Dehenna Davison is MP for Bishop Auckland

What has Dehenna Davison been up to today?

Dehenna Davison is MP for Bishop Auckland and a member of the Conservative party.

Dehenna Davison has 51859 followers on Twitter.

➡️Liz has a clear Plan for Growth which will deliver for all of us.

➡️Her policy of cutting tax now will help so many people in the immediate future.

➡️This is why I am supporting #LizforLeader.

🗳️ Vote #LizForLeader to be our next @Conservatives leader and Prime Minister.

🇬🇧 Liz is trusted to deliver for our great country, to unite our Party and to win the next election.

✅ Join the team:

I’ve been a Conservative for almost 4 decades - I’ve known @TrussLiz almost half that time. I’ve worked with Liz on economic reform and boosting opportunity. She has fresh ideas and real energy. She does what she says and is strong and loyal. Thats why I’m backing #LizForLeader

In a break from politics… Twitter, I need your help!

I need to source these, but have no idea what they’re called. I’ve googled everything I can think of and scrolled the Screwfix catalogue but to no avail. Can anyone help?

It has a hole through, and one threaded end.

It's time to unite.
21 current and former colleagues who have sat around the Cabinet table have come together to back Liz.
She will unite our Party, beat Keir Starmer, and is trusted to deliver for Britain 👇

Read my article in ⁦@thetimes⁩ about why I believe ⁦@trussliz⁩ #LizForLeader is the best choice for the UK’s global status as a great place to invest. We need Liz’s vision, optimism & determination to give our great country its mojo back.

I’ve been speaking to loads of northern Conservative members this week and this is exactly what I’m hearing - tonnes of people getting behind @trussliz!

Great to have @DehennaDavison here tonight to speak to members about her time so far as an MP.

It’s great to have our social calendar back in full swing, it would be great if we could see you there too


The People's Forum with Liz Truss, exclusively on GB News.

Wednesday 10th August from 5pm.

Alastair Stewart will be joined by Conservative leadership candidate Liz Truss in a Red Wall seat as she makes her pitch for Number 10.

Submit your questions to

Exclusive: Spice Girl Geri Horner told Liz Truss to "go for it!" as they met at Wembley yesterday

✅ @NadhimZahawi endorses #LizForLeader

💬 "Liz will overturn stale economic orthodoxy and run our economy in a Conservative way."

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It’s come home! Congratulations @Lionesses, brilliant game, amazing atmosphere.

You have made everyone incredibly proud. 🦁🦁🦁

Lionesses @Lionesses


My telly pals @ArleneFosterUK and @PaulEmbery are on their hols so I’ll miss them tomorrow for the Political Correction.

But never fear! I’ll be live at 10am on @GBNEWS joined by the lovely @carolynharris24 and former minister David Mellor for their take on this week’s stories.

✅ @TomTugendhat endorses #LizForLeader

💬 "Liz’s plan for the economy is founded on true @Conservatives principles of low tax, a lean state and bold supply-side reform."

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Join me for Breakfast on @BBC_Cumbria as we hear how @LancsPolice want to highlight the dangers of one punch attacks after a Barrow man was convicted for one recently. Also hearing from @DehennaDavison who is campaigning on this because her dad died from a one punch attack!

Great to see @BWallaceMP join me to support @trussliz as our next Prime Minister. We have both worked alongside Liz on global issues & recognise she understands the importance of defence strength and the UK’s leadership role & responsibility with the challenges facing our world.

1/2 Delighted to be hosting the Young Conservatives Leadership Hustings this lunchtime. This is the first hustings exclusively for @Conservatives members and will give younger members the opportunity grill our two brilliant candidates for PM.

Having a fabulous birthday with fabulous people! Thank you for all your lovely messages. I fully intend to make the most of my last year in my twenties! 🥂

Which of the following individuals do Conservative Red Wall voters think would be the better PM for the United Kingdom? (25-26 July)

Liz Truss 47%
Rishi Sunak 34%
Don't Know 20%

Rishi Sunak 48%
Keir Starmer 33%
Don't Know 27%

Liz Truss 54%
Keir Starmer 27%
Don't Know 20%

💬 I will do everything in my power to make sure that militant action from trade unions can no longer cripple the vital services that hard-working people rely on.

@MailOnline 👉

Our snap poll of 507 Tory party members who watched last night's BBC debate shows that Truss is seen as having performed best

Liz Truss: 50%
Rishi Sunak: 39%

We've got Dan on site today shooting a video around our current project for Bridge Creative and the Dulux community repaint scheme. @BCreativeCIC @BishAuckBigLoc @DehennaDavison #Recycle #community #BishopAuckland #CountyDurham #care #skills

It’s official. Eurovision is coming to the UK.

This is Ukraine’s Eurovision and it’s an absolute privilege and honour for the UK to be supporting our friends 🇺🇦🇬🇧

I will lead us to economic growth, remain true to my Conservative philosophy and deliver for families up and down the country.

I will beat Labour in 2024.

#LizForLeader #ReadyToLead

I didn’t realise the @spectator published love letters 🥲...A touching diary from my wonderful husband in this week’s edition ❤️

My life as a political spouse | The Spectator

One of my fave pics of me and @trussliz when she came to visit. Whatever the result today, I really couldn’t be prouder to support this brilliant woman! #LizForLeader

UK support has been vital for Ukraine’s defense all the way through Russian aggression. I am deeply grateful to the government of the UK and especially my counterpart @TrussLiz. Her mettle, inner steel, and clarity of purpose have been indispensable in crafting crucial decisions.

Economic growth can only come through lower taxes and less regulation. That’s why I’m backing @trussliz to be our next Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative & Unionist Party.

I am committed to strengthening our nation’s security and defences.

As Prime Minister, I will increase defence spending to 3% by 2030 - ensuring our Armed Forces are equipped to face down future threats and keep our country safe.


Being PM isn’t about being slick, it’s about leading a country, keeping your promises, and making people’s lives better. That’s why I’m proud to back @trussliz. Just look at her incredible track record of delivery. #LizForLeader

She might not be the slickest but by a country mile @trussliz is the most confident in what she believes; the most serious about her plan and the job that lies ahead; and therefore the most ready to be our next Prime Minister. 🇬🇧 #LizForLeader #ITVDebate

My plan for the cost of living:

✂️ Reverse the national insurance rise
📝 A Conservative plan for economic growth
🏠 Temporary relief on energy bills
📈 Get growth going
#lizforleader @ITV #ITVDebate

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