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What has Derek Thomas been up to today?

Derek Thomas is MP for St Ives and a member of the Conservative party.

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I met the Tourism Minister @HuddlestonNigel to discuss the adverse impact of holiday lets in Cornwall.
@thisischerilyn and I told him about the effect of the boom in Airbnb and other websites on towns like St Ives – pushing up prices and reducing the supply of rental properties.

This afternoon I secured a debate about NHS dentistry.
I used the stories and statistics from my dental survey to show the full extent of the problem in Cornwall.
We don’t have the capacity to assess the patients in the backlog, let alone treat them.

1 in 14 people in the UK lives with Diabetes.
There are some other numbers we would like to share with you this #DiabetesWeek.
Read our patient information on the feet and Diabetes at
Service commissioners, find out more at

Diabetes is a hidden condition. But it should never be put to the back of the queue because of that.
#DiabetesWeek is a great opportunity to raise awareness of the 1 in 14 people who live with diabetes.
You can pledge your support at

I’ve been running a survey on my website about NHS dentistry.
I didn’t put a closing date on the survey - but I've secured a debate about it next week and I need as much information as possible.
If you haven't filled it in yet, please do so by the weekend:

I spoke in a debate about our inshore fishing fleet. At a time when we need to increase the supply of local nutritious food our fishermen are tangled in red tape – rules that do nothing to support sustainability or safety. Our inshore fishermen need common sense and consistency!

I'm hopeful that Government’s Food Strategy will deliver for our farmers and fishermen and support food security.
Its programme of incentives, additional visas and investment in research will reduce our reliance on imported food and grow jobs and opportunities across the country

In #CarersWeek2022 we're making caring visible, valued and supported. Many people who look after family and friends don’t think of themselves as carers – but that can mean their contribution to the community is underestimated. Add your pledge to carers on

On #WorldOceanDay it's right to remember how our oceans have been seriously degraded by pollution.

From eating local and sustainable fish – like the delicious fish landed in Cornwall’s fishing ports! - to reducing pesticides and plastics on land, we can all help turn the tide.

I’m always really impressed when schools come all the way up from West Cornwall too see for themselves how Westminster works.
Yesterday I met a group of schoolchildren from Penzance who watched a debate in the House of Commons, and then debated and voted on a law of their own.

I’ve been very impressed with Band of Brothers (@ABOB_Community) a voluntary organisation providing revolutionary mentoring for young men – I was pleased to raise awareness of their work in Westminster and to ask @MoJGovUK to support their work.

Much of our work here in Parliament is unseen but we have the opportunity to bring people together to accelerate action in key areas.
This morning I chaired another session of the inquiry into research funding for brain tumour treatment and care.

Sustainable development is crucial to improve living standards in developing countries.
I joined businesses in Newlyn and Penzance to meet a trade delegation from Zanzibar to discuss their aspirations for a sustainable deep sea fishing industry.

I spoke in the debate on the Queen’s Speech to demand more action on the cost of living.
Rising energy bills are at the root of the current crisis.
The government’s Energy Security Strategy will help in the long term, but people need help now - especially with standing charges.

Cornwall has a rich history of mining, stretching back as far as the Bronze Age.
But what impact on the environment will modern-day mining have?
At our next Climate Focus, we'll be hearing from local experts on this fascinating topic.
Details on

The Government will be giving local authorities the power to double council tax on second homes.
It’s a welcome step in the right direction, but doesn’t go far enough: we need planning restrictions to protect homes for permanent residence and stop the flow to holiday lets.

I’ve been shocked at how many empty houses there are in Cornwall in the middle of a housing crisis.
I was told about one – and found it was bought by the Council two years ago, and has been left empty! If you know of a house that could be rented, please let my office know.

You can’t measure the efficiency of our homes if you use a dud methodology, so I’m pleased that the Government is to reform the EPC system.
I’ve been fighting for this for years because it impacts the availability of affordable homes for local families.

While you’re enjoying your bank holiday, you might be looking forward to your summer holiday.
If you’re planning to go abroad, please check whether you need to renew your passport!
The Passport Office is reporting unprecedented demand, so don't leave it till the last minute...

There are grants and benefits available for help with the cost of living – but often people don’t know about them.
Citizens Advice give free and independent advice on the support that is available, and their Money Roadshow is coming to the Family Hub in Penzance next week.

I spoke in a debate about affordable housing.
Cornwall Council needs the tools to stop houses becoming second homes or holiday lets, through its devolution deal and planning legislation.
More than that, we need to provide incentives to landlords to rent to long-term tenants.

Today I learnt that I am on the Russian Duma’s list of MPs who "took the most active part in creating anti-Russian tools”, and have consequently been sanctioned by the Russian parliament.

I shall follow the Prime Minister’s advice and treat this as a badge of honour.

Scilly Drop-ins
I shall be visiting all the inhabited islands next week.
You don’t need to make an appointment to come to any of my drop-ins – everyone is welcome, whether you want to raise an issue, ask for my help or just tell me your views.

Brain tumours are a vicious form of cancer: even if they can be removed, the impact of surgery, radiotherapy and drugs – and the tumour itself – can cause lifelong injury to the brain.
We must ensure children have the therapy and rehabilitation they need.

I have been championing the Bishop of Truro’s report into religious persecution, and its call to make freedom of religion central to the Foreign Office’s mission, and I'm glad to see progress on what @pmounstephen recommended.

In 2020, 23 million children worldwide missed out on their vaccinations due to the pandemic and other crises.
In #WorldImmunisationWeek I pledged to help protect the future of the world’s children with @UnicefUK_Action

At our Climate Focus meeting tomorrow at 5pm, we’ll be hearing from Cornwall Council’s public transport lead, Melanie Watson.
Cornwall has received £23.5 million from the government to encourage more people back on to our buses – but how?
Register at

Nothing is more frustrating in the middle of a housing crisis than seeing empty houses.
By far the biggest offender is Cornwall Housing, who have 135 empty properties.
This is a scandal when there are families in Cornwall living in temporary accommodation.

You have twenty-four hours left to let the government know your views on the future of fisheries management!
We need everyone with an interest in our fisheries to ensure they are managed in a way that is good for the fishing industry and for our future.

When the Environment Act was going through Parliament, we forced the government to include a commitment to tackling sewage discharges.
The government is now consulting on the largest programme to reduce storm sewage discharges in history.
Take part at

The NHS needs the right people with the right skills in the right places.
In Cornwall, we have enormous problems getting the staff we need.
Throughout the country, patients with brain tumours aren’t getting access to CNSs.
We need workforce planning.

I had the great honour of meeting and working with Tom Parker during his battle to fight his brain cancer.
Tom turned his battle into a campaign to highlight the lack of effective treatment and support for brain tumour sufferers, which we will continue. My sympathy to his family.

One of the reasons I'm campaigning for upgrades to the A30 is that a major trunk road going through villages like Crowlas affects air quality.
You can give your view on including National Highways into the statutory Air Quality Management framework:

There was something quite poignant as I walked to Parliament past Westminster Abbey as it was being prepared for the thanksgiving service for Prince Philip’s life.
His long life of service to the Queen, our country and the Commonwealth sets the theme for today’s service.

I met Tim Henman to learn how @the_LTA plans to “open up” tennis – making sure that the game is accessible to anyone, from any background.
As the weather improves, it’s a good time to be getting out on the courts. Find out more at

I’m looking forward to seeing you - and your dogs! - at the Great Western Dog Walk tomorrow.
We’re meeting in Penzance at 1 o’clock and walking to raise money for Brain Tumour charities.
There will be goody bags for the dogs and refreshments for the humans – please come along!

Great to join @DerekThomasUK Climate Focus meeting yesterday to discuss #COP26 and next steps for tackling climate change in the UK and beyond

Pleased to see so many engaged people in St Ives, committed to making this a success

Our Climate Focus meeting with @AlokSharma_RDG is tonight at 5 pm on Zoom.
Alok had to postpone the last meeting because of illness, but he rescheduled as soon as he could.

You can register for the meeting at

We are lucky enough to live in a place surrounded by areas of outstanding natural beauty.
But we need to make sure that they are managed in everyone’s interests – local communities, farmers, and families who need a place to live.
Make your views known:

On #WorldWaterDay2022 the UN is focusing on groundwater.
The threats to rivers and seas from climate change or pollution are obvious – but the water in our ground is just as critical.
The Environment Act gives more powers over water quality, and we must not forget groundwater.

How do we work with our rich heritage to build healthy and prosperous communities for the future?
We need to protect Cornwall’s unique inheritance of landscape & history, but we can’t let Cornwall become a museum.
Cornwall Council is asking for your views

Some people get nervous visiting new places – or just want to find out whether they’re fully accessible in advance.
When I heard that this was putting people off coming to my office, I asked @Ocean3DUK to produce a guided tour.
You can have a look round:

There’s no conflict between working towards net zero and supporting those hit by high energy prices.
I’ve joined @thisischerilyn in arguing for grants and tax incentives for insulation, which can help people right now.

St Ives School has planted over a thousand trees as part of a G7 Legacy project.
The mini forest has been planted on the school site, to create an 800 square metre outdoor classroom that whole classes can use.
I was happy to lend a hand with Linda Taylor from @CornwallCouncil!

Alok Sharma is committed to meeting with our Climate Focus group and I'm pleased to report that we have a new date: Thursday 24th March at 5pm!
Alok will speak to us about his work tackling climate change as President of COP26.
Register for the meeting at

The rise in the cost of living is affecting us all, but it hits pensioners particularly hard.
I have been pushing for the government to return the “triple lock” – a straightforward way to increase their income.

It's Brain Tumour Awareness Month - and the Great Western Dog Walk Returns!
I'm looking forward to the first dog walk for two years - it's great meeting so many people who share an interest in beating brain tumours and raising money for vital research and support.
And their dogs.

For our next Climate Focus event we will be meeting in real life for the first time.
We’ll be watching “Don’t Look Up”, a satirical comedy about the climate crisis, followed by tea, coffee and discussion. Come along at 2pm on 25th March:

We need to learn the lessons of the pandemic.
But the Covid Inquiry will only get the right answers if it asks the right questions.
You can help shape its investigations through the consultation on its terms of reference, which opened today:

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