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Rebecca Harris is MP for Castle Point and a member of the Conservative party.

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The NI Protocol is undermining the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. The EU are unwilling to change the Protocol, therefore we must act.

Read my @FT piece on how our legislation will fix the practical problems the Protocol is causing👇

I am delighted that @nadhimzahawi has announced today what is significant support for music in schools. If we could all join forces to get music back into our schools again, it will be something that will only enrich our nation. - ALW

The global challenges we face demand stronger R+D 🌍collaboration.

That’s why I’ve been making clear at @G7 @EUREKA_NETWORK @HorizonEU:

✔️UK🇬🇧commitment to global Science🔬

✔️UK🇬🇧continuing ask to join Horizon🇪🇺

🌍If we continue to be blocked we will launch a Global PlanB👇

BBC Look East @BBCLookEast

Brexit: Government plans £15bn science fund amid EU-UK science row

As many people know, I moved to this country aged 11, unable to speak a word of English.

Some of my first school experiences involved being called a ‘p*ki’ and even having my head dunked in a pond by bigger kids as entertainment.
It’s time to talk about bullying.


Our fury friends are helping us reach out for more Befriending Volunteers to join our amazing team
Could that be you?
Tel: 01268 214000
#Loyalty #friendship #love #volunteering @CPBC @andrewsheldon @RebeccaHarrisMP

Thank you to @RebeccaHarrisMP for supporting our recent Volunteer summer garden party. We need more Befriending Volunteers to join our team and be part of something truly special! Tel: 01268 214 000 or email: #volunteers #community #befriending #CAVS

Delighted to announce we're tripling the number of Chevening scholarships for Ukrainian students this year!

Up to 68 of the brightest young people from Ukraine will undertake Masters' degrees at top 🇬🇧universities, gaining expertise to lead better future for Ukraine 🇺🇦.

Born in Afghanistan & raised in former Soviet Union (modern-day Ukraine), I have lived through war & extreme poverty. It wasn't until I arrived in the UK that I found myself thriving in an open & tolerant society, receiving countless opportunities I would never have had otherwise

A series of bad calls, and backing the strikers over the strivers this week shows that Starmer is definitely not on your side.

✍️ My piece in todays ⁦@TheSunOnSunday⁩


It’s a 10 from Len for our #PensionCredit day of action

On average #PensionCredit could get a pensioner household £3,300 a year in extra support

If you, a family member or a friend are eligible for #PensionCredit, don't be shy, please apply


Thank you to all our fantastic volunteers who work so tirelessly to help others across our local communities.
We are looking for more people to join our Befriending Service. Could that be you?
Tel: 01268 214000 @RebeccaHarrisMP

Please retweet, pavements are a lot hotter than the air temperature🔥⚠️
Hold the back of you hand on the concrete or asphalt for 7 seconds, better still only walk your dog before 8am and after 8pm.
#cats #dogs

Good to be in Scotland today visiting @SLCComms
Together, we are designing and delivering a radical new student loan system to help people upskill, retrain and reskill throughout their lifetime.


Britain’s Centrica has signed a major deal with Norway’s Equinor, boosting UK supply for the next 3 winters.

With ongoing uncertainty in Europe, securing extra supply is welcome as we maximise gas production in British waters and accelerate nuclear and renewables.

The Remainer cultural elites cling to a European ideal that exists only for a privileged few. One of care-free travel and cheap studios in bohemian neighbourhoods. All the austerity and anti-democracy has apparently passed them by, writes @jjcharlesworth_

Please retweet, this poor dog was found abandoned this week after having puppies, suffering from severe neglect and starving.

She and her daughter were stolen a year ago.
They have been bred and dumped.

Don't buy puppies or kittens online - RESCUE, ADOPT, FOSTER ✅


What a way to celebrate our graduation from the Behaviour Hub
as we welcomed @WalkerWorcester @RebeccaHarrisMP @EdDevTrust to see the progress we have made as part of the programme. It was an honour to be selected and showcase our amazing school and students.

I had the pleasure of heading down to @CorVermuyden to see the benefits of working with one of our behaviour hubs. They are one of the first schools to graduate from the programme and it was fantastic to see the impact it’s had and the hard work of their staff & SLT paying off

Cross-examination in a live trial can reawaken trauma for rape victims – that’s why we’re extending special measures to allow them to pre-record their evidence.

The scheme, already running in 26 Crown Courts, is being rolled out in 11 more ⬇️

@RebeccaHarrisMP @BorisJohnson @CPCA01268792992 I am so angry about tonight's vote. How dare they get to decide if the PM that I voted for gets to keep his job. That decision should only be down to those who put him there. If they vote him out thats me and Tories finished.

78 years ago today, a Canadian solider named Lt. James Doohan led a company of Canadian infantrymen ashore on D-Day.

He led them through enemy landmines, survived being shot six times, and went on to become a pilot.

He later became Scottie on Star Trek.

I want NHS patients to be the first to access the most promising treatments.

The launch of the Innovative Medicines Fund delivers another manifesto commitment and will fast track cutting-edge medicines to give patients hope for a better future.

He’s got it right on vaccines, on getting us out of lockdowns and on supporting the Ukraine. No one is infallible but I will support the PM as he has supported me and my constituency when needed. 2/2

One of the questions I get asked most as Education Secretary is “What does ‘TL’ stand for?” 🤔💭

It stands for T Levels, and as Education Secretary, I will make them as famous as A levels.

🎥 | Behind the Badge (ft. @KayBurley and @NickFerrariLBC)

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky made an unannounced visit to the frontline in Zaporizhzhia today, per his office and Telegram channel. He’s been getting out of Kyiv more recently. 📸 @APUkraine and Zelensky Telegram

In the 100 days since Putin’s barbaric invasion, Ukrainians have fought back with supreme courage and dignity.

Our support for Ukraine will never waver until Ukrainians enjoy the peace and freedom that their heroism deserves.

We don't make anything anymore? With an annual output of £183 billion, the UK is the 9th largest manufacturer in the world. Please follow our friends @FactoryNOW_,@swarfguru and @mtdmfg for POSITIVE British manufacturing news! #UKmfg🇬🇧

The Attorney General hosted a visit of the Ukrainian Prosecutor General @VenediktovaIV last week to continue discussions between the UK and Ukraine to help ensure Russia is held to account for its actions.
We #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦🇬🇧

With the cost of petrol reaching record highs, see our seven ways to guzzle less gas.

Think of your brake as a money burner, your accelerator as a money pump 🚘

PUPDATE! Enter your four legged friend in CAVS Pawtriotic Portraits. Our furry companions are getting ready for the #PlatinumJubilee #celebrations! You've got to be in to win! @RebeccaHarrisMP @CPRCCG @CastlePointBC @GraemeDogfather @andrewsheldon @CanveyIsIand @HCRotary

Combined with the plans we’ve already announced, we are supporting families with the cost of living to the tune of £37 billion or 1.5% of GDP.

That’s higher than countries like France, Germany, and Italy.

Search all the support:

Low-income pensioners with a disability will get £400 off their energy bill, a £650 payment for means-tested benefit recipients, a £150 payment for disability benefit recipients, a £300 top-up to their winter fuel payment, and a £150 council tax rebate. That’s £1,650 in total.

This Government is taking the steps necessary to tackle the cost of living and help people get on whilst the global economy is unsettled.
Targeted, temporary energy levy ensures companies can continue to invest, whilst we support those who need it👇

Do you have exceptional customer service skills?

You could have what it takes to become a Business Services Assistant.

Sign up to the open event on 8 June at Great Dunmow Police Station. Time slots are available between 3pm & 5.30pm.

Find out more:

We're taking the bold steps necessary to tackle the cost of living, and help people get on whilst the global economy is unsettled.

Our targeted, temporary energy levy ensures companies can continue to 𝐢𝐧𝐯𝐞𝐬𝐭, whilst we support those who need it👇

The Attorney and Solicitor General were honoured to meet @VenediktovaIV in London today to continue discussions between the UK and Ukraine to help ensure Russia is held to account for its actions.

We #StandWithUkraine 🇺🇦🇬🇧

Rishi Sunak MP announces households who receive the winter fuel payment will get an extra one-off pensioner payment of £300 and there will also be a one-off disability payment of £150.

Sunak continues saying many of these people will also receive £650.

Global factors, like Russia’s illegal war in Ukraine, are causing energy prices to spike.

Chancellor @RishiSunak explains how the measures we introduced today will support families with these rising costs.

Alongside the action we’ve already taken this year today's measures will ensure:

The vast majority of households receive £550.

Pensioners receive £850.

And almost all of the eight million most vulnerable households will receive support of at least £1,200.

Watch 👇

Spiking is a sick, predatory act that needs stamping out. I am the first education minister to launch a working group to tackle this issue by bringing together the police, victims, vice-chancellors and campaigners in the first ever group of this kind.

👉🏻The Unit for Future Skills is LIVE

Our aim is to show outcomes for courses & apprenticeships in England - and help learners choose a route that’s right for them

Access our dashboards here

More updates coming soon

@educationgovuk #unitforfutureskills

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