Ian Byrne is MP for Liverpool, West Derby

What has Ian Byrne been up to today?

Ian Byrne is MP for Liverpool, West Derby and a member of the Labour party.

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Wait til you learn EDF own a significant share of the British energy market, and use the massive profits creamed here (with the full blessing and co-operation of the Tories) to subsidise energy costs back home, where they have capped energy price rises at 4 per cent...

🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽🤦🏽‍♂️ https://twitter.com/Philirving/status/1556202958391476225

Phillip Neil Irving @Philirving

I’m visiting France right now and learn that Macron has bought out the remaining shares in EDF so that the French nation now own 100% of their major energy supplier. How radical is that?

“the current model of community food aid is not a sustainable or a morally acceptable solution to addressing poverty in the long term”.

When Eton’s David Cameron axed the state school sport system rebuilt by Labour, he claimed the then provision was ‘pathetic’;

Now: ‘In the past 10 years, 42,000 hours of PE lessons have been lost – with girls the most affected.’ https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2022/aug/06/experts-warn-lionesses-legacy-is-at-risk-as-school-pe-fails-girls?CMP=Share_iOSApp_Other

Gordon Brown rightfully calls for emergency budget. Weeks ago I launched with group of progressive economists a strategy to address the cost of living crisis including inflation proofing benefits, wages & pensions. Freeze energy prices & if energy companies fail, nationalise. 1/2 https://twitter.com/johnmcdonnellMP/status/1544268392902836225

John McDonnell MP @johnmcdonnellMP

An Alternative Strategy to Address the Cost of Living Crisis – Labour Hub https://labourhub.org.uk/2022/07/05/an-alternative-strategy-to-address-the-cost-of-living-crisis/

This research is staggering and raises huge questions. Rather than invest in its own workforce Arriva has been milking profits and offshoring them to Germany. All the while the real pay of workers at @arrivanorthwest is on a downward spiral. You could not make it up. #Sunday

Thanks for Clare and her Mam from Co. Durham for the pre-match donation to ⁦@nufcfoodbank⁩ They’re ⁦@SunderlandAFC⁩ fans but they help us because hunger doesn’t have club colours.

We are delighted to say that yesterday’s foodbank collection raised 100kg of food and £622 for @Glasgow_NW_FB ❤️💛❤️💛

Thanks so much to everyone for their support. Foodbanks should not have to exist, but for as long as they do this solidarity and compassion will be needed ✊

Yesterday I saw close up the amazing work done by the @BulkyBobsLiv team. Over 30 mattresses given away to the people of Norris Green in the space of an hour with home delivery.
Outstanding work by all at @BulkyBobsLiv making a real difference to peoples lives.

I was delighted to open the Norris Green Community Carnival yesterday with @bazkush.
So many great organisations coming together & a huge thanks to all involved in a day enjoyed by so many.

Our Breakfast club this morning was a beehive of activity. Thank you to @LiamThorpECHO & @BBCNWT for engaging with us, in our opinion our initiative @ctmbirkenhead is a thing of beauty.

Community Activism at its finest #RightToFood #CostOfLivingCrisis

England facing water shortages. 3bn litres lost daily to leaks.

Companies partly owned by foreign Govts made big profits.

Profits went to Govts of Australia, Canada, Kuwait, Norway, Malaysia, Qatar, Singapore, UAE.

Why does the UK/England Govt oppose state ownership of water?

Delighted to have kicked off the fans supporting foodbanks campaign today collecting donations for local foodbanks. We’re back again on Saturday between 14:00 and 14:30 at the gates next to the John Greig statue. Thank you for your donations.

While it was startling to hear Sunak openly admit it, many of us knew levelling up was always a lie and was never intended to undo the huge damage served on deprived communities over the past 12 years

Me for @LivEchonews


💬 "As a Labour MP, I see it as my job to stand shoulder to shoulder with local workers when they oppose pay cuts."

My article in @nationalwales below 👇


Great to be back watching @lowerbreck in the FA Cup today and see the new stand erected at long last.
Real progress for a cracking club.

This brave action shows why Amazon workers need a collective voice of their own. @unitetheunion will stand with any @AmazonUK worker who takes action against this insulting 35p pay offer. 👉

First game of the new season for the mighty @LFC away at @FulhamFC

Give our #LFC charity album "Unity Is Strength" a spin and help raise money for the tireless work @SFoodbanks do.

We've got £1000 for them from streams for this so far! Keep going!

Great to meet with @IanByrneMP yesterday. We discussed the issues facing Student Nurses not just in Liverpool but across the country.
I look forward to working with Ian to make @RCNStudents voice heard in Westminster

Frankly bizarre comments from Andrew Bailey that after the longest wage squeeze for 200 years and on the eve of a recession workers shouldn’t ask for pay rises. Pay can rise without prices rising if companies rein in their profits.

An excellent meeting yesterday with @JamesSavage1999 from @RCNStudents who laid out with real clarity the many issues faced by students in the NHS.
I look forward to working with James in raising these issues in Westminster over coming months.
They are the future of our NHS.

Thanks to @NickyAllt and all the stellar cast at @LFCHistoryShow in @royalcourt for one of the best evenings I’ve had in a long time.
A magnificent, emotional rollercoaster of a show & a must see for all reds.
Singing #YNWA with @LeviTafariPoet will live long in the memory✊

A fantastic issue of @tribunemagazine once again speaking on so many key issues. Thanks to Francesca Newton for the excellent write up on a #RightToFood and John Carden’s lovely piece on his dearly missed Dad who would have loved Eddie Dempsey’s quote..

Here’s a tester. Royal Mail are telling our members that you as the public want your mail up to 3 hours later each day. They say that’s the ‘customer trends’

RT this if you don’t want your mail later and you don’t want your posties start time changed.

Bread up 13%; pasta up 16%; baked beans up 21%; butter up 21.5%; milk up 26.3%; fuel costs up 42% in the year; energy bills up by 300% & rising.

For ordinary people with every day bills, real inflation is already over 30% & climbing.

One in Five children of key workers are living in poverty.

What a disgraceful state this country is in.

One of the richest countries on the face of the planet and kids are going hungry.

Poverty is a political choice.

On the back of Martin Tyler’s comment regarding Hillsborough, I have invited Mr Tyler and @SkySports to meet so that I can outline to them our Real Truth Legacy Project which has once again proved to be desperately needed. #JFT97


Understand Liverpool have invited both BBC News and Sky Sports to meet with representatives of the club re: Martin Tyler's Hillsborough comments.

The aim is to discuss the ongoing need for constant vigilance to ensure accurate commentary & narrative around the issue.

#LFC 🔴

We will be in the Fan Zone from 3.00pm. Can you afford to drop a tin of food off for someone in need in our community ?

Also keep an eye out for @HomebakedBakery who make their debut at Goodison tomorrow

#RightToFood #MoreThanAPie #ShopLocal

#Solidarity with the Gers Fans. From 🔴 Reds and 🔵Blues on Merseyside. The passion of fans North of Border is a joy to behold

We wish you every success & look forward to visiting Ibrox some time soon #HungerDoesntWearClubColours #RightToFood https://twitter.com/GersFoodBanks/status/1555564016076046336

GersFoodBanks @GersFoodBanks

Tomorrow we'll be at Ibrox prior to our home game against Kilmarnock to collect donations. You can get involved by dropping off a tin of food. RT's appreciated! #righttofood

A man worth £730m, boasting to an audience of Tory activists in one of Britain's most affluent towns that he intends to take money away from deprived urban areas. Just let the ugliness of that scene sink in for a bit.

Today I began a programme of engagement with small businesses in West Derby on rising energy bills and its impact on their viability during the cost-of-living crisis. Thank you to The Book for the warm welcome and discussion.

Another extremely busy morning at our @SFoodbanks pantry in @MarysCentre today.
The queues are lengthening because the situation for so many is worsening.
We need radical solutions to fix the problem of hunger in our communities.

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