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Joy Morrissey is MP for Beaconsfield and a member of the Conservative party.

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The Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Act has come into force this week, meaning tougher sentences for the worst offenders and new powers to allow police to stop our road networks being shut down by militant activists. 🚔🧑‍⚖️⚖️

Summer Reading Challenge 2022 starts Saturday 9th July!📖

Organised by @readingagency, the UK’s biggest free reading for pleasure programme wants to unlock the power of reading.

I want to encourage as many children as possible to take up the challenge.

Starmer, 2020: “Jeremy Corbyn made our party the party of anti-austerity and he was right to do so. He made us the party that wanted to invest more heavily in our public services and was right to do so. We must retain that. We build on that and don’t trash it as we move forward”

Keir: “People sort of drag out something that you said 40 years ago and say ‘Well, you’ve changed your mind about that.’”. No, they’re dragging out things you said 18 months ago…

I’m terribly saddened to hear that Dame Deborah James has died. What an inspiration she was to so many.

The awareness she brought to bowel cancer and the research her campaigning has funded will be her enduring legacy.

Because of her, many many lives will be saved.

Pleased to join @ourmotorsportuk at the start of British #GrandPrix 🏁 week to hear about their use of hybrid technology to take #Motorsport into the future and reduce fossil fuels.🌍

Find out more about the event and their Sustainability Strategy here:

Wonderful to meet with @JamesDalyMP and representatives from @BuryPeopleFirst to talk about a #CommunicationRightsCharter for people with learning disabilities and autism.


Absolutely devastated at the news, over the weekend, that a young boy has drowned while swimming in the Jubilee River. With the summer holidays fast approaching, please make sure everyone, and particularly children, are aware of the risks.

I shall never stop fighting. I mean this country to survive, to prosper and to be free... I haven't fought the destructive forces of socialism for more than twenty years in order to stop now, when the critical phase of the struggle is upon us.

Women cannot be born with a penis, Boris Johnson said as he backed the decision to ban transgender women from competing in women’s swimming.

All children should have the opportunity to enjoy music and sports at school ⚽🏸🎻🎤

We're helping more schools like @ThealeGreen to provide an enriching curriculum that inspires young people to be active and love music 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽

So, it turns out Durham Police, far from not doing retrospective fines, have issued 100 of them

No wonder @Keir_Starmer took so long over his questionnaire & took expert legal advice about completing it

#Beergate #Starmer

Boris Johnson: Women cannot be born with a penis

Boris Johnson 'right person' to lead Tories into next general election, says cabinet minister Brandon Lewis

✍️ "In Britain, security in these basic rights remains just about sound. But any sense that living in “the West” offers any guarantee of them died last Friday " | Writes @realzoestrimpel

Sad to see @OliverDowden one of our Party Co-Chairmen stand down.

As the PM says, he understands his disappointment in the by-election losses.

They don’t tell you much about how GE’s pan out. We lost 15 by-elections between 1979 & 1992 but went on to win in 1983, 1987 & 1992.

In Beaconsfield today holding advice surgeries, meeting constituents, and very pleased to welcome Chief Fire Officer Jason Thelwell alongside newly appointed Chair of the Bucks Fire Authority Simon Rouse. Really important we keep our fire stations in South Buckinghamshire. 🚒👩‍🚒🚨

Wishing everyone a Happy #BrexitDay!

Because of #Brexit we

🇬🇧Delivered the fastest vaccine rollout in Europe
🇬🇧Cut VAT and red tape
🇬🇧Struck 70 new free trade deals
🇬🇧Delivered new freeports
🇬🇧Are taking back control of our borders
🇬🇧Are investing more in public services

This #LearningDisabilityWeek I'm proud to support @BucksLEP, @BucksSkillsHub and @bbfuk who are working hard to help SEND students get into employment.

More information is available at
Find details of the SEND Skills Show at

Wonderful to join Lord & Lady Sheikh, and the Conservative Muslim Forum for an afternoon tea celebrating the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

On #ArmedForcesWeek I am reminded of the amazing men and women I have met over the past year on the Armed Forces Parliamentary Scheme. Our forces deserve our respect and thanks for the incredible and dangerous work they do to keep the UK and the rest of the world safe. 🇬🇧🚢💂‍♀️✈️🇬🇧

As a young woman in Parliament, I receive abuse on almost a daily basis.

The language we use matters

Last week @UKLabour had the opportunity to choose between supporting the British people, and falling in line with their union paymasters. Predictably they chose union barons over hard working people. Today, Labour backed unions walked out of talks, imposing misery on millions.

Thank you my friend President @ZelenskyyUa for hosting me in Ukraine yesterday.

It was incredibly moving to walk the streets of Kyiv with you once more, to pay tribute to your fallen soldiers whose sacrifice, unconquerable courage and bravery we will never forget.

We shall not forget the thousands of men, women and children who are being killed every day in Putin’s war of aggression.

The UK will work tirelessly with our allies to bring enduring peace to the people of Ukraine.

Out in Burnham today meeting constituents, doing a Q&A session on local issues, and delivering surveys to residents. I even managed to make it to the garden centre. Thanks to everyone who took the time talk about GP appointments, school provision, planning and more! 👨‍⚕️👩‍🏫🌺

Great today to meet doctors and staff at Burnham Health Centre. Making sure that people have access to their GP is absolutely essential as we overcome Covid backlogs. I was so pleased to see the team there dedicated to engaging with the issue and now making real progress. 🏥🧑‍⚕️🩺

This week @mencap_charity were in Parliament highlighting the profound and sadly widespread impact of Covid-19 on the mental health and loneliness of people with a learning disability. I'm supporting the 'Listen To Us' campaign so we can combat this problem together. #LDWeek22

It was great to welcome the @NFFNUK to Parliament this week, and hear from farming Minister @VictoriaPrentis on how nature friendly farming works hand in hand with our #FoodStrategy. We can protect our farmers, nature, and agricultural land at the same time.☀️🚜🌾

This week the Government has announced our first ever #FoodStrategy, to tackle global pressures on food supplies. This will allow us to:

🇬🇧 Back British farmers
🚜Boost food production
📈Create jobs
🌽Protect agricultural land

We must fight to #StopLaboursStrikes next week. It is ordinary working people who will have to endure this disruption, while union bosses live out fantasies of the 1970's.

Sign the petition here:

Yesterday marked forty years since the Falkland Islands were liberated by British forces on the 14th June 1982. We commemorate those who made the ultimate sacrifice, ensuring that the Falkland Islands today enjoy freedom, justice, and the rule of law.


Next week @UKLabour is backing a week of rail strikes that will cause misery, disruption, and loss of earnings to millions of people. In a cost of living crisis this blind adherence to ideological dogma shows why Labour can't be trusted on the economy. #sameoldlabour

With young mental health referrals doubling after lockdown, there has never been a more important time for innovations like @HiddenStrength_. Founder Linsey Lunny was in Parliament yesterday to tell us how they will be offering 24/7 support services for children and young people.

After 2 years being crushed by lockdown, yet again students being let down. This time many likely to have their exams disrupted due to rail strikers. @educationgovuk working with local authorities should provide school buses to ensure pupils get to their exams 👉 @thetimes👇

We’re in Wakefield!

Great to be up North today campaigning for @cllrnadeemahmed our by-election candidate, who is working incredibly hard for local residents.

Remember to make your vote count - vote Conservative on the 23rd June 🗳

Now back to London for us…

12 June 1929 | A German Jewish girl, Anne Frank, was born in Frankfurt.

In 1942 on her 13th birthday she received an empty diary. She perished in Bergen-Belsen concentration camp in 1945.

'Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character & goodness.' (A.Frank)

Nobody should be locked out of home ownership because of where they live or when they were born.

Today we've set out our plans to better support more people across the UK to buy a home.

UK Prime Minister @10DowningStreet

Our plan to tackle rising house prices and support more people into home ownership ⬇️

The UK and the US are the greatest of allies and closest of partners.

I look forward to continuing our cooperation on the world’s most important issues.

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