John Penrose is MP for Weston-super-Mare

What has John Penrose been up to today?

John Penrose is MP for Weston-super-Mare and a member of the Conservative party.

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Coffees in UK supermarkets and universities are roasted as far away as Italy and Sweden, then trucked across numerous countries.
Roast first then ship directly - the only way to net zero.@CMAgovUK @CEN_HQ @WeDontHaveTime @WedonthavetimKE @thecarbontrust @JohnPenroseNews @Cop27P

Out canvassing with local Councillors in gloriously-sunny Uphill this morning. Thanks to everyone who spoke to us - and to the top canvass team too!

Our next Prime Minister has the opportunity to raise standards in public life for good. In my 5 point plan with @endcorruptionuk we can strengthen our democracy and enhance our reputation. Will @trussliz & @rishisunak both sign up for real change?

New ECIU analysis: wind power ‘bonus’ could cut bills by

✂️ £25 this winter
✂️ £45 next winter

'Contracts for Difference' wind farms will ⬇️ household bills quicker, starting this Oct.


💬 Comment from @JohnPenroseNews👇🏻

✅Really encouraging development>>>

@JohnPenroseNews offers new PM pragmatic 5 point plan to raise standards in public life to “strengthen UK democracy while enhancing Global Britain’s ability to fight corruption and promote good governance abroad”.

“Without that long-term cure we could be back here in a few months’ time. And again next year. And the year after that too” - wise words by @JohnPenroseNews.

Renewables produce cheap power. The power market is currently wired up so expensive gas sets the price. With £500 PER MONTH bills coming, speeding up market reform so people can pay lower renewable prices is a must. Good intervention from @JohnPenroseNews!

Energy crisis means bills are skyrocketing. The next PM must deliver urgent market reforms (in the same way vaccines were deployed) so cheap green energy savings show up on families' bills. @trussliz & @RishiSunak - will you fast track lower energy bills?

If only you took as much care over your original tweet. I have not joined the board of a USA health care firm; I used to be on the advisory board of a UK think tank, but a) I Ieft last year b) the members aren't bound by what it published c) I oppose a USA health system .....

RS Archer @archer_rs

I felt it was important to retweet this just in case John's phone accidentally deletes all its posts and throws itself into a river.

Could happen.

The Next PM has been handed a plan by @JohnPenroseNews
to bring a rapid end to the energy crisis

‘Lower prices this winter!’ Next PM handed plan to overhaul market and END energy crisis


Showing public we are serious about standards in public life isn’t just a necessary step for all political parties to win back voters’ trust. It’s also opportunity for @trussliz @RishiSunak to show they can reconnect with new voters who supported the party for first time in 2019.

Bernard Cribbins breathed life into the burrow, his voice was the soundtrack to our lives. We love him, and will miss him. Bernard, you will always be part of our Womble family. ❤️- Great Uncle Bulgaria

http://SEEMONSTER.CO.UK is a retired rig from the North Sea, being transformed into one of the UK’s largest public art installations to inspire global conversations about a sustainable future. Weston-super-mare Sea Monster works on going,@WeDontHaveTime @JohnPenroseNews

Brilliant analysis by @SMFthinktank, @Siobhain_McCurrently and @JohnPenroseNews showing that the 'Poorest parents pay three times as much on childcare as the richest'

✍️ "There’s more we can do to level the playing field for hard-pressed British businesses and consumers without abandoning those all-important net zero plans in the process."

- CEN MP @JohnPenroseNews in @CapX 🌳🌍

Some of the team having a post-canvassing coffee in Worle yesterday. Many thanks to everyone who took time to chat with us during the morning!

Since registrations opened for our hustings across the UK thousands of members have registered to attend.

Leeds is already sold out, with the last few spaces remaining for Norwich and Cheltenham.

Secure your place now

"Over half of part-time working mothers who wished to work more also said they needed affordable childcare to increase their hours." This is exactly how expensive childcare holds parents back and stops opportunities for levelling-up: @SMFthinktank

Great to see @JohnPenroseNews highlighting the role @Whitetail_CE could play in delivering #netzero and improving energy security, and to hear @AlokSharma_RDG emphasise UK support for this technology.

I've spoken to a Tory Minister today, who totally confirms what Susan Williams says. This minister is not a Mordaunt supporter. They won't go on the record because they think they will face a media shitstorm. They totally back up @PennyMordaunt in saying she never backed Self ID.

Susan Williams @SusanBaroness

I feel compelled to issue a statement to challenge the factually incorrect representations put forward by leadership candidates in relation to @PennyMordaunt MP’s position and tenure at the Equalities Office.

.@GBNEWS asked whether @PennyMordaunt is ready to take on 'the toughest job in the country'. Absolutely she is! Here's why: #PM4PM

YouGov Poll: Which, if any, of the following candidates do you most want to replace Boris Johnson?

#pm4pm #pennymordaunt #PennyforPM #PennyMordauntForPM #Penny4PM #ToryLeadershipContest #PennyMordaunt4PM #Toryleadership #forwardwithpenny

Engaging, fresh, full of policy and with a strong sense of her own character. This @PennyMordaunt launch is the most impressive Tory leadership launch speech so far.

Big intervention from @PennyMordaunt, restoring family to the policy debate following last night’s Social Justice Caucus hustings.

💥Key @csjthinktank policies adopted:

- Family Hubs rolled out
- Cabinet minister for family
- Marriage tax allowance boost

CPF Members have identified the top policy challenges and commitments they think the Party's next leader most needs to prioritise:

ENERGY REPORT - Have you read our most recent research report? The current energy crisis is being felt across the world, and it's time for bold solutions. Read the full report by @John_Mills_JML, @JohnPenroseNews, @vincecable, and @SKinnock here:

I spoke with @OliverBullough on his @BBCRadio4 special about fighting corruption, the history of my former Anti-Corruption Champion role & whether we’re doing enough to stop dodgy money entering the UK...

Public discussions about policing seem stuck in a 1980s timewarp: bobbies on the beat still matter but, nowadays, we need bobbies behind screens patrolling digital highways too


GB News Political Correspondent Tom Harwood reports that Boris Johnson will resign today. The PM has spoken to the 1922 Committee Chairman Sir Graham Brady and agreed to stand down.

📺 Freeview 236, Sky 515, Virgin 626
💻 GB News on YouTube

Lots of good stuff in the Govt’s energy plans, but most will take years to bear fruit & won’t fix sky-high energy prices today. We need faster solutions that could help hard-pressed families immediately, so here’s some I suggested in Parliament yesterday

The public rightly expect government to be conducted properly, competently and seriously.

I recognise this may be my last ministerial job, but I believe these standards are worth fighting for and that is why I am resigning.

My letter to the Prime Minister below.

I'm sorry I've had to ask this of Ministers I deeply respect, but how many more of the seven Nolan Principles of Public Life are Number 10 going to have to breach before they stand up and say enough is enough?

What should the Government's long-term plan to reduce energy bills look like?

▶️Update the energy price cap
▶️Uncouple electricity bills from gas prices
▶️Modernise the electricity grid

More ideas from @ed_birkett & @JohnPenroseNews in @thetimes.

This is dynamite. Honesty is 1 of 7 Nolan Principles of integrity in public life & at the core of the Ministerial Code so a) #10 not telling the truth is another serious breach & b) the PM's promised reset has no credibility because their behaviour hasn't changed at all.

Simon McDonald @SimonMcDonaldUK

This morning I have written to the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards - because No 10 keep changing their story and are still not telling the truth.

We should let energy firms find new technologies for cheaper, greener electricity, so they take the risks of reaching net zero rather than politicians trying (& usually failing) to pick winners @ed_birkett @ukonward

📖 My new @ukonward research note: Powering the Future

Foreword by @JohnPenroseNews

This note explores Gov's ongoing Review of Electricity Market Arrangements (REMA).

▶️ What are the key questions/issues?
▶️ How should Gov approach the reforms?


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