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Ben Bradshaw is MP for Exeter and a member of the Labour party.

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I’m delighted ⁦@exeterlabour⁩ members have selected ⁦@steve_race⁩ as our parliamentary candidate for the next election when I stand down. I’m confident he’ll do our city proud. My latest ⁦@ExpressandEcho⁩ ⁦@DevonLiveNews⁩ column

My response:

“It is unprecedented to have such a powerful affirming statement recognising the validity of same-sex love from so many bishops across the Communion. I have been
overwhelmed with the level of support and concern that there has been for the global LGBT+ community."

at least the government has spent the summer months ramping up insulation of homes and public buildings, the roll-out of heat pumps, and the adoption of other energy efficiency measures

Labour member in South West England? Don’t forget to vote in this year’s elections to @UKLabour’s powerful National Executive Committee. These are the candidates who support our leadership & are focussed on winning the next election.

Labour to Win @labtowin


BREAKING: Interest rates up 0.5%, inflation to hit 13%, and forecasts of a recession - further proof the Tories have lost control of the economy. (1/4)

DEFRA minister Steve Double says it’s “difficult to believe” Liz Truss’ claim that her regional pay board policy was misrepresented by the media. But he declined multiple opportunities to say whether he thought she was lying. More on @bbcdevon tonight 📻

Super-impressed with @HelsinkiAirport. No queues, fabulous design, but best of all, they have security technology that means you keep your liquids & electronic items in your hand luggage. No faffing with little plastic bags 👍 😀@SimonCalder

The worst crisis in the NHS’s history.

The Government can’t even meet its own targets for eliminating TWO YEAR waits.

The longer the Conservatives are in power, the longer patients will wait.

The audacity of people who dismissed reports of an invasion as “hysterical propaganda”, opposed weapons transfers leading up to invasion as “warmongering” and effectively called for Ukrainian surrender from day one, who still seem to think their opinion is of value on this topic.

Ballots are set to drop for internal elections on Wednesday!

With the successful candidates safeguarding internal party structures going into the next General Election, it is crucial that we elect candidates that are focused on putting Labour into power.

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While average private school fees rose from £11,100 to £13,600 between 2009-10 to 2020-21, during the same period state school spending per pupil in England dropped from £8,000 to £7,100.

That’s a spending gap of around £6,500 or over 90 per cent. So much for levelling up.

I’ve seen a confidential document from Lynton Crosby’s lobbying firm which advises Boris Johnson to ride roughshod over every convention and standard of propriety to pack the House of Lords.

Britain is stuck thanks to a succession of Tory governments.

As leader of the Labour Party, I’m focused on getting us into power.

Only then can we deliver the change that trade unions and working people want and need.

Tremendous thanks to @BenPBradshaw
for his endorsement.

Next week, @YoungLabourUK ballots will be dropping and it will be your chance to have your voice heard!

I'm running to be your next International Officer and would be honoured to have your support.

As I warned on Monday, energy bills will rise and rise again, both this year and next. Rishi Sunak built in a loophole into ⁦@UKLabour⁩’s proposed windfall tax - that should be cancelled now.

The Tories are too busy arguing amongst themselves to do anything to help families facing soaring bills.

Only Labour has a plan to tackle this Tory cost of living crisis.

Good for @Keir_Starmer. I like Sam Tarry, but you can’t openly defy the Party leader, break collective responsibility & stay on the front bench. Labour aspire to be the Government. Job of Governments is to solve problems & take tough decisions, not go on demos & picket lines.

Seriously impressive operation at @CTAairport this morning when a wad of my cash disappeared from a security tray. Airport police & security staff checked CCTV, found the people (other travellers) who’d lifted it, recovered my money, all in time to catch my flight. Grazie Mille!

Honoured and delighted to be given the privilege of selection today as Labour's prospective Parliamentary Candidate for the seat of Plymouth Moor View. Thanks to all my supporters and everyone that has made this possible @PlymouthLabour @labourforces

@Bazza73617427 @other_mrs "The UK cabinet office has rejected a £33m proposal to double the capacity for French government passport checks at Dover, dooming UK passengers to long delays at the border post-Brexit." - dec 2020

The Brexit mood is only partly about hostility to Europe. Mainly it’s about hostility to facts.

Latest column

I’m sure @BBC & other broadcasters are aware of their legal requirement to offer @UKLabour equal airtime, given recent coverage has been dominated by the Tory leadership candidates & their proxies, who’ve been in Government for 12 years, extolling their own virtues .

Smart and depressing column by @jburnmurdoch: what's causing the UK's higher rate of chronic illness? A: It's not long covid:

More fabulous #Brexit benefits currently being enjoyed in & around Dover by British families trying to go on holiday & hauliers trying to do their job.

Russia: "We're telling you openly for the millionth time the invasion is about seizing territory and erasing Ukraine and Ukrainian culture. We've also kidnapped a million Ukrainians and murdered tens of thousands more!"
People: "Ah, yes, I hear you: NATO is bad."

Best result for @UKLabour, terrible for the country. Two Ministers who excused Johnson's lies & spent 12 years voting for the policies that have wreaked such damage on Britain. Only @Keir_Starmer's Labour can give us the fresh start the country needs #GeneralElectionNow

Ministers have laid down tools. With Britain facing so many serious challenges, there is no functional Government, while millions of Brits face being unable to feed their families or heat their homes this autumn. These people are utterly unfit for public office.

Lewis Goodall @lewis_goodall

Another Secretary of State pulling out of a Select Committee appearance...

"Daniel is a tireless Labour activist, determined to see a Labour government. I'm certain he would make an excellent South West representative on the new National Labour Students Committee."

Big thanks to the marvellous @BenPBradshaw for his endorsement! 🌹

Diary of a spiteful exit: 1/ sack Gove 2/ appoint pointless new cabinet 3/ Campaign against Sunak 4/ Suspend Ellwood. 5/ Resignation honours to come. Not a gentleman but we knew that.

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