Chris Bryant is MP for Rhondda

What has Chris Bryant been up to today?

Chris Bryant is MP for Rhondda and a member of the Labour party.

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So @TomTugendhat backs @trussliz despite having seen firsthand how utterly incompetent she has been as Foreign Secretary? She doesn't even know her Baltics from her Black Sea or her Balkans - and Lavrov played her like a puppet. I truly worry for the UK.

Ive had work experience with Chris and his office for the last 4 weeks!
But unfortunately today is the last day of the work experience. Id like to thank @RhonddaBryant and all the staff with helping me develop and further my education into politics!It's not the end just thestart

NEWS: It gets worse!
I've just got uodated price cap predictions from @CornwallInsight.

The latest spike in year-ahead wholesale price means the OCT cap prediction is now UP 78% (so £3,500/yr on typical bills) & likely up again in Jan.

Its will be desperate. Intervention needed

📢 Following our debate on #Magnitsky #sanctions last week and @RhonddaBryant highlighting the case of @vkaramurza, the UK has sanctioned Russian Minister of Justice Chuychenko and Deputy Minister of Justice Sviridenko for their suppression of opponents of the war in Ukraine.

I called for Russian Minister of Justice Konstantin Chuychenko and Deputy Minister Oleg Sviridenko to be sanctioned on Thursday for suppressing their own people by targeting those speaking out against the war in Ukraine. I'm delighted the UK is doing so today. @FCDOGovUK

"It just feels as if the government isn't working, get on with it, man."

@RhonddaBryant was "very cross" with Mark Spencer, the Leader of the House of Commons, questioning him on the activity of government.

Gordon Brown calls for emergency Budget to help Brits tackle cost of living crisis

Westminster Voting Intention:

*Truss as Conservative Leader*

LAB: 37% (+4)
CON: 25% (-20)
LDM: 16% (+4)
GRN: 9% (+6)
REF: 3% (+1)

via @FindoutnowUK, 18-19 Jul

(Changes with 2019 Election)

Pretty clear Winston Churchill would not have got through to the final round with this set of Conservative MPs. Too left-wing, too pro-European.

Boris Johnson could face losing seat if found to have lied over partygate

Jacob Rees-Mogg tells Talk TV that "it's not for me" to say if the new leader of the Conservative Party must call an early general election

Here's Ress-Mogg, earlier this year, saying that if Boris Johnson were forced out, his successor should go back to the polls

Teenage Liz Truss calls for monarchy to be scrapped in rousing Lib Dem speech

Yesterday I raised a Point of Order on #NadineDorries and evidence she gave before the DCMS Committee @CommonsDCMS claiming that the @Channel4 reality series #towerblockofcommons used actors not residents. The channel has now investigated and found Ms Dorries’ claim to be untrue.

“I wanted Boris to carry on as Prime Minister” - Liz Truss despite the lying, lawbreaking, incompetence and wrong calls.

She is the continuing Conservative candidate and would be a worthy successor to the charlatan.

BREAKING Boris Johnson will be summoned to give evidence under oath on Partygate 'lies'

Alan Sugar is reported to have recently changed his tax status to be non-resident and paid himself a huge £390m dividend. As a non-resident he could avoid up to £160m in tax. If this is true, it is disgusting behaviour from a business icon, a role model & a lawmaker.

Worth a read.
Privileges committee will take oral evidence on oath.
No need to prove ‘intent’ to mislead.
Privileges committee does count for recall of MPs act.

Tory MPs totally lost the plot.Putting 2 candidates through to the membership whom members like least?
If you insult your customers they stop buying.
Already heard from members planning to abstain or spoil ballot paper.

Fascinating this. The moment Sunak learned he was through on camera. Massive cheer and fist pump. “Guys we totally smashed it!”

If, as seems probable, @trussliz becomes our next Prime Minister in September, a disastrous two years for Britain are likely to follow @BorisJohnson’s three disgraceful ones. Alas, poor country.
(If @RishiSunak,we’d still have a chance of muddling through)

First hint of how Labour will spin this

@ConorMcGinn: "The choice to be the next Tory leader is down to the two continuity candidates.

"Both Truss and Sunak are stooges of the Johnson administration whose fingerprints are all over the state the country finds itself in today."

Oh dear. Liz Truss's first tweet is that she will 'hit the ground' (rather than 'hit the ground running'0
Suspect this tweet will be deleted so here's a screengrab.

MPs on Commons Environmental Audit Committee furious @KwasiKwarteng has just pulled out of planned session at 3.30pm. Point of Order to Speaker poss later given short notice + lack of explanation.
Suspicion is cos KK is big @trussliz backer he wants to see 4pm leadership result

This solicitor tells Chris Bryant the criminal justice system is 'falling apart' literally, with courts being closed because they've been flooded or have structural faults.


⚡️Woman on LBC talking to Chris Bryant saying she would vote for Johnson again and he had done his best. When @RhonddaBryant asked her if she thought Johnson told lies she hesitated …for a long time and said maybe he just twisted the truth. What makes people think like this?😩🫣

'They do more to protect statues than they do to protect women from rape.'

Chris Bryant's savage takedown of the remaining Tory leadership candidates - Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, and Liz Truss.


"The law should treat everybody equally and everybody should have an equal chance in life. That's 'woke'. That's me. It's decent British values."

Chris Bryant's message to Tory MPs obsessed with wokeness.


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