Apsana Begum is MP for Poplar and Limehouse

What has Apsana Begum been up to today?

Apsana Begum is MP for Poplar and Limehouse and a member of the Labour party.

Apsana Begum has 38179 followers on Twitter.

On the front page of today's @ObserverUK @beatrixcampbell and I expose how children are being harmed by life-changing decisions made behind closed doors in the family courts by unregulated experts "without the necessary qualifications". https://bit.ly/3mG13py

Ensuring all #DomesticAbuse victims have access to legal support is a key priority for me.

I want all survivors of #DomesticAbuse to be exempt from the legal aid means test.

Read my full response to the Legal Aid Means Test Review consultation here:


Turns out not only @pritipatel misled over UNHCR endorsement but Home Office wrote letters to potential Rwandan deportees telling them the UN agency was "closely involved" in the scheme and had not expressed substantial concerns. This was not correct.

🚨🚨🚨With the NHS being reorganised on the 1st of July, We Own It, @keepnhspublic and @Unite_Community are TODAY demanding NHS leaders put people before profit and end NHS privatisation.

Take action right now in less than 3mins ==> https://weownit.org.uk/act-now/lets-push-more-join-our-ics-day-action

📣The harrowing impact of the cost-of-living crisis on people across the country a shameful indictment on the Tories.

I will be joining @CWUnews at the @TUC march in London to #DemandBetter.

Join us! 📣

LIVE: Enough is enough - #demandbetter! Online rally of the Left w. @johnmcdonnellMP @DaveWardGS @zarahsultana @RichardBurgon @BellRibeiroAddy @BarryGardiner @IanLaveryMP @MattWrack @graceblakeley & more https://twitter.com/i/broadcasts/1ypJdEBpabRxW

Today marks the start of #CarersWeek and as a carer myself I'm pleased to be a Parliamentary Champion for @CarersUK to ensure people looking after their loved ones no longer feel forgotten. We must do more to help make caring become visible, valued and supported💙

Over 40% of Boris Johnson’s own MPs have lost confidence in him, yet he’s already spinning this result as “decisive and conclusive”.

With each of his reckless decisions, the Prime Minister has covered them up or put a spin them.

He just has to go.

Today the #NationalSecurityBill is being read in Parliament.

This Bill is more draconian than the US Espionage Act used to prosecute Julian Assange. It proposes immunity for Ministers and spies for assisting crimes abroad.

This Bill is an attack on public interest journalism.

Britain faces the worst cost-of-living crisis in a generation.

⬆️Energy bills
⬆️Food prices

❄️Educators pay

It doesn't have to be this way – you can do something about it.

#ValueEducation #ValueEducators

Join the @NEUnion on June 18 to demand better 👉http://neu.org.uk/18-june-demo

UK population is around 68.5m.
Adult population (18yrs+) is around 53.9m.
32.2m pay income tax.
21.7m are not liable to income tax as their annual income is less than £12,570.
In a rich country over 40% of adults (and their dependents) live on less than £12,570.
Are you angry?

Community gardens are spaces of social change, contributing to a positive sense of neighbourhood and proactively tackling climate change🌱

Pleased to help declare open the Jubilee Orchard at the Barkantine Estate along with community groups, stakeholders & representatives today.

My thoughts and prayers are with those killed and injured in the large explosion at a storage depot near the city of Chittagong, Bangladesh.


The East End is a special place of different, faiths and cultures, where our differences makes us stronger as a collective.

A place where we don’t have to be alike to have the same interests & shared solidarity.

Great to be out with constituents on the Platinum Jubilee weekend.

The Met didn't fine Boris Johnson for a party held at the height of a lockdown.

But they're prosecuting 4 people who attended a socially distanced vigil to remember a woman kidnapped & killed by one of their own.

And they wonder why confidence in policing is at an all-time low.

The London bus cuts will disproportionately impact the elderly, working-class & disabled.

In our area, the changes will most impact those in Wapping & the Isle of Dogs.

I’m making representations to TfL & encourage everyone to fill in this consultation👇🏾

🚀 Launching: Fund the Future of Socialism 🚩

This summer, we're taking on the Right for the future of our Party.

But we need to raise £15k by 15 June if we're going to win. Can you help?


The Tories are forcing through cuts to London's bus network.

Their refusal to agree a fair funding deal for TfL means 20% of London bus routes face the axe — including the D7 in Poplar & Limehouse along with changes to 7 routes.

Stop the Tory bus cuts👇🏾


Done right, the renters’ reform bill could transform the lives of millions of tenants – via @LabourList https://labourlist.org/2022/06/done-right-the-renters-reform-bill-could-transform-the-lives-of-millions-of-tenants/

This afternoon I revisited traders in Salmon Lane in Limehouse being priced out of the area due to extortionate rent hikes — some are facing increases of up to 76%.

I’m continuing to lobby for a just pandemic recovery for local traders on this overlooked high street.

Our evidence session last week examining the Government's special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) review, is available to re-watch in British Sign Language.

Re-watch the session here:

Delighted to attend an inspiring Eid celebration with women in Poplar yesterday.

Today, the women of Poplar remain as steadfast as the Rebel women before them, demanding more than just charity — demanding their full human, political and economic rights.

📣 My May newsletter is out now where you can find out more about my work on:

💰The cost of living crisis
📜 Our civil liberties
🛂Migrant Rights & internationalism
🌏Climate justice


🖋Sign up for my monthly updates at: https://apsanabegum.com/

Great to meet local members and Sr Bernadette at @StPaulsBowCommo in Mile End & Chrisp Street yesterday, to discuss the cost-of-living crisis and local campaigns.

If you’re a student or are unwaged, you only pay a reduced fee to join @UKLabour. Join us at https://join.labour.org.uk/

I was pleased to welcome Rochdale's new Mayor, Cllr Ali Ahmed, into Parliament. Ali is Rochdale's first Mayor of Bangladeshi heritage, and will make an excellent mayor for everyone in the Borough. With us were Apsana Begum MP, Ali’s niece, and Cllr Iftikhar Ahmed.

Progressive protest movements act as a canary in the coal mine for social justice.

We would have a better world if protestors warnings were heeded on the Iraq War, Tuition Fees and racism.

The Public Order Bill is a blueprint to silence future warnings.

If energy companies are raking in massive profits from consumers year on year, that’s not only an argument for windfall taxes.

It’s an argument to take energy into public ownership and use the money we pay shareholders to cut bills and invest in renewables instead.

Thanks @ApsanaBegumMP for asking about investment and empowerment of specialist support teachers, like Teachers of the Deaf, within the #SEND Review. @educationgovuk must recruit more Teachers of the Deaf to help bridge the education gap between #deaf pupils and their peers.

Under the cover of the pandemic, the Tories have shifted wealth from the poorest to the richest.

Now they're laughing at us as fuel poverty could mean 1000s die of cold in their own homes.

How does @BorisJohnson sleep at night with so much blood on his filthy, privileged hands?

Last night, the Tories voted to through the Public Order Bill.

This Bill will make it harder for people to protest by expanding stop and search powers, and further restricting civil liberties.

The Tories are more interested in curbing dissent than supporting people.


I voted against the Public Order Bill tonight.

Our country's strong tradition of dissent is the reason we have the rights and freedoms we enjoy today.

But we have a Government that's desperate to crack down on anyone who raises their voice in opposition.

We can't let them.

Great to be out on my constituency walkabout on Saturday this weekend, this time in Watney Market listening to residents and taking up their case.

I’m the second sponsor on this important amendment by @bellribeiroaddy 👇

This isn’t a public order bill, it’s a public oppression bill – and our right to peaceful protest must be protected

Panel in action at today's showing of the Great Schools Robbery @riocinema @SocialistEdu Thanks to @ApsanaBegumMP for joining us with filmmaker Chester Yang

⚡️SPEAKER ANNOUNCEMENT⚡️ - the incredible @lorainemponela from @caragcoventry, and MP for Poplar & Limehouse @ApsanaBegumMP will both be joining our rally to #EndtheHostileEnvironment on Wednesday 25 May.

Make sure you have registered ➡️ https://actionnetwork.org/events/online-rally-we-demand-an-end-to-the-hostile-environment-10yearstoolong

Tory Chancellor Rishi Sunak is saying things are going to be “tough” because of the cost of living crisis. Not tough for him though, he and his wife have a joint fortune of £730 million pounds #RishiSunakOUT

Instead of taking action to address the cost-of-living crisis and injustices like racism and climate breakdown, the government want to stop people sounding the alarm💥

My latest for @LabourOutlook👇🏾


The Public Order Bill is a continuation of the Government's assault on the right to protest, further criminalising people who call for the change we need and ramping up police powers to restrict demonstrations.

I've tabled a reasoned amendment to throw it out next week.

The government has launched a fire and rescue white paper.

Its proposals could lead to firefighters being left without a say over terms and conditions.

That would be totally unacceptable and we will do everything we can to stop that.

The Tory Queen's Speech was a nod to the elite and an insult to workers and families in dire need of Government support.

Abandoning ordinary people is a political choice.

The Tories are the party of the 1%.

We do not need detailed reports and experts to tell us about the rising levels of poverty in our communities - we can see it with our own eyes.

What we need is the government to step up and do something about it.

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