John McDonnell is MP for Hayes and Harlington

What has John McDonnell been up to today?

John McDonnell is MP for Hayes and Harlington and a member of the Labour party.

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Julia Mwulake, a member of #UNISON’s NEC, with a message of solidarity to colleagues at St Monica care home #YourFightIsOurFight #StMonicaStrike ✊🏼✊✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

I joined our local food bank volunteers and store staff this morning at the local Tesco’s to support the appeal for donations of food. Worryingly but understandably donations to local food banks have dropped recently as people are struggling with the cost of living crisis.

Proud to Announce that I will be on the Communities of Inquiry APPG Launch Panel on Mon 11 July 6pm in Parliament
With @johnmcdonnellMP @silkiecarlo @JacobBindman @JustStop_Oil @soasLAW, @VocalCommunity and others!
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I've been raising concerns about how the Home Office treats LGBTQ+ people for months and now we hear this terrible news. @pritipatel you CAN stop this now. A mans life is in real danger. They have been publicly outed. @VotePursglove

Leila Zadeh 🧡 @leilazadeh

Flight leaves Birmingham airport at 2230. Please continue sharing 👇

A terrific launch for our new book in Westminster last night. Great to feel hope once again for the future.

Thank you to @johnmcdonnellMP, @EmilyThornberry and all who came and supported us.

Grab your copy now ➡️

Mish Rahman: “With strategic, patient and determined organising we can shift the balance of power in the Labour Party and we can achieve victories for socialist politics.”

Vote Your Momentum in the NCG elections for a strategy to build left power.

Heathrow-based cabin crew win an 18% pay rise

It will see the reversal of the 10% cut to their wages made during the pandemic & a substantial increase in their pay.

I strongly advise other aviation employers, including @British_Airways to take note.,further%203%25%20in%20March%202023


We have a plan to build left power and a fantastic team to put it into action.

Vote Your Momentum in the Momentum NCG Elections!

WOW. Watch to the end.

Terse exchange, after @johnmcdonnellMP probes cabinet secretary Simon Case on the PM trying to appoint Carrie as his chief of staff.

- "An investigation [into the PM] under the ministerial code can only be initiated by the PM."

- "Is he not keen?" ~AA

🗳 NCG Ballots drop today! 🗳

Vote 1️⃣2️⃣3️⃣4️⃣ for #YourMomentum candidates Amerit, Sonali, Lorcan and Imogen in London and the East.

Momentum has changed!

Help us deliver our plan to build left power in Labour, the workplace and the movement ⬇️

I attended today the thanksgiving service for the life of Shireen Abu Akleh, the highly respected Palestinian journalist killed by the Israeli Security Services. It was a moving remembrance of her life, dedicated to journalism that bore witness to injustice and upheld humanity.

Instead of trying to resolve the rail dispute the Tories are using it as another excuse to attack trade unions my piece for @LabourList

☎️ 470,000 mental health 999 calls each year.
🚑 Thousands going to A&E in a mental health crisis.
⏳ Some children stuck in A&E for days waiting for a mental health bed.

The Government needs to get a grip of the mental health crisis across our country.

Please join us & @RedPeppermag this week for a talk on the state of the Labour Party with DON'T STOP THINKING ABOUT TOMORROW author Mike Phipps, @johnmcdonnellMP, @sonali_db, @FisherAndrew79, @hilarypepper & @Lizdlabour.

📅 Thu, June 30
⏰ 7pm BST

STARTS THIS WEEK: @arise_festival– An Online Festival of Left Ideas 📣

Join me & guests from around the world at this must-attend online socialist festival, featuring a month of dozens of unique sessions & different formats.

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We have mapped over 5⃣0⃣0⃣ strikes in >2 years.

⛱️The summer of discontent has meant our map is struggling with the amount of action and visitors.

🆘We need your help to save strike map🆘

Donate now to save our map here>>

#strikemapuk #savestrikemap

I just took action on to support Environmental Smart CIC - Sign up today.

'The UK needs to be investing heavily in clean renewable energy and moving rapidly towards a low-carbon economy.'

Please join up today #EnvironmentalSmart

Take action here:

NHSC are releasing their new single, Super Heroes, on the 3rd July to raise awareness and funds for charities supporting NHS staff mental health and wellbeing.

Please help us to spead the word 💙💙💙

#NHSuperheroes #ThankYouNHS #WithNHSStaff
@theHWF @ICS_updates @NHSCharities

Now more than ever, students need a socialist future.

It's been great to see @socialist_yl standing shoulder to shoulder with trade unions.

If you're a student, it's vital you're registered to vote in the upcoming student elections before noon July 1st:

If ever there was a need for a good example to explain the concept of hubris, here it is. The tin eared arrogance of Johnson will hopefully soon be his downfall.

Extremely honoured to receive an @rcpsych President Medal yesterday #RCpsychIC #Edinburgh
Thank you to all those who’ve made me feel so welcome not least the members of @rcpsychTrent Exec where I began my journey at the college
I will continue to advocate for the many..

Great to see three generations of Prescotts on the picket line at Hull. Especially good to see John back in action. Solidarity comrades.

Joined massive rally at Kings Cross in support of ⁦@RMTunion⁩ Confidence is building across the trade union movement that by working together we can protect our people against wage cuts and can tackle the cost of living crisis. Solidarity

I am at online AGM of Socialist Education Association with fantastic speakers: Mick Waters, Tim Brighouse, Diane Reay, Gus John & Amanda Bentham. The @SocialistEdu is key body developing education policy within the Labour Party. If you have an interest in education please join.

#RoeVsWade: solidarity and fighting back - a thread

For 50 years, Roe Vs Wade gave pregnant people in the US the right to choose if they wanted an abortion. It wasn’t perfect, but it made a real difference, and in particular for working class women 1/

The decision by US Supreme Court to overturn #RoevsWade ends constitutional right to abortion & must be condemned across globe.
This is an assault on the lives & rights of women across US.
My solidarity to everyone fighting for a woman's right to choose

I visited Heathrow Fire Station in my constituency today and had the privilege of meeting the firefighters from one watch. It’s such an impressive operation. These dedicated professionals use their extensive skills to keep the travelling public safe when they use the airport.

🔴 REVEALED: Train companies paid out nearly £800m to shareholders last year before telling rail unions that employees must take a real-terms pay cut for them to stay afloat

🚨The Age of BlackRock is here. But there is an alternative 🚨

The power of the big asset managers isn't inevitable.

@AdriBuller @ChrisMWHayes & @DantonsHead set out how to give everyone a stake & a say through transforming ownership and control.

Solidarity with the @RMTunion on the 2nd day of the strike.

#YourMomentum London and East region candidate Imogen Tranchell on the picket line explaining why solidarity is our strength.


Joined local ⁦@RMTunion⁩ members on picket line at Paddington. Strike absolutely solid & and spirits high amongst members with passers by expressing support. Solidarity.

A message of #solidarity to @RMTunion from Andrea Egan @andreaegan5 , the newly elected President of #UNISON.

‘We want you to know that we’re behind you.. and we wish you every success’ ✊

I will be back on picket lines tomorrow to support @RMTunion members on second day of dispute. It’s clear the Government is blocking a negotiated settlement of dispute & tomorrow as act of provocation it’s publishing regulation to allow the use of agency staff to break strikes.

If we’re to have any credibility as a party that upholds a commitment to decency & equality, the Labour Party authorities must intervene to address the serious issues raised by Apsana & other CLP members & halt the trigger ballot being held in this intimidatory climate.

Apsana Begum MP @ApsanaBegumMP

A statement:

Congratulations to Amerit Rait - the newly-elected Vice President of @unisontheunion - and all his comrades at @tfrc_unison!

They have shown how to build left power in the UK's largest union - there is no replacement for socialist union struggle. ✊🚩

Ministers planning to boost City bosses pay whilst workers struggle to cope with the worst cost of living crisis in history.

@BorisJohnson had no answer to my Q instead attacking me for standing up for workers.

Tories are on side of bankers not people who are suffering. #PMQs

This White Paper I published 2 years ago is still @UKLabour's blueprint for bringing our railways back into public ownership.

If this plan was implemented, the railway would work for passengers, staff & taxpayers, rather than profit.

We Own It @We_OwnIt

🚆 Mick Lynch is absolutely right. Rail privatisation has been a disaster for everybody except the shareholders whose pockets it has lined.

It's time to bring the WHOLE railway into public hands!

Bryn Davies had to be forced to go into the Lords for us so we had the country’s leading expert on pensions to fight for decent pensions for all and only on the basis the Lords would be abolished. True to form he combines the Lords Chamber with the picket line. @DaviesofBrixton

Bryn Davies @DaviesofBrixton

A socialist’s place is on the (Brixton) picket line. @RMTunion

'In terms of the tactics of how you support the union, there's a disagreement' says former Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell - adding "we're on the same page when it comes to the dispute itself".

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"The government has provoked this dispute".

John McDonnell MP continues saying the way it can be "resolved" is to "meet the union and get on with the negotiations and stop this suffering being imposed".

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