Carla Lockhart is MP for Upper Bann

What has Carla Lockhart been up to today?

Carla Lockhart is MP for Upper Bann and a member of the Democratic Unionist Party party.

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24 hours after going public with my campaign,the announcement of mileage increase above 3500 miles is a small step forward, but healthcare workers are still being shortchanged.Must be looked at again,and clarity given on timescale for new rate being reimbursed must be given.

In conversation with @carlalockhart MP 🙌

#iwill ambassador Tim sat down with his local MP Carla Lockhart to discuss the #PowerOfYouth, particularly how volunteering from a young age can benefit young people and society in the long-run 👊

Watch it here 👉

Peace activist Rev Chris Hudson and former director of the Northern Ireland Civil Service Dr William Beattie Smith both add to claims thst Irish Foreign Minister @simoncoveney is one of the reasons the Irish government currently has terrible relations with Unionists

Fantastic to see the @rafredarrows do a fly over Banbridge for #ArmedForcesDay. Great credit to the organisers for all the effort in making this happen. Our armed forces deserve the most recognition for the part they have, and do play, in keeping us safe.

Best seats in the house: What today’s flypast at #Banbridge in Northern Ireland looked like from @RAFRed10’s jet. Our flying photographer, SAC Abigail Drewett, and Red 10, Squadron Leader Graeme Muscat, combine their skills and talents to get brilliant aerial imagery.

The #RedArrows were honoured to perform a flypast to mark #ArmedForcesDay as part of an event at Banbridge in Northern Ireland this afternoon. Image by Circus 10, SAC Abigail Drewett, flying with @RAFRed10. #AFDNI2022

Nothing at all to say on this being sung at this event. Let’s hear some condemnation of it. Do you condemn the singing of pro IRA songs at the event?

Will you meet with victims of IRA violence?

Where are the Scottish media on this?

The BBC?


martin compston @martin_compston


The most telling thing to emerge from the Martin Compston video is the silence from those in positions of power who were faster than Usain Bolt out the blocks to give their tuppence worth when the fake video involving Rangers players emerged.

The murders of these two community police officers
in cold blood was horrendous . These families don’t get headlines like some selective campaigns for justice. There are likely people in Sinn Fein who know who carried out this atrocity. #TimeForTruth

Today is World Elder Abuse Awareness Day. Did you know 2.7 million older people are affected by it in the U.K. We are supporting Hourglass the only UK charity dedicated to ending abuse and promoting safer ageing for all.

You can read more : #WEAAD2022

The speed and aggressive reaction of the European Union to the “threat” of British sausages or flower seeds entering Northern Ireland stands in stark contrast with their cowering to Putin on Ukraine.

Despite the best efforts of Nationalism/Republicanism&their Alliance Party friends to stop any changes to the Protocol, today is recognition that our voice is being heard. We will take time to consider it in detail. It must now become law, or in reality, it is worthless!

I have been liaising with the police on the evacuation of Dickson Primary School this morning.

Outrageous that the children’s school day is disrupted by this nonsense.

Thank you to the Police,Principal and staff for their control of it and @Glenavon_FC for accommodating them.

You know how Sinn Féin like to highlight how parties vote on motions they’ve put forward?

Well, today their MEP (along with the usual suspects) voted against supporting Ukraine’s accession to the EU.

They’re no friend to Europe and certainly no friend to Ukraine.


Staggering to support a man who committed such awful atrocities. The name was Yvonne Dunlop. McElwee murdered a young woman in Ballymena in front of her 9 year old son. She was burnt alive. This savagery is what Sinn Fein still laud. He chose to die. Yvonne Dunlop did not.

Francie Molloy MP @FrancieMolloy

Thomas McElwee joined the Hunger Strike 41 years ago today. He was only 23. RIP

Huge thanks to @carlalockhart for supporting @homestartuk & @JohnLewisRetail panel on #sharingthejuggle - do we need a radical rethink of how society and business support parents?' Your support is greatly appreciated. #BecauseChildhoodCantWait

The M1 is currently closed westbound at junction 13 at Loughgall due to an overturned lorry. Diversions are in place and motorists are advised to seek an alternative route for their journey if possible.


Life as we know it would have been so different had it not been for those who fought for our freedoms in both World Wars.

It laid the foundations for the Allied victory which culminated on VE Day.

#DDay78 #LWF

This matter should never have been brought before the Council chamber, and why? Because it should have been dealt with by the Club, it is absolutely appalling that no apology or acknowledgement of wrong was done by a Club with members who openly and .....

If you're in central London during the Platinum Jubilee festivities, you'll see the Palace of Westminster lit up in red, white and blue 🇬🇧

We're illuminated in the colours of the Union Flag to celebrate the 70th year of The Queen's reign.
#PlatinumJubilee #HM70

Earlier with @carlalockhart I had the humbling experience of spending time in the company of Adam Watson in Banbridge. Adam is 9 and has leukaemia. His courage and humour are inspiring. He has created a charity to support others. Let’s support him

What an historic milestone for Her Majesty, The Queen. She is already the longest serving monarch in our nations history and the 1st to celebrate a #PlatinumJubilee An example of graceful dignity, and ever present beacon of light and service in our lives. #GodSavetheQueen

Today marks 100 years since the formation of the Royal Ulster Constabulary. We are forever thankful for them. 302 officers lost their lives. Many had life changing injuries. Husbands, wives and children also carried the burden of their loved ones service. #RUCGC

It was great to welcome @carlalockhart to our build site Banbridge, where our first recycled aggregate trial in Northern Ireland is underway.

We’re expanding our network in the local area to bring our gigabit broadband service to tens of thousands more homes.

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Reprehensible and devoid of humour. Would this cartoonist mock Arabs, Ukrainians, Israelis in the same way? Of course in a united Ireland we are told this mindset would change and the 12th of July would be able to take place in Dublin. Unionists are not going to fall for it!

John Manley - Irish News Pol Corr @politicsIN

Via @ianknoxcartoon @irish_news

This type of caricature would cause outrage if it were targetted at any other community.

We can all clearly see through the anti-Unionist hatred and bias in much of our local media, even when they try spin it off as comedy.

John Manley - Irish News Pol Corr @politicsIN

Via @ianknoxcartoon @irish_news

The leader of the United States delegation, Congressman Richard Neal who will be coming to lecture us about our sovereignty.

Their opinion on the Protocol should be taken with a lot more than just a pinch of salt👇🏻

DUP: The secretary of state’s move on abortion is a bad day for Northern Ireland | Belfast News Letter

After the week they have had this was a mighty effort. What a performance. Well done to the famous Glasgow Rangers, Scottish Cup Winners 2022 ⚽️ 🏆 #ScottishCupFinal #WATP

It would appear that the intensity of calls to unilaterally rewrite Stormont’s rules to allow the Assembly and Executive to function without crosscommunity support is of a different order of magnitude in the last 2 weeks than it was for the 3 years SF prevented Stormont working.

Delighted to welcome Harry and Wilson to Westminster to celebrate the 10th year of the McDonald’s Progressive Young Farmer programme, which makes sure the next generation are prepared to succeed in the world of food and farming. #ProgressiveYoungFarmer

Best wishes to @RangersFC and their supporters this evening in the Europa League Final. Tens of thousands have travelled to Spain. No doubt all will be cheering a British win. Regardless of the outcome it has been a fantastic achievement 💙 #UELfinal #MakeUsDream #WATP

Rangers Football Club @RangersFC

🆚 @Eintracht
🏆 @EuropaLeague #UEL
🏟️ Ramon Sanchez-Pizjuan
⏰ 20:00 (UK)

Make Us Dream. Come on #RangersFC 💙

Welcome steps proposed by the Foreign Secretary. We now need to see action. We have heard promises before. The GB market is by far the most important market for NI business.

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