Tom Hunt is MP for Ipswich

What has Tom Hunt been up to today?

Tom Hunt is MP for Ipswich and a member of the Conservative party.

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Enjoyed meeting MP @tomhunt1988 this morning in the parliament, nice surprise to bump into @gregsmith_uk, co-chair of APPG for Motorsport, outside Westminster ahead of the @SMMT automotive summit. Automotive industry is a vibrant sector in Morocco 🇲🇦

Today I caught up with @tomhunt1988 and #Ipswich FSB members, @wiroagency, @wearemeasured, Cookie Barista, Ipswich Bridal Wear, & @Markfizzwig to talk about issues affecting #SmallBusinesses and ideas for strengthening support. Thanks to @masterlord_esta for refreshments! 😀

Great that @kitmalthouse was in Ipswich today with @tomhunt1988 & @TimSPCC and was able to stop by our @suffolkcc Local Matters - We Are Listening event in Ipswich @RichardRout @PaulWestBixley @cllrsammurray @lizharsant @confidencenac along with Debbie, David & Nathan

A real buzz in town today at our Local Matters - We Are Listening event, which included a visit from Ipswich MP @tomhunt1988 and Minister for Policing @kitmalthouse.

Thank you all who attended our event - we had a fantastic morning chatting with you all!

'They've been determined to go down this route for a long time. This is about their own political agenda.'

Conservative MP Tom Hunt attacks the 'radical' RMT union for their demands as the rail strike continues.

🖥 GB News on YouTube

Are you a long-standing National Trust supporter irritated by the organisation's increasing social activism, childish exhibits and failure to listen to its members and volunteers?
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"He's been playing real-life Twister... with one foot in the RMT camp, the other goodness knows where"

Transport Secretary Grant Shapps accuses Labour leader Keir Starmer of not setting out his position on next week's UK-wide rail strikes

A huge thank you to all supporters, campaigners & colleagues for supporting my Dyslexia Screening and Teacher Training Bill

Together, we have the chance to help every child with dyslexia deal with the challenges and make the most of the advantages that dyslexia brings us

1/1Telling that many of the most vocal critics of the Rwanda policy are members of elite society who have never had to live with the consequences of uncontrolled illegal immigration. The issue that the Rwanda policy is designed to tackle.

Just heard that apparently “Mr Rules” is currently under formal investigation by both the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards and the Police. Who would have thought.

I keep reading the argument that "safe and legal routes" will stop the Channel crossings. But unless we offer a safe and legal route to everybody prepared to make the journey, it quite obviously won't stop the crossings.

Shopkeepers and residents were asked for their views during a fact-finding walkabout aimed at tackling anti-social behaviour and criminal activity in Ipswich town centre.

Lab would almost certainly have stayed in the EU vaccines programme and locked down harder and for much longer.
The first of these would have meant more UK covid deaths, the second would have meant greater economic damage and a slower bounce-back.

Andrew Lilico @andrew_lilico

This is Labour. This is how wrong they'd be & what they would do to your lives if you gave them the power to do it.

Good meetings for ⁦@DeborahWeston⁩ & @fionajmoss on behalf of RE pol unit ⁦@RECouncil⁩ ⁦@RE_Today⁩ ⁦@NATREupdate⁩ to get MPs & members of Ed select com to work for Good RE for all pupils. Thanks ⁦@ApsanaBegumMP⁩ ⁦@tomhunt1988⁩ @martinvickers

Delighted to attend the AGM for the APPG for Dyslexia today

Really important work to be done to help every dyslexic person unleash their potential, including on:

👉Teacher training
👉Governor accountability in prisons

1/1The Prime Minister was elected with a significant democratic mandate. Since then, a lot has happened. Many of the big calls the PM has got right. Broke the Brexit impasse, behind one of the worlds most successful vaccine roll outs, 1st class leadership on Ukraine.

“I have been humbled and deeply touched that so many people have taken to the streets to celebrate my Platinum Jubilee.”

As the #PlatinumJubilee weekend draws to a close, Her Majesty has sent a thank you message to all those who have marked her 70 years as Queen.

RIP Mike. It was a pleasure to serve with him for as a councillor for a short time. His passion and knowledge of Ely was second to none.

A Year 6 pupil from Ranelagh Primary School in Ipswich will have her design sent to the Queen after winning MP Tom Hunt's Platinum Jubilee card competition.

Last week on the Education Select Committee we published our report on prison education, entitled: “Not just another brick in the wall: why prisoners need an education to climb the ladder of opportunity”.

Can't believe my 👀 @UKLabour have just said that the rights of terrorists equal the rights of victims.

Whose side are Sir @Keir_Starmer & Labour MPs on?

Conservatives @Conservatives

Wait, what did Labour say?

Wonderful to hear from the incredibly articulate @CubittTownPri pupils about how a focus on oracy in school has helped their learning & social skills since lockdown. Every child should have this opportunity! @EmmaHardyMP @tomhunt1988 @LordJimKnight @KateGreenSU @rach_hopkins

Having an amazing time with Westminster with @tomhunt1988 here
asking a question and mentioning the college I used to work at @suffolknewcoll

Ipswich MP @tomhunt1988 when assurances that FE will be a focus in SEND reforms. Skills minister @alexburghart says he's working with stakeholders to get it right.

Tom Hunt recently visited an Ipswich primary school to discuss supporting children with dyslexia.

We are publishing our report on prison education on Wednesday 18 May.

You can read more our website:

Read the evidence received for our #PrisonEducationInquiry:

The reality is Keir was happy to pose as Jeremy Corbyn's friend, happy to serve under him, campaign for him, and endorse major parts of his agenda. So long as it was politically useful. Then when it wasn't, he stopped. Which is fine. But not an example of honour or integrity.

We are campaigning for better funding of SEND in schools with a visit from @tomhunt1988 MP
Our Year 4 children asked questions on how to improve local issues such as litter, cycle lanes and empty shops 🗑 🚲

Please, can all those who question whether the U.K. is doing the right thing in supporting the Ukrainians in their struggle against Putin's killers of unarmed pensioners, please watch the BBC report in this link.

As violent crime soars in London, the man responsible for policing is over 5,000 miles away in LA, arguing for cannabis legalisation.

Parents try their hardest to keep kids away from drugs. @SadiqKhan's plans would make their jobs impossible.

Londoners deserve better.

What do you think of @nationaltrust's recent introduction of gender-neutral loos at some sites, without convenient access to male- and female-only loos?
As one put it, "I had to stand outside the door for my teenage niece, as she was extremely uncomfortable"
Please retweet!

The Public Order Bill tackles the rise in dangerous, self-defeating guerrilla protest tactics that disrupt the hard-working majority from going about their days, getting to work & even hospital.

It backs police to take proactive action & prevent such disruption from happening 👇🏽

Today, Nathan & Jessica from the Softward team were delighted to attend the launch of @GoogleUK #DigitalGarage training tour with the Chancellor, @RishiSunak, @tomhunt1988 and @levirootsmusic

Ipswich MP Tom Hunt took Chancellor Rishi Sunak to the Microshops centre in Carr Street to see how the new retail market is attracting people to the town centre.

A shopkeeper in the Saints said he thanked the chancellor for keeping his whole street in business throughout the pandemic.

🥰being part of @Google launch event #Ipswich for #SMEs. Inspired by Levis Roots & @drumsandflats, with @tomhunt1988 and @RishiSunak showing their support. Big announcement too - @Google digital scholarship launching June for FSB members 👇 #SmallBusiness

Fantastic to meet inspirational SME founders in #Ipswich today with @RishiSunak & @tomhunt1988. We talked about the challenges they face and the Govt support on offer.

Small & medium sized businesses are at the heart of our economy - creating jobs and prosperity across the UK.

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