John McDonnell is MP for Hayes and Harlington

What has John McDonnell been up to today?

John McDonnell is MP for Hayes and Harlington and a member of the Labour party.

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Gordon Brown rightfully calls for emergency budget. Weeks ago I launched with group of progressive economists a strategy to address the cost of living crisis including inflation proofing benefits, wages & pensions. Freeze energy prices & if energy companies fail, nationalise. 1/2

John McDonnell MP @johnmcdonnellMP

An Alternative Strategy to Address the Cost of Living Crisis – Labour Hub

This brave action shows why Amazon workers need a collective voice of their own. @unitetheunion will stand with any @AmazonUK worker who takes action against this insulting 35p pay offer. 👉

Ballots have dropped in elections to Labour's National Executive Committee.

Vote for the #GV4 for a Labour Party which stands up for workers, democracy & socialism.

Great to see that this dispute has now been settled with significant pay award to the Coventry bin workers. Another victory for ⁦@unitetheunion⁩ and for the determination of the bin workers taking action.

With MANY MANY more still to be announced, you can now take a first look at some of the debates, trainings and workshops we’re running at #TWT22 plus some of the voices and groups that will be taking part.

Grab tickets now 👉

Today is the day! Time to elect NEC reps who will fight for a transformative Labour government.

Here are a few reasons I hope I can count on your support:

Please also vote for this incredible team @mish_rahman @gembolton and @Yasmine_Dar


During my time on the Labour NEC, I along with my other left NEC colleagues fought long and hard for the publication of the Forde Report. The truth needed to come out. So it was a relief when it was finally published.

Left wing activists plan to rally support for strikes at Labour Party Conference – Labour Hub

🚨🚨#TimeForRealChange Statement on the #FordeReport 🚨🚨

The #FordeReport presents #UNISON with unique and substantial challenges it must face up to. Action is required.

Read our statement and *sign up* to our OPEN LETTER to our union's leadership 🖊️✊

📢 Ballots for @UKLabour’s NEC drop from Wednesday

🗳 We encourage ALL to vote for the #Grassroots5

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#LabourNEC elections are about to start, using the STV system.
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Ballots will be sent out tomorrow in Labour’s NEC elections.

The Labour Party was founded by trade unions on socialist values - the #GV4 will fight for them.

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A week is clearly a long time in politics, especially when there’s been an absolute shambles in Shadow Cabinet. Whoever is advising on strategy from industrial strategy to the treatment of members needs challenging. We can’t rely on disarray in Tory party to gift us the election.

Saul Staniforth @SaulStaniforth

This was Lisa Nandy on the same programme yesterday: "Our job, of course, is not to stand on picket lines"

Hugely proud to have the endorsement of @johnmcdonnellMP to be re-elected to Labour’s NEC

As shadow chancellor, John outlined a vision for economic and social justice that inspired so many, and would have addressed the deep inequalities and crises we face today 🏭🌳🤝

Andrew Fisher hits nail on the head. “There's always money for tax cuts and shareholders, so why no pay rises for ordinary people?” ⁦@FisherAndrew79⁩

As people become increasingly worried about the threat of huge energy bills hitting them in next few months, it’s interesting how many commentators & experts are recognising the potential of public ownership & renationalisation in the cost of living crisis

Congratulations to the @Lionesses on this huge success. Football is coming g home and it’s the @Lionesses that did it. Fantastic team effort with a brilliant manager.

Lionesses @Lionesses


Ian Byrne responds with great dignity to the events of last week. There are clearly issues that have to be addressed in the trigger ballot process that took place. Ian gives everything, heart & soul to his work as the West Derby MP. He needs & deserves our support. @IanByrneMP

lan Byrne MP @IanByrneMP

My initial statement on West Derby MP Reselection process:

"Do you think Keir Starmers misjudged the public support for the strikes?"

@FisherAndrew79 thinks he has: "People are struggling, and when they see some workers fighting back, they think, good for them!"

As Ukraine's workers make huge sacrifices to defend it from Russian imperialism, Ukraine's parliament is trying to shred their rights.


Ukraine's labour movement is calling on Zelensky to veto these laws. Help them!

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This video demonstrates the desperation many people feel trying to survive. Massive respect and admiration for @IanByrneMP for the work he is doing for his constituents & on the right to food campaign.

Great to join ⁦⁦CWU members, RMT, Unison & Equity members & parliamentary colleagues to hear brilliant speech from ⁦@DaveWardGS⁩ on the reasons for today’s CWU strike. 100% Solidarity. ⁦@CWUnews⁩ ⁦@jeremycorbyn⁩ ⁦@SamTarry⁩

What has happened to the Labour party that it can’t stand up for labour?

John McDonnell - We can't go on like this... so people are saying we're going to have to take industrial action & if that means coordinated action, then so be it

#KayBurley - So you would support a call for a general strike?

JMc - Coordinated action is going to be inevitable...

What I actually said this morning: “If you look at the ballots that are taking place across the trade union movement, we are talking about millions of workers now voting for industrial action. So, naturally, what people are saying as well, why not coordinate that?” 1/2

Labour was "formed by the trade unions" and we need to support them

Here's Former Shadow Chancellor @johnmcdonnellMP on Labour's response to striking workers 👇

#RailStrikes #KayBurley MT

Labours @johnmcdonnellMP: "When the election comes, people will rightly say where were you [Labour] when we needed you, when we were campaigning to prevent our wages being cut?"

Spot on, John #KayBurley

Solidarity to ⁦@SamTarry⁩ This must be the first Labour MP to be removed from his frontbench position for joining a trade union picket line to support workers.

Good to see @jeremycorbyn and @johnmcdonnellMP, two stalwart @RMTunion supporters, at Euston today with Eddie Dempsey ❤️✊

With ⁦@RMTunion⁩ Eddie Dempsey, Jeremy & Unison members on picket lines at Euston & Kings Cross. ⁦@SamTarry⁩ joined us too. Strike absolutely solid & support growing across the Labour & Trade Union movement.

Cat Hobbs from We Own It eloquently spells out the economic & political sense of public ownership of rail, water and energy. ⁦@We_OwnIt⁩

"Keir Starmer has completely misread the mood of the nation"

- @johnmcdonnellMP

Joined activists for the Southwark Solidarity launch tonight.
Great to hear from workers from @ASLEFunion, @RMTunion, @GMBSLU, @ADCUnion, @CWUnews and @johnmcdonnellMP who are all fighting to protect workers' rights in the face of the Tory's cost of living crisis.

"A deluge of declaratory phrases that evaporate on contact with any further thought"

My take for @ipaperviews on another false start on economic vision from Keir Starmer, which instead started a row over public ownership

Congratulations Faiza. You thoroughly deserved this. I urge people to join Faiza’s campaign. She will be a strong voice speaking up for her local community & a great MP. @FaizaShaheen15

Useful point of reference on Truss from Labour Hub.

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