Marco Longhi is MP for Dudley North

What has Marco Longhi been up to today?

Marco Longhi is MP for Dudley North and a member of the Conservative party.

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New: Our plan to unlock export markets worth £20bn+ by resolving a hit list of ~100 priority trade barriers 🚧

It will:
🇬🇧 allow UK exports to reach hundreds of millions of new customers
💷 create opportunities across sectors
🔧 support UK jobs


Northern Ireland businesses and communities are facing problems on the ground because of the Protocol.

Our solution to fix these issues and protect the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement:

NI Protocol Bill returns for 2nd reading today.

It will fix problems the Protocol has created in Northern Ireland & uphold the Belfast (Good Friday) Agreement. Our preference remains a negotiated outcome, but EU continues to rule out change to Protocol👇

South African artist William Kentridge has said we should bury statues of figures including Winston Churchill so we may “look down upon them”.

Conservative MP Marco Longhi: "This is so typical of this liberal elite."

@iromg | @marcolonghi4dn


The Labour leader just told the PM that a Tory MP called him the “Conservative Corbyn”.
Wait till he finds out about this guy called Keir Starmer who said: “I’m 100 per cent behind Jeremy Corbyn. I am working with Jeremy Corbyn to try to win the next general election”

The mask is slipping, everyday a bit more 👇

Top Keir Starmer ally privately admits a Labour government would try to undo Brexit.

"The Eu have refused to change the Protocol, which has caused these problems on trade, on tax and more broadly in Northern Ireland."

@trussliz explains the urgent need for The Northern Ireland Protocol Bill.

Sad little prof who thinks he’s right because he has 68k followers runs away from debate because I call him out for lying. #pathetic He should stick to fishing. @D__Blanchflower

To help British businesses to flourish and grow, and help people to beat the cost of living crisis through high wage jobs. I am rocket-boosting Degree Apprenticeships with £8m extra funding - producing work ready grads that can earn while they learn.

I welcome the court’s decision in our favour and will now continue to deliver on progressing our world-leading Migration Partnership.

People will continue to try and prevent their relocation through legal challenges and last-minute claims but we will not be deterred…1/3

No. Europe is fit, it’s the EU that isn’t, and nor is it fit the world of today - never mind tomorrow.
The citizens of the U.K. have been long asking for reform, but you sent former PM Cameron packing. Regrets? I’m guessing your folly won’t allow them.

Guy Verhofstadt @guyverhofstadt

Europe is not fit for the world of tomorrow.

Only a European Union without veto’s can survive !

Let’s change the treaties and reform the EU as citizens want.🇪🇺

The PM now has a renewed mandate to deliver. This is what voters also want.
So I look forward to a Global Britain generating more jobs, more secure jobs that are based on skills for the future, and growth from lower taxes and affordable energy policies.

The person Starmer doesn’t want to face at an election is Boris Johnson who secured the biggest Conservative majority since 1987 and the highest share of the vote (43.6 per cent) of any party since 1979, with 14 million votes. Time to get back to the job of governing.

Never mind the nonsense we like to indulge in, let’s get Global Britain going❗️



Our PM a delivered Brexit and we are going to make it better.
Our PM cared for the country against Covid and we are ALL better for it.
Our PM is leading the Western Hemisphere against Russian aggression in Ukraine.
Our PM has my unstinting support.
Rejoiners: GET. OVER. IT.

Had a great morning celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee at a garden party organised by @marcolonghi4dn and his team 🌟

#HM70 #JubileeWeekend #platinumjubilee

I want to see the Black Country Flag and 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 flying together with 🇬🇧 to get our British products and services in 🇧🇷 and across 🗺

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