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Alex Davies-Jones is MP for Pontypridd and a member of the Labour party.

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Incorrect description of consent-based offence by Government. Cannot be committed by 'accident' - have to prove intentional sending of penis image w/out consent or reasonable belief in consent.
Can we can focus on 47% millennial women being #cyberflashed

Here's the letter sent to @TheFCA this afternoon providing feedback to the BSPS redress scheme consultation, signed by 27 cross-party MPs.
This is a significant moment for steelworker pensioners. I’m pleased so many MPs from steelmaking areas recognise the importance of this.

The Battle of Orgreave was one of the most aggressive acts of state-sanctioned violence in British memory.

My dad was there. He saw what happened with his own eyes.

The Thatcher Govt and the Police sought to cover up their wrongdoing.

We urgently need an Orgreave Inquiry.

Series of meetings in London today talking about what @WelshLabour is doing in government to support the economy. Finished with an inspiring evening with black asian & minority ethnic entrepreneurs.

Dominic Raab won’t approve but I did indeed go the opera last week (it cost me £62).

Tom Eisner, a working-class lad from Buxton near where I grew up kindly invited me. He’s been playing violin at Glyndebourne for 36 years.

Never let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. 🎻

The APPG was formally re-constituted yesterday. @CatMcKinnell & @robertlargan were elected co-chairs. Andrew Percy MP remains an officer as Vice-Chair and @AlexDaviesJones joins as a Vice-Chair. The full list of officers will be published in the next edition of the APPG Register

Stagnant wages, rising poverty and broken promises.

When will Ministers grow a backbone and tell the PM: the game is up.


➡️@FareShareUK supplied the equivalent of 30,200 meals across Pontypridd over the last year, through 12.7 tonnes of food.

👉 The charity do fantastic work, but it's a damning indictment of the cost of living crisis.

✅ FareShare's #FoodOnPlates campaign has my full support.

“Zara believed that a woman should be able to walk home.”

Please, take the time to read every word of this tribute to Zara Aleena by her family. I’m not sure I’ve read anything quite like it before.

I am heartbroken and furious.

The decision to overturn #RoeVWade and strip US women of their reproductive rights is backward and wrong.

Earlier today I asked the Government to consider what this decision means for funding efforts to secure women's healthcare across the globe.

🌳🌲🍃If you run, or are thinking of running, a community project looking to restore or enhance nature and green spaces in Wales, you could get a grant of up to £250,000 from the fantastic @HeritageFundCYM.

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Businesses, agency worker bodies and working people don’t want the Tory Government to scrap the agency worker ban. It’ll be unworkable. So the Government now picks another unnecessary fight combining attacking Senedd law and eroding legal rights in Wales.

Thank you Mam for the outstanding musical education you gave me into the wonders of Motown that has meant I know every single word to every Diana Ross song 🥰🪩😂🤩🎪🎶

I am eternally grateful 😘 #glastonburyfestival2022

🎉 I'm so pleased to see @RCTCouncil's Youth Engagement and Participation Service (YEPS) is going from strength to strength.

➡️ Street-based youth work has supported more than 1,600 young people in RCT since last year - an incredible achievement.

Yet another example of tech firms failing to address child abuse being facilitated on their platforms. It’s time for child abuse breadcrumbing to be covered by law, and to draw a line under preventable harm @NSPCC @CdnChildProtect

Forbes @Forbes

EXCLUSIVE: Meta Failed To Protect Instagram’s Child Models From Pedophile by @iblametom

More of the cash for access culture

Tory donor John Booth “quietly installed” as Chair of arts and media honours committee - part of a series of positions handed to Tory donors

“These companies need to think very long and hard about the ways in which their platforms will be weaponized to criminalize people looking to access abortion healthcare, and they need to ensure that it doesn’t happen” Our CEO @Imi_Ahmed.

➡️ Nobody should have to face bullying, but sadly thousands of young people experience it every day.

✅ We can make sure they don't face it alone. Find out about what you can do to help:


Because our @WelshLabour Government reached a deal with rail workers, unions, and operators, Transport for Wales staff have not been on strike.

But our rail network is still in a state of chaos, because @BorisJohnson and @GrantShapps refuse to come to the table and do the same.

This is a devastating step backwards for women's rights in the United States.

Every woman who needs one should have the right to a safe and legal abortion.

Solidarity with every woman affected by this cruel decision.

Wakefield’s win will go down in history, @SimonLightwood.

I’m so proud of our Labour Party and the changes we’ve made to be a government in waiting.

👋 A pleasure to meet the @JoCoxFoundation in Parliament this week and show my support for @great_together, a wonderful initiative to bring people together and celebrate what we have #MoreInCommon.

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Gutted to be missing this but the Online Safety Bill has kept me in London today - very best of luck to our brilliant @UKLabour candidate, @simonlightwood today!! #Wakefield #VoteLabour

Chris Elmore MP @CPJElmore

The Welsh have arrived #Wakefield by-election! #VoteLabour

Polls are open. Today is the day!

Your vote could boot Boris out of Downing St and deliver a fresh start for Wakefield.

Don’t miss your chance.

Polls are open until 10pm and you don’t need your polling card or ID to vote.

Find your polling station:

@AlexDaviesJones refs @CarnegieUKTrust concerns & says: "SofS should not be able to amend substantive scope of regime unless moves are initiated by @Ofcom & followed by effective Parliamentary oversight. There's no room for this level of interference in a regulatory regime". 2/

Quite the exchange in Bill committee 👀🍆📷

But the point remains that the new (and welcome) Cyber flashing offence in the Online Safety Bill will only bring true, meaningful change if it’s based on consent rather than intent.

The Bill MUST go further to protect women & girls!

Noa Hoffman @hoffman_noa

Unsure if tech minister Chris Philp expected to be asked if he's ever received a "dick pic" during the online safety bill debate yesterday, but the exchange with @AlexDaviesJones is now immortalised in Hansard

This Conservative Government’s Bill of Rights con is an attack on women.

It will make it harder for victims of rape to get justice.

But it comes as no surprise from a Govt that has effectively decriminalised rape.

This is your 48 hour warning - you have until Friday to get your applications in for @mothered.labour funding. Know a labour mum who would make a great MP? Tag her in this and tell her to apply now!

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Great to see the Welsh Government is supporting young entrepreneurs via a £5m investment.

✅ Incentivising the next gen of businesses with £2,000 grants and expert mentoring will supercharge the Welsh economy.


Important @BBCNews investigation finds Facebook Groups being used to share upskirting videos & enable offenders to share tips on how to commit abuse. Yet again, @meta doesn’t proactively detect content nor act on user reports.

Women & girls deserve a stronger #OnlineSafetyBill

Tony Smith @TonyNewsCamera

NEW Latest from me - more shocking Facebook moderation failings.

Just had a really lovely call from young #zach telling me all about @kimleadbeater laying down an amendment to #OnlineSafetyBill making it an offence to send those with #Epilepsy images that would cause distress. Well done SuperStar campaigner! #proudMayor @epilepsysociety

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