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Bell Ribeiro-Addy is MP for Streatham and a member of the Labour party.

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The Home Office has been delaying visas for Ukrainian babies & children despite approving their parents'.

You could be forgiven for thinking this was an attempt to issue visas whilst ensuring people couldn't actually come here.

It's put families and young people in harm's way.

The £1m Windrush statue was built without even consulting the Windrush community.

With the hostile environment still in place and thousands of victims awaiting compensation, this is just a monument to the Government's ongoing failure to acknowledge and act on their trauma.

Solidarity with @ApsanaBegumMP. All parties need to ensure that survivors of domestic abuse are not exposed to further harrassment in their roles, and understand the impact that ongoing abuse can have. Violence against women must always be taken seriously.

The Government is attempting to replace the Human Rights Act, which has protected our rights for the last 25 years.

Their Rights Removal Bill is a part of a wider plan to close off & narrow the avenues we can use to challenge damaging Tory policies.

I'll be opposing it.

Even as they ask nurses, teachers, & other public sector workers to accept more pay losses after 12 years of the same, the Government wants to give bankers an even bigger pay rise.

Bankers' bonuses are up 20% on last year.

Government of the rich, by the rich, for the rich #PMQs

Teacher pay has fallen by 20% in real terms since the Tories took power.

I recently met with local teachers from @LambethNEU, who are finding escalating living costs unmanageable.

I support the @NEUnion’s call to pay teachers and school support what they're actually worth.

Kevin Courtney #NEU💝NHS @cyclingkev

This is our letter to Nadhim Zahawi.
If he doesn’t act on the crisis facing school staff, we will ballot members and urge them to vote for action.
What do you think of the letter?

The Government estimated there were 15,000 eligible Windrush compensation claimants.

But 3+ years after their scheme launched, just 26% of this number have applied.

And just 26% of them have received compensation.

23 have died waiting.

A scandal in itself #WindrushScandal

I’ve tabled an EDM celebrating 74 years since the Empire Windrush docked at Tillbury, recognising the Windrush Generation’s huge contribution, and calling for action to address the injustices suffered by them and their descendants #WindrushDay

The Government's plan to scrap the #HumanRightsAct and replace it with the #RightsRemovalBill is an unthinkable attack on each one of our rights to be treated fairly & with dignity and respect. 🧵

On Windrush Day we celebrate the Windrush Generation, who came from every corner of the Commonwealth to help rebuild Britain after the Second World War.

We must never forget their huge contribution or the racism they suffered at the hands of successive governments #WindrushDay

We are delighted to share that we have received #NationalLottery funding from @TNLComFund for our project! Thank you to National Lottery players for helping #MakeAmazingHappen. @EIHA_Official @spechockeyintl @BellRibeiroAddy

FTSE 350 profits 🔺 73% on last year

FTSE 100 CEO pay 🔺 29% on last year

City bonuses 🔺 20% on last year

Rents 🔺 11% on last year & 15.7% in London

I wonder why we don't hear the Tories calling for corporations, bosses, bankers, or landlords to take a pay cut 🤔

Conservative backbenchers are lobbying Boris Johnson to lift the Grammar School ban and pretend it’s part of their levelling up agenda.

Catnip for their base, but all it really shows is that when they say levelling up, what they really mean is entrenching privilege.

Call for more donors in Lambeth with rare blood type in rising demand

NHS chiefs say that it's already winter in the NHS. The government's policy of complete freedom for the virus will mean those pressures can only get worse.

With the Tories launching a wholesale attack on our democratic rights, trade unions need our support more than ever.

We must stand up for them and defend the right to strike if we’re going to build a society that works for workers, not the wealthy.

Solidarity @RMTUnion.

Concerned to hear about the shooting in Kett Gardens yesterday. I'm relieved there were no fatal injuries.

If anyone has information to share, please call 101, quoting CAD reference 8099 20th June 2022 or call @CrimestoppersUK on 0800555111.

Whilst the Government noisily tells rail workers and public sector employees to accept pay losses, the Tories are quietly ripping up pay limits for City bankers.

When someone shows you who they are, believe them #RailStrikes

Bromley picket this morning - workers have had real terms pay cuts for decades and are now facing a cost of living crisis, food poverty and energy bill rises - all political choices of this Government.

Grant Shapps should get round the table with the @RMTunion.


Solidarity with @RMTUnion members on the picket lines to defend their jobs, pay and conditions.

When trade unions win, working class people win.

I stand with workers today and always #RailStrikes

It’s no coincidence that the Government's latest anti-protest proposals would also impact trade unionists.

Trade unions are the last line of defence against their attack on working class people #PublicOrderBill

Having fun making a list of all the food we want to eat on our food tour this year!!

Haven’t got your #Streatham food festival programme yet? Pick one up in food venues along the High Road, on our website or in the digital version of @heartstreatham mag.

1-9th July 😋

From the weekend to holiday pay and health & safety laws, trade unionists didn't win the rights we have today by asking nicely, they won by building movements governments & bosses couldn’t just ignore.

If your pay isn't keeping pace with inflation, join a union and do the same.

If the Government valued our railways and the people who keep them running, they would fund rail properly, protect jobs & pay rail workers fairly.

But they don’t, so solidarity with the 40,000 @RMTunion members fighting for the future of our rail services today #RailStrikes

Your ability to access COVID testing shouldn’t depend on your ability to pay for it.

400,000+ people agree and have signed the @keepnhspublic petition to bring back free Covid testing.

Please join them if you haven’t already 👇🏾

Recent analysis by @unitetheunion found profiteering is behind 60% of the current inflation rise.

Telling people to accept real terms pay cuts after a decade of the same won’t help them make ends meet.

Squeezing the profits of corporations, bosses and landlords will.

The Transport Secretary has refused to sit down at the negotiating table with rail workers in the @RMTUnion.

We need to be clear who’s responsible for this week’s disruption.

It’s this Tory Government that refuses to engage with the people who run our rail #ToryRailStrikes

In Vienna today attending the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons conference #TPNW1MSP

This Treaty has been signed by hundreds of countries but not the UK Government, who haven't even shown up and are stockpiling more nukes instead of pursuing nuclear disarmament.

This Government is proposing a law change that would allow agency workers to break strikes.

Instead of listening to people exercising their democratic rights to try and improve society, the Tories are using everything at their disposal to attack them.

1. It's Nystagmus Awareness Day! 👁

I was born with congenital Nystagmus which is a form of visual impairment, characterised by wobbling or flickering of the eyes.

#StepUp4Nystagmus. @NystagmusUK

Fantastic news from Colombia, where the people have vote for a brighter, socialist future, electing @petrogustavo, the first socialist President in the country’s history, and @FranciaMarquezM, the first Black woman to hold the office of Vice President.

It's #WorldSickleCellDay. The NHS has launched its first national awareness campaign around the illness as new treatment is rolled out across hospitals. "I hope this treatment helps others the way it has helped me," one patient, Bola, said. @Independent

I was proud to march alongside thousands of people from across the trade union movement this weekend to demand a pay rise for Britain, a better deal in workplaces, and action to address the financial turmoil now facing working people under this Tory Government #DemandBetter

🖋 Our petition calling on @BorisJohnson to bring back free covid testing now has over 400,000 signatures.

We will be handing the petition into Downing Street later today alongside MPs.

📝 Please add your name if you haven't already

I’ve written to the Government to highlight concerns about the independence & impartiality of their review into Cressida Dick’s resignation.

Another whitewash will do nothing to rebuild shattered confidence in London’s policing.

They should be listening to communities instead.

Substandard GP surgeries, passport backlogs, World Blood Donor Day, opposing the hostile environment, dismantling racism in education and talking about human rights.

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Black donors are much more likely to have the Ro blood subtype which is urgently needed to treat people with sickle cell.

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A year ago Boris Johnson promised to share 100 million surplus vaccines with the world’s poorest countries.

A year later: barely a third have been delivered, he has cut the aid budget to do it, and profiteered at poor countries’ expense.

Thread 1/10🧵👇🏽

Last year's groundbreaking inquiry highlighted the prevalence of racism towards the UK’s 15,000+ (predominantly Black) Sickle Cell patients.

The colour of your skin shouldn't affect the quality or level of care you receive.

The Government must address this #WorldSickleCellDay

The Home Secretary has signed an order to extradite Julian Assange to the USA for exposing war crimes and the attempts to cover them up.

Instead of supporting journalists who expose war crimes, the Government has sided with those who commit them.

A dark day for press freedom.

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