Jim Shannon is MP for Strangford

What has Jim Shannon been up to today?

Jim Shannon is MP for Strangford and a member of the Democratic Unionist Party party.

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Delighted to attend the Nature Friendly Farming Network presentation on Rethink Farming Campaign. Encouraged by the interest and support present and to meet Stephen Alexander of Ballyboley Dexters of Donaghadee and Victoria Prentis MP, Minister for Farming Fisheries and Food.

Commemorating on this day the murder of Sir Henry Wilson, MP for North Down, by the IRA outside his London home. Committed unionist, committed to the British Empire. He had a highly distinguished military career, a proud son of Ulster. Lest We forget.

Introducing Attlee. A bold little kitten who's brought much joy to my office and team. He brings a smile to the faces of everyone he comes into contact with on the Parliamentary estate. Of course I'll always miss Patrick, and I'm certain they both would have got along very well.

It is never right to leave a dog alone in a hot car. Dogs warm up very quickly, and take much longer than humans to cool down.

If you see a dog in a hot car please call 999 immediately! 🚗

This #MyelomaAwarenessWeek I’m supporting @MyelomaUK to raise awareness of the most common symptoms of myeloma- fatigue, back pain, broken bones and recurring infections. If something doesn’t feel right visit your GP and don’t miss myeloma https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gcVmTLeWBbY

Motorists are advised that the Newtownards Road, Donaghadee is closed in both directions following a serious road traffic collision. Diversions are in place at the junction with Kylestone Road and the Six Road Ends. Please exercise caution and seek an alternative route.

Excellent meeting this morning with my friend and colleague @DUPpeterweir and visiting US and Canadian students with Tim Campbell from Saint Patrick’s Centre in Downpatrick. Good discussion about their interest in politics from a local and Westminster perspective.

Peter Weir @DUPpeterweir

Good this morning to meet American and Canadian students along with @JimShannonMP

Delighted that my friend Sammy Douglas has been selected to take the seat I had held as @duponline Councillor for Lisnasharragh @belfastcc. A man who's work in and for local communities has never stopped, he will be a hard worker and asset for all in Lisnasharragh. https://twitter.com/BBCJayneMcC/status/1534830243994906626

Jayne McCormack @BBCJayneMcC

Former DUP MLA Sammy Douglas has returned to frontline politics after five years away - he's been co-opted by the party to sit as a cllr on @belfastcc after @DavidBrooksMLA became East Belfast MLA

A child with malignant cancer in northern Germany 🇩🇪 wants to see a Harley rider pass in front of his house. His parents posted the boy's wishes to 20 Harley riders in their town. On the appointed day, 20,000 Harley riders came to pass by his house 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

Putting people living with #dementia and their #carers high on the agenda gives us hope for a better future! #CarersWeek2022

Being an unpaid carer is demanding work. It impacts on areas of your work, relationships, finances and your own health. To those who spend years in their own lockdown, who get on daily caring for those who can't manage without them, who feel invisible. We see you and we care.

Richard Meade @richardmeade13

Great to see @JimShannonMP at our @carersweek drop in event and talk about carers and NI and the need for adult social care reform to address the needs of carers. #carersweek

Celebrating HM Queen Elizabeth II today as the example of selfless duty, unparalleled service, noted wit, unstinting kindness & humble grace that we all should strive to emulate. However you celebrate today, may we thank God for our Queen. Long to reign over us! 🇬🇧

'I think we want to make sure that those people have that opportunity and have that reassurance, that no matter what happens they will still see justice for their relatives’

Jim Shannon MP from the DUP discusses the Northern Ireland Troubles Bill passing its second reading.

To all those hidden unpaid carers in the community who look after those who could not manage without them - know that you are exceptional people for what you do. I will be supporting Carers Week 6th - 12th June 2022.

Is your organisation committed to make caring Visible, Valued and Supported for #CarersWeek and beyond?

Pledge your support on our website now: http://www.carersweek.org/pledge-your-support

For all the grief that we have got since 2017, a little reminder of the alternative UK Government Home Secretary we would have, alongside Corbyn and McDonnell, had we not agreed a Confidence and Supply arrangement https://twitter.com/HackneyAbbott/status/1529155632284188674

Diane Abbott MP @HackneyAbbott

With two heroines of the democratic struggle in the North of Ireland

We are grateful that our work for people with kidney disease, including our costs of living campaign was recognised by the speakers and our Policy Director @FionaCLoud was able to thank them in person @JimShannonMP @GillianKeegan @FeryalClark & @KennyMacAskill

This was the alliance position the last time the assembly was collapsed by SF and when the DUP attempted to restart things it was labelled "a stunt".

No calls of SF being shameful. No demands they have their salaries stopped.

In the UK, the percentage of #dialysis patients receiving home therapies has increased from 3.4% in 2011 to only 7% in 2022. I will call on @NHSuk + @DHSCgovuk to ensure the target of 20% of patients dialysing at home is not missed, and patients get equal choice about their care.

Today I will attend a debate on #dialysis care, after @QuantaDT found 34% of patients haven't been offered the option of #homedialysis, despite physical and #mentalhealth benefits. I believe all patients deserve equal access to dialyse the way they choose if clinically suitable.

Yesterday I chaired a meeting of all UK agri environment Ministers Followed up constituency cases, met the Prime Minister, met constituents again, finished after 10
Today I am meeting senior civil servants and continue to do DAERA work
Those not working should examine themselves

DUP MLA @dianejforsythe has opened up on the "disgusting attack" she endured in the build-up to the election as she now bids to shine a light on the "deficiency" in laws over online abuse
✍️ @AllisonMorris1 https://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/news/northern-ireland/dup-mla-diane-forsythe-vows-to-be-a-voice-for-other-victims-of-online-abuse-at-stormont-by-shining-light-on-deficiency-in-the-law-41637172.html

So pleased to have welcomed @JimShannonMP, Usmam Jaffer, Consultant Vascular Surgeon at Imperial College NHS Trust, @VirendraSharma MP, @DuyguYenidogan our chairperson, and Les Ruffell our Patient Affairs Officer

Warsaw. What an amazing day. We will write more about why it was a special Monday later. But for now we want to thank our dear friend @EwelinaUO who leads a delegation of British MPs. Thank you Dr. Lisa Cameron, @BrendanOHaraMP and @JimShannonMP for visiting us.

This week is @CoeliacUK awareness week. 1 in 100 people in the UK have coeliac disease, but two thirds of those remain undiagnosed. As the DUP spokesperson for health I want to #ShineALightOnCoeliac challenge and help raise awareness of coeliac disease and its symptoms.

We will not nominate Ministers until there is decisive action taken by the U.K. Government on the Protocol. That was our position before the election campaign, during the election and it remains today.

Tomorrow as Northern Ireland votes in the Assembly election please vote for pro-life candidates. I will be voting pro-life because I want my daughters to live in a place that values and enables women to do life with their babies. I want the place we live in to empower women

Naomi Long asked what the DUP delivered with 10 MPs - £400m for infrastructure, £300m for health (£200m transformation, £50m mental health, £50m immediate pressures) £150m ultra-fast broadband, £50m education, £100m deprivation.

£1bn more for NI than any other party.

Tomorrow, you have a choice between the DUP’s policy plan to ease cost of living pressures or SF’s plan for a divisive border poll.
Your vote will decide which plan Stormont adopts.

Sinn Féin’s border poll agenda has been submarine like throughout this campaign. After pretending it isn’t their priority, they clearly commit to it front and centre in their manifesto. Expect it to come fully to the surface post election on the back of any SF mandate

#PrinceWilliam has attended a service commemorating #AnzacDay in #London. 🇳🇿🇦🇺

The #DukeofCambridge laid a wreath at the #Cenotaph, ahead of a thanksgiving service at Westminster Abbey.

Read more here 👇

On ANZAC Day we honour the brave Australians who served and died for our nation. We recall their deeds, we acknowledge their sacrifice, and we recognise the strength and resilience of their character and values. Lest we forget. https://fb.watch/cBIfFHtUjo/

1.Retweet please:
We have formally sent emails to all political party leaders. Email shown in below image.
This is to gain complete clarity on who actually will ACT on behalf of
#JusticeforNoahDonohoe and

This week I attended @DiabetesUK event to find out more about the challenges facing the 1 in 14 people in the UK living with diabetes. The 4.9 million people living with diabetes in the UK need a fully funded recovery plan for routine care #DiabetesIsSerious @DiabetesUK

One of my greatest achievements in the Assembly is the Child Protection Disclosure Scheme whereby a parent or guardian can ask for information about a person who is acting suspiciously around their children. It’s vitally important that all parents know that this scheme exists.

Happy to sign the pledge, as Education Minister I provided specific covid recovery money to tackle the impact on mental health during the pandemic. I launched & funded the Emotional Health and Well-being Strategy for young people, with an annual ongoing budget of £6.5 million.

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