Caroline Lucas is MP for Brighton, Pavilion

What has Caroline Lucas been up to today?

Caroline Lucas is MP for Brighton, Pavilion and a member of the Green Party party.

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We know how to tackle the #climateemergency:

- Street-by-street home insulation programme to slash bills & emissions
- Restore nature & protect carbon sinks
- Keep fossil fuels in the ground

Why won't this Govt get on & do it?

My column for @MetroUK 👇

More broken promises from Ministers when they assured us they wouldn’t lower environmental standards post-Brexit. Scrapping Habitats Directive shows environmental vandalism at heart of this deregulatory Govt - a massive step backwards for nature recovery

Hey @FCDOGovUK, why were MPs not informed of a major policy change - to immediately process high-risk Afghans @BritishCouncil - that was revealed at #DPMQs by a Tory backbencher today??

This is clearly welcome but pls urgently confirm it applies to @CheveningAfghan & GardaWorld

#Cumbriacoalmine fact 3:

The steel industry is rapidly transitioning to fossil-fuel-free green steel - so demand for coking coal is plummeting

This mine will be practically redundant before it even opens

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Well now... probably not what Priti Patel intended.

Our Prime Minister claims to be 'world-beating' - but on emissions reduction, he's climate-cheating

He may use all the language to suggest he's taking action on climate, but there's a yawning gap between words and delivery

Looking for hope in dark times?

Join me, Brazilian Congresswoman @JoeniaWapichana, US Rep @IlhanMN, Canadian MP @MPJulian + movement leaders @DeirdreShelly @fortuashla @FarzanaJhumu @chilledasad100 to find out what next for the #GreenNewDeal

5pm today!

Good to see Lord Deben pan proposals for new Cumbrian coal mine. “Absolutely indefensible,” “80% of the coal produced will be exported; it’s not going to contribute anything to domestic needs - another example of Britain saying one thing & doing another.”

This @theCCCuk report is an utterly damning indictment of Govt climate inaction – in a race against time, we're dawdling in the slow lane

Our PM is criminally negligent, a climate cheat – all talk and no action

You can’t con your way out of a #climateemergency

Today's @theCCCuk report pulls no punches
❌ "major failures in delivery"
❌ "glacial" progress on farming emissions
❌ "shocking gap" on energy efficiency

Far from being world-beating, our PM's not even in the ring

#Cumbriacoalmine fact 2:

Steel experts say this high-sulphur coal has very limited UK use, won't displace a single tonne of Russian imports, & most will be exported abroad

This mine is bad for British business

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A £4 billion subsidy for fracking firms - but record bills, spiralling prices & a cost of living crisis for everyone else

The people don't want it, and we don't need it - so why is the Govt pouring money into it? Utterly scandalous use of public funds

Anglian Water has paid £92 million in profits to shareholders - while Suffolk's beautiful rivers continue to see the dumping of raw sewage

@AdrianRamsay will make a great Suffolk @TheGreenParty MP & force Anglian Water to consign this practice to history

It's 3 years since legislation for #GreenNewDeal took off around the globe!

Delighted to be joining @JoeniaWapichana @MPJulian @IlhanMN + movement leaders from @sunrisemvmt @GNDRising @350_bangladesh with @chilledasad100 to celebrate!

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It’s bad enough that the PM is stuffing the Lords with billionaire Tory donors - worse, those billionaires are funding climate delay

Clearly any climate pledge uttered from PM’s mouth is pure hypocrisy

HoL Commission must investigate this appointment

Govt wins as N Ireland protocol bill passes 2nd reading: 295 MPs happy to trash international law. Now we have to hope unelected House of Lords will do better than the Commons - what an indictment #desperate

Deeply depressing & speaks volumes about this political moment. Fostering imagination & empathy isn’t a luxury - it’s frankly the only hope for peaceful coexistence on our one precious planet (And yes, I did study literature & yes, it did change my life)

Absolute masterclass from Theresa May in demolishing the Government case for trashing international law with its N. Ireland Protocol Bill. Legal test of “necessity” manifestly unmet; stated aims won’t be fulfilled by this Bill; and approach diminishes UK standing in eyes of world

Govt hypocrisy reaches new heights - the agreement they seek to break is exactly the agreement *they* made

And as PM glad-hands #G7 leaders abroad, extolling virtues of rules-based international system, his own Govt is driving coach & horses through rules-based system at home

We are delighted that
@CarolineLucas will be co-hosting our event at Westminster on 5 July 2022.

Please write to your MP and ask them to join:

#MoreThanAScore #Westminster

#Cumbriacoalmine fact 1: West Cumbria Mining offers 500 temporary coal jobs - when a report says we could have 9,000 long-term, high-skilled green local jobs for the future

Ask your MP to sign my EDM saying no to the coal mine 📝:


Tomorrow a Bill proposed by @LSRPlaid and sponsored by @CarolineLucas @clairehanna @MartynDaySNP @Wera_Hobhouse & @DanCardenMP to end the lying in politics will be debated in parliament. Please help ensure as many MPs as possible turn up in support -

Eviscerating from @CarolineLucas: "At the very same time the PM is glad-handing G7 leaders in Bavaria, and extolling the virtues of a rules-based international system, his own Government at home is riding horse and coaches through a rules-based system." #NIProtocolBill

🚨 Every day this week, I'm going to be sharing a fact on why we don't need the #Cumbriacoalmine, & why fossil fuels must stay in the ground

Want to take action? Ask your MP to sign my EDM saying no to the coal mine 📝:

#nonewcoal #keepitintheground

@johnharris1969 @CompassOffice Thank you @johnharris1969 - it’s taken all of us, you @CarolineLucas @labourlewis @LaylaMoran and many others to put pluralist politics in the map. It’s the only way we really rebuild our country

Instead of #G7 agreeing to keep fossil fuels in the ground, we have no fixed date for coal phase-out, hearing rumours of massive gas pipeline subsidies, & possible coal mine in Cumbria

A ‘do as I say, not as I do’ approach to climate simply won’t wash

We’re working towards a #GreenNewDeal that builds an economy that delivers wellbeing for all of us.
Join @chilledasad100 @sunrisemvmt @GNDRising @350_bangladesh @IlhanMN @CarolineLucas @JoeniaWapichana @MPJulian on June 29➡️ #ClimateCrisis #JustTransition

💥From today for 5 days, thousands around the globe are taking action to demand G7 economies cancel all Global South debt.

✅Ending this debt will pave the way for #ClimateJustice and a #JustTransition.

Join Us! Follow #DebtForClimate #DeudaXClima

“Britain’s antiquated political system is never going to solve our problems - it’s a root cause. Time has come for complete rewiring of Britain & for my party to talk openly & seriously with others who feel the same”. Bravo @AndyBurnhamGM⁩ 👏 #Fairvotes

Just putting this here for anyone feeling in need of a new political home following the Lammy interview on #SundayMorning @TheGreenParty

Boris Johnson interview with Mishal Husain turns arrogance and complacency into a new art form - an object lesson in utter self delusion @BBCr4today

Boris Johnson says a “psychological transformation” in his character isn’t going to happen. But character matters. Integrity matters. Honesty matters. His failure to understand that underlines his unfitness for the post. Tory MPs need to grow a spine & force him out @BBCr4today

Priti Patel refusing to give a number for how many trips across the Channel her disgusting #Rwanda refugee policy is meant to prevent

This isn't governance, it's an ugly campaign. Their 'suite' of sinister measures sacrifices basic human rights, and stokes division. Repulsive

Utter humiliation for the Tories in two by-election results last night - compounded by the scathing resignation of a top Cabinet Minister

PM promises he'll "keep going" - but that simply means sinking his own party, and this country, to ever lower depths #resign

#NHS faces a staffing crisis - following years of intense pressure, pay freezes & in-work poverty

Govt *must* give NHS staff a decent pay rise (& embed real Living Wage as a benchmark) to boost retention & recruitment

I've co-sponsored this Motion 👇

Nature connectiveness is vitally important indicator, both of human wellbeing & state of nature - sadly evidence suggests Britain is poor on both. That’s another good argument for increasing access to nature via expanded #RightToRoam ⁦@Right_2Roam⁩

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If Rishi Sunak’s £1.9 billion subsidy for fossil fuels isn’t “technically” a subsidy, does that mean it won’t “technically” produce CO2 emissions…?

It's clear that the work of brave ambulance staff in #Brighton has been nothing short of heroic

However I'm extremely concerned about serious issues raised re management & workplace culture - I’ll be following up with @SECAmbulance management urgently

Migrants such as those who made the trip over on #Windrush 75 years ago make such an enormous contribution to our society – that contribution should be celebrated
Let’s make #WindrushDay a bank holiday @75Windrush

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