisible current LD councillors.
Huge thank you to @Mrs_Moir @cllrchrisb & @LizTwistMP

Today is a chance to send a clear message to this Tory Govt that we've had enough of their incompetence and inaction, enough of their parties, and enough of their refusal to act on the #CostOfLiving crisis.

Make your voice heard, #VoteLabour🌹at the polls today #Election2022

It was great to see such a strong turnout out this morning in High Spen for Pamela Burns.
Voting for Pamela will ensure people have a strong candidate that will work with the other councillors to deliver for the people of Winlaton & High Spen!

The Conservatives have raised taxes 15 times in two years despite a cost of living crisis.

Labour plan would cut VAT on energy bills and our plan would save families up to £600, paid for by a one-off windfall tax on oil and gas producer profits.

#VoteLabour on Thursday 5 May.

🌹A reminder to send your postal vote back for Labour today🌹

We have a brilliant set of Labour candidates in the Blaydon constituency and in the North East. Make sure to support them and send a message to this Conservative Government by sending back your vote for Labour today!

I had a meeting with @GatesheadYouth on Friday and they told me about all the great work they’ve been doing.
I wanted to particularly congratulate Jack from Portobello and Leyla from Front Street Primary schools for winning entries in their recent poster competition!

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