Grant Shapps is MP for Welwyn Hatfield

What has Grant Shapps been up to today?

Grant Shapps is MP for Welwyn Hatfield and a member of the Conservative party.

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We must protect cyclists - but we also have to crack down on dangerous riders too. That's why we will introduce a new death by dangerous cycling law.

Read my editorial in the Mail here:

Motorists could be allowed to drive lorries - up to 7.5 tons - without extra test in ‘Brexit bonus’ plan. Call for Evidence opens today...

After two years and over £5bn of funding, I offered @TfL a settlement which supports an additional £3.6bn worth of projects & matches the Mayor's own spending plans from 2019. This remains on the table.

Just Stop Oil protesters have been served with a @NationalHways injunction which covers the M25, and could face imprisonment or fines if they breach it by blocking the roads again.

We will not stand by while lives are put at risk and roads are ground to a halt.

I have written to @OliverCoppard to urge him to join with other local parties to find a way to safeguard the aviation future of @DSA_Airport. Solutions must be locally & commercially led but Govt will remain in close contact and support wherever possible.

Over 100K votes have been cast by the public to help decide the home of Great British Railways! 🚆🚂🚄

The competition is steaming ahead but you still have two weeks to decide, so get voting here:

The first 🇺🇦 grain ship since #RussianAggression has left port. Thanks to the support of all our partner countries & @UN we were able to full implement the Agreement signed in Istanbul. It’s important for us to be one of the guarantors of 🌏 food security.

Outdated rules mean the rail industry relies on goodwill of drivers volunteering to work overtime to ensure services run 7days a week.

Passengers deserve a reliable timetable whenever they travel, so modernisation is crucial to ensure we don't depend on drivers working overtime.

📢 UNOFFICIAL STRIKES: Passengers using Avanti West services should expect disruption today. Archaic rules from 1919 mean working on rest days is voluntary. Unions now stopping drivers volunteering - causing misery for public & staff who won't get paid. We MUST modernise rail.

To ensure that passengers crossing the channel this weekend from Kent aren't caught up in traffic jams, I've been working closely with the French Govt to ensure border controls run smoothly. Here's a new joint statement signed by @UKBorder & #PAF 👇🚆🚗⛴️"

At the request of @TfL, I've granted one final extension to 3 August. After two years and over £5bn of funding, I know the settlement offered supports London's transport network and offers value for money for taxpayers.

It's now up to the Mayor to put London first and accept.

I've offered @TfL a settlement that supports £3.6bn worth of projects, matching the Mayor's own spending plans from 2019. This is our final offer which more than delivers for London while being fair to UK taxpayers.

Train drivers already earn almost 60k but clearly that’s not enough for ASLEF bosses, who have called more strikes designed to hurt the people they claim to stand for, and who on average earn far less. Taxpayers gave £600 p/household to the railway during Covid and deserve better

We must make union barons think twice before wielding the strike weapon – and complete Margaret Thatcher’s unfinished business.

My prescription for an end to strike chaos.

Despite the @MayorofLondon failing to provide required info for @TfL finance extensions, I've put a long-term settlement on the table to ensure services are supported & £3.6bn of capital projects take place by 2024. The ball is now firmly in the Mayor's court.

There's been severe delays today at Dover & so I'm working closely with my opposite number @Cbeaune to address the issues that caused tailbacks.

I welcome his commitment that both Britain & France will work closely to minimise further disruption so people can get away quickly.

Efforts to block the M25 by activists today are completely unacceptable. They cause havoc for motorists and put lives at risk.

@NationalHways’ injunction means protesters may face fines and imprisonment if they block roads. We will not stand idly by while roads grind to a halt.

This Government has invested billions to improve the railway's resilience but this week's extreme heat shows there's still work to do and we're bringing together global experts to do just that, ensuring our network is built to last - whatever the weather.

Video calls will never beat meeting people face to face 🗣️

And this week the world’s aviation industry descends on @FIAFarnborough ✈️

I visited to launch our ambitious #jetzero strategy and see the latest in aerospace #innovations 🚀

Here’s a roundup of my day 👇

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🤔 Why don’t rails get hot in Europe? The truth is they do.

☀️ But in countries typically hotter than ours, rails are stressed to withstand higher temperatures. 🌡️

📖 Read why …

Today the UK joins up with our closest allies to create the National Aviation Authority (NAA) Network to help support our aviation industry.

This will allow us to work together to tackle the sector's biggest challenges, such as slashing carbon emissions.

📢Today, we published our #JetZero Strategy – our plan for delivering net zero aviation by 2050.

We were the first major economy to commit to net zero emissions, and this strategy will help the sector become greener and allow passengers to enjoy guilt-free flying✈️

I'm more than trebling our investment in the #TransPennineRouteUpgrade to up to £11.5bn, slashing journey times, ushering in #NorthernPowerHouseRail & cutting carbon by 87,000 tons🚄 I've also released over £950m to get on with the next phase of upgrades. More on this below 👇

People deserve reliable services and to be properly compensated when things go wrong ✈️

So today I’m launching a brand new Aviation Passenger Charter to help holidaymakers and travellers understand their protections when flying.

📢Due to extreme heat next week, we're offering most train ticket holders fee-free refunds or compensation if they are unable to travel on Monday & Tuesday. Keep cool & safe by carrying water with you on your journey.

We’re inviting councils across the country to bid for a share of £4.8 BILLION for community projects, including transformative local transport schemes to improve connections 💪👇

.@RMTunion creating further misery for passengers shows they're intent on causing maximum disruption and aren't serious about talks with industry.

Modernisation of our rail industry is an absolute necessity for the benefit of everyone, and that isn't going to change.

I'm celebrating one year since the launch of our Transport Decarbonisation Plan, which has seen the installation of thousands of EV chargepoints plus new footpaths & cycle lanes to support #ActiveTravel and #NetZero🌍✅

We need somebody ready to step into the huge job of Prime Minister from minute one, day one.

@RishiSunak has the experience to rise to the huge challenges we face and win the next election.


Yesterday @RMTunion was offered pay deal worth up to 8% over 2yrs. Today their leadership rejected it without even putting it to their members & instead called another strike.

RMT bosses aren't interested in finding a solution, they just want to cause misery to travelling public

We've supported London transport with over £5bn of funding. Despite already agreeing an extension, TfL & the Mayor still haven't provided vital information which we have repeatedly asked for. In light of this we have agreed to another extension.

Huge thanks to my team for helping to pull together my leadership bid in literally no time! Amongst a field of brilliant candidates I've spoken to @RishiSunak who I believe has the competence and experience to lead this country.

Unions linked to Labour have announced train driver strikes.

On a salary of almost £60,000, it isn't fair for train drivers to hurt those on lower wages with more walkouts.

As Prime Minister, I would stand up to the unions and make it harder to hold our country to ransom.

I am an organiser. I am a campaigner. And so today I am setting out my campaigning promise for Conservative Members of Parliament.

As Leader of the Conservative Party I will:

"My view is that Grant Shapps is the best man to become our leader and our prime minister at this particular point," says Environment Secretary George Eustice.


📺 Sky 501, Virgin 602, Freeview 233 and YouTube

I wish my friend @grantshapps luck for PM. Thank you for the active position and tireless support of 🇺🇦 in the fight against #RussianAggression. Since the first hours of the full-scale invasion on 24 Feb we have been in constant communication. I do appreciate it!

I've been talking to MPs about how I can plan, communicate, campaign and deliver to win the next General Election.

I'm delighted that @paulbristow79 has said he will back me 👇

I believe in a lower tax, lower regulation economy. We can lower the barriers for individuals and businesses to succeed.

With the right plan, we can be the biggest economy in Europe by 2050.

I’ve got a plan to help families with the cost of living, ensure our security at home and abroad, and get public spending under control.

Read why Graham agrees with me 👇

I won my seat from Labour in 2005, just like James did on two occasions.

We can do it again – and take our party to victory at the next General Election.

I spoke to Sophie Ridge this morning about why I am standing to be the next leader of the Conservative Party and Prime Minister. Watch here:

I’ve worked with Robert in Government, where we transformed a struggling department into one capable of handling huge challenges.

I am proud to have his support 👇

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