Esther McVey is MP for Tatton

What has Esther McVey been up to today?

Esther McVey is MP for Tatton and a member of the Conservative party.

Esther McVey has 74922 followers on Twitter.

'You've got to admire his resilience but it's very difficult to see where he gets the reserves of support from.'

Political commentator John Rentoul discusses the future of Boris Johnson as Prime Minister.

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'Please, let's get real here. This was not a row about democracy.'

Ella Whelan discusses the US Supreme Court overturning the landmark Roe v Wade ruling.

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‘I would ask all public sector workers who are thinking of striking, just beware of losing public sympathy. Strikes never work if you lose public sympathy.’

Lord Digby Jones discusses the ongoing train strikes across the UK.

'We are all entitled in this country to have a view'

The Rt Revd Dr Alan Wilson, the Bishop of Buckingham, tells Esther and Philip why he wrote a letter condemning the Government's Rwanda asylum plans.

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'There is a whole bunch of things that kids can't do... we don't let them drive cars or smoke cigarettes or drink alcohol. I think we should be restricting if not banning their smartphone use'

Headteacher Katharine Birbalsingh joins Saturday Morning with Esther and Philip.

'The biggest growth industry in the British economy at the moment is the offence industry. We just love taking offence.'

Tim Montgomerie, founder of ConservativeHome, discusses Len Goodman's recent comments about his grandmother calling curry powder 'foreign muck.'

Boris & his Cabinet need to find their inner conservatism

'There's an awful lot of finger pointing!'

Simon Calder discusses further travel chaos as flights continue to be cancelled.

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'They are huge. It's scandalous, actually.'

Alp Mehmet, Migration Watch UK Chairman, reacts to new immigration numbers with figures showing more than one million people have been offered visas.

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'His interview with Oprah Winfrey was a major terrible mistake... I think he'll come to regret that as much as Princess Diana regretted the Martin Bashir interview'.

Royal expert Michael Cole discusses the relationship between Harry, Meghan and the rest of the royal family.

‘Are some people going to get offended? Yes, but usually they’re quite stupid.’

Josh Howie discusses jokes made by Ricky Gervais which have been condemned due to comments about the trans community.

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‘We can get the benefits of reduced pesticide use, better drought resistance and lower needs for chemical fertilisers to be applied.’

Environment Secretary George Eustice MP on how gene-edited food could increase food security.

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Are we heading for a summer of discontent - strike actions, walkouts and crippling protests by anti-government radical groups intent on bringing the country to its knees?
Yes ?
No ?

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Wagatha Christie!

What on earth are 2 footballers' wives doing in court, caught up in a who said what to who and who leaked what online! C’mon pick up the phone not a £3m legal bill

I don’t know who’ll win this libel case but it’s certainly a clear case of more money than sense

After a long campaign, victory!

The government has dropped its policy to ban Buy One Get One Free & promotional offers.

I mean why would anyone be looking to ban ‘getting one free’ in a cost of living crisis!


'I thought safe sex for pensioners was putting a rail around the bed!'

Christopher Biggins has Esther & Philip in fits of laughter as they discuss condoms being sold in garden centres for OAPs.

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'There is nothing more unifying and intrinsically anti-racist to have kids of all different backgrounds coming alive in the classroom in relation to subject knowledge.'

Adrian Hart discusses how Critical Race Theory is taught in schools.

'This is a very good idea by supermarkets, if they want to try and win favour and actually show themselves to be part of the community. Then this is what they should be trying to do.'

@ustewart of 'Regionally' on supermarkets lowering prices amid soaring living costs.

'If you look at any other business or corporation, I'm not sure how they would be behaving if 10% of their workforce were being investigated for sexual misconduct.'

Co-founder of 'Can't Buy My Silence', Zelda Perkins, on 56 MPs facing claims of sexual misconduct.

'An important thing that we all need to wake up and realise, is that the NHS is no longer the envy of the world.'

Tom Knox, author of the 'International Health Care Outcomes Index' discusses the UK's health care system falling behind.

'The ruling vindicates everything we were saying.'

Care home owner David Crabtree discusses a ruling that government policy was unlawful during the pandemic for care home residents.

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The cross party group I co-chair in Parliament with Graham Stringer heard evidence from medics, experts & family members on the terrible impact of still not being able to visit relatives in some care homes and hospitals.

Visiting must be restored in all immediately.

What a convoluted way to stop cheating - Making it illegal for companies to provide, arrange or advertise essay writing services for money.

Surely the simplest way to stop cheating is to make everyone sit exams with invigilators.

2021 saw the biggest increase in double barrelled surnames & it's credited with women wanting to remain independent after marriage & not wanting to give up their maiden name. I got married that year too & felt the same desire to keep my maiden name - but just my maiden name 🤣

As Harry & Megan swan around the world announcing their deal with Netflix, is it a coincidence that Netflix have lost 200,000 viewers & its share price has collapsed?What’s the betting that the first in the queue dashing to cancel their subscription was William, Kate and Charles?

‘Young people are losing hope, losing hope of ever owning their own home’

Founder of the YIMBY Alliance, John Myers, discusses the housing crisis and young people wanting more homes built so they can move onto the property ladder.

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How did John Parr write the 1980s classic St Elmo's Fire?

The legendary singer songwriter tells Esther and Phil how he penned the legendary anthem.

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‘I’m giving you this exclusively…’

Boris Johnson tells GB News: We are fatter post-Covid.

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‘Was enough consideration given?’

Esther McVey challenges Boris Johnson on the cost of lockdown on the public’s finances, mental health and children.

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Is 4 day the new 5 day week?

3,000 workers will participate in an experiment to ‘see if a 4 day week, but paid for 5, will ‘help retain & attract staff’.

But is there a down side ?

Can you still work 5 days & get extra pay?

Full story 👇🏼

🚨 ‘I’m not going to take any options off the table.’ 🚨

🙅‍♂️ Boris Johnson refuses to rule out the prospect of another lockdown.

Watch the interview in full, exclusively on GB News, on Saturday Selection from 10am tomorrow.

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'As we go into spring and summer, these cases should follow a pattern where they drop off'

Clinical epidemiologist, Professor Carl Henegan, speaks to GB News about Covid cases rising, with the highest rates in Scotland.

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'I think she rocked the shaved look fantastically well'

Lucinda Ellery speaks to GB News about Jada Pinkett Smith at the Oscars and providing hair loss management and support for women with Alopecia.

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Why oh why would anyone be banning ‘Buy One Get One free’ in a cost of living crisis?

The Blue Collar Conservative Group has been pushing government to stop this ludicrous regulation they are about to introduce.

‘I suspect we’ll be seeing a summer statement’

Justin Urquhart Stewart says the Chancellor will need to offer more than he has done in his Spring Statement.

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More nanny state nonsense.

Why is the state forcing large pubs, restaurants & takeaways to put calorie counts on their menus?

& why do this now as they are trying to recover from lockdown, are short of staff & don’t need more red tape & bureaucracy!

'You cannot make it more difficult for the individual... Rishi, we really cannot let this National Insurance contribution increase go ahead.'

Frank McKenna joins Esther and Philip discuss the Chancellor's Spring statement.

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