Damian Hinds is MP for East Hampshire

What has Damian Hinds been up to today?

Damian Hinds is MP for East Hampshire and a member of the Conservative party.

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As @Conservatives we all want lower taxes.
a) must happen responsibly, not stoking inflation & mortgage costs
b) cutting NI doesn’t ease low-paid & pensioners' energy costs
The @RishiSunak plan is: targeted direct help; grip inflation; tax cuts when affordable.

Rishi Sunak supporter Damian Hinds says while wanting tax cuts "is in our Conservative DNA" they don't help pensioners and people on benefits and in these "unique circumstances" it's important to get "direct help" to people.


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Building on Conservative Education reforms since 2010, @RishiSunak will:
↔️ Broaden 16-18 subjects
🏛️Create Russell Grp for Technical
👩‍🎓Ensure degree quality
💻Embrace EdTech

The MPs backing @RishiSunak ...
highest in every round ...
and from every part of the party, every part of Britain.
Colleagues are #Ready4Rishi for leadership through tough times, to win the GE and keep Labour out.

I want to take on Nicola Sturgeon and I want to win the argument. We have to hold the SNP to account for its record.

As PM I would care about citizens everywhere and make sure that people in Scotland get the schools, the health service that they deserve.


Rishi outlines his vision to ensure developers build out faster and on sites where they already have planning permission.


👉 http://Ready4Rishi.com

The most important thing is that we don't put fuel on the fire, and we don't repeat past mistakes.


Join the campaign http://Ready4Rishi.com

Developers must build on land with planning before granted permissions in the same area.

Compulsory Purchase Orders - councils buy land back discounted if not built on in agreed time frame.

Build out levy on unbuilt planning after a set period of time.


Maggie was right. So was Nigel Lawson (greatest tax cutter ever). Tens of billions in unfunded tax cuts fuelling inflation will cost us the next election. We CAN get taxes down but must be delivered responsibly. Time for ⁦@RishiSunak⁩ #Ready4Rishi https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/03/rishi-sunak-candidate-who-understands-thatcherite-economics/

“@RishiSunak has refused to embark on Corbyn-style, debt-fuelled expenditure. Guided by the principles of Thatcherism, he has commendably set out plans to ensure that this generation pays its own way, rather than saddling the next with greater debt.” 👇 https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2022/08/03/rishi-sunak-candidate-who-understands-thatcherite-economics/

Brilliant from Nigel Lawson.

“The country will not forgive our great party if we forget the importance of sound money and let inflation run rampant”

He’s right. #Ready4Rishi


+ @RishiSunak makes his pitch to @ConHome readers: “I didn’t get into politics to say what sounds good. That means sometimes taking the difficult road, landing the less popular message, telling the truth.” https://bit.ly/3zNHtPG

What a weekend!

Chesham & Amersham, Beaconsfield, Godalming, Hampshire, Arundel, Esher, Witney, Devizes, Salisbury and...it's coming home 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

Thanks to all the members who came along to support, challenge and chat. We're meeting thousands more today too, sign up via the website.

Rishi Sunak tells the audience at the Exeter hustings that if he was Prime Minister he would make sure rural voices are heard loud and clear.

Join the campaign at http://Ready4Rishi.com

Today is #YorkshireDay.

I couldn’t be prouder to have the support of my Richmond constituency and, in particular, the backing of my friend, mentor and one of Yorkshire’s greatest statesmen.

Watch @WilliamJHague below 👇

As Conservatives, we all want taxes to be low.

But we need to cut taxes in a responsible way which doesn’t stoke inflation and put prices up even higher for families.

Read about my plan here: https://www.thesun.co.uk/money/news-money/19382536/households-could-be-777-better-off-under-sunak-plan/


Today I announced my radical tax vision including the largest cut to income tax in thirty years.

⚫I will never cut taxes in a way that puts inflation up.
⚫I will never make promises I can’t pay for.
⚫I will be honest about the challenges we face.


A new @SavantaComRes poll of @Conservatives councillors shows how tight this contest is:
@RishiSunak - 29%
@trussliz - 31%
Undecided - 32%
Every vote will count. We need someone who will unite the party and win the next election. Rishi is that person. #Ready4Rishi @Ready4Rishi

Rishi Sunak's focus on the health of high streets and market towns is really important for areas like ours.
See >>>

Anyone thinking that this will be a coronation should think again. New @SavantaComRes poll of Tory councillors for The Sunday @Telegraph poll of conservative councillors. #Ready4Rishi

@RishiSunak - 29%
@trussliz - 31%
Undecided - 32%
Won’t Vote/Say - 8%

On the issues and opportunities for Rural Britain -- Rishi Sunak in the Countryside Alliance magazine: https://www.countryside-alliance.org/news/2022/7/a-message-for-rural-britain-from-rishi-sunak-mp

Was great to welcome @RishiSunak to East Hampshire. Wide-ranging discussions incl on tackling inflation, jobs, defence, health & social care, supporting small business and agriculture.
#Ready4Rishi http://www.ready4rishi.com

My constituency is home to hundreds of beef and lamb farmers and I am committed to supporting the fantastic industry they represent.

People’s food choices are their own. I would lead a government that champions our livestock farmers at home and abroad.


Thank you @RishiSunak for coming to East Hampshire today and taking members’ questions on the NHS, carers, education, defence, law & order, trade, small business, farming, the economy and much more besides. #Ready4Rishi http://www.ready4rishi.com

We are incredibly pleased to hear from @RishiSunak who has outlined his vision for rural Britain in our membership magazine, My Countryside⤵️

We need more blood donors to come forward, particularly O, B- and A+🩸 types, to help re-build low blood stocks & keep NHS services running.

Today I joined the fantastic team in Stratford to give blood & urge you to book an appointment at http://blood.co.uk. @GiveBloodNHS

Only @rishisunak has the experience and strength to lead our country through these difficult times.

Let's take a look at some of his top achievements!

What are your top 5 Rishi achievements and why are you #ready4rishi?

Throughout my time as Chancellor, I stepped up and supported people through the toughest of times.

As PM that will be no different.

If prices rise again, I pledge to slash VAT on energy bills and save the average household £160.

Sign up at http://Ready4Rishi.com

The priority for our country now has to be the fight against inflation. We can’t risk steep rises in interest rates and we shouldn’t borrow more than we can afford. Basic Conservatism #Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM

“Levelling up should mean no matter where you grow up you have fantastic opportunities to fulfil your potential, and you also have enormous pride in the place you call home”

Rishi Sunak tells #BBCOurNextPM what levelling up means to him.

Sign up at http://Ready4Rishi.com

Strong performance by @RishiSunak tonight.

Landed a clear message on the economy - deal with inflation, don’t borrow and spend your way out of trouble.

And got the audience applauding!

@Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM

Tonight @rishisunak has demonstrated the key qualities he will bring to No10:
character, compassion, conviction, consistency.
#Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM

"Our children's education today is their economy tomorrow."

Pleased to see @RishiSunak in the #LeadersDebate state that Levelling-Up should mean every child has the skills they need to succeed 👇

2010-15 we did the difficult things to tame the deficit. But throughout, interest rates were kept low - that kept businesses investing, & eased the cost of living.
We got the economy on track, employment rose, & we won the 2015 election.
Let's not forget that now.

Yes, we hope Covid is a 1:100 yr event.
But what about all the other ultra-rare economic shocks: 2007/8, 80-82, 73/74, ...
Of course we shd responsibly spread the cost of Covid, but people look to Conservatives to ready the economy for whatever we may face next.

These are indeed the key questions for would-be excess-borrowers - the interest rates that would be faced by mortgage-payers and business investors, and the tax increases we leave for our children.
#Ready4Rishi #BBCOurNextPM

So saddened to hear of the death of David Trimble, who did so much and gave so much for peace in Northern Ireland. A giant of our time. May he rest in peace.

Those who knew Margaret Thatcher’s economic policies the best are backing @RishiSunak.

Rishi has the right priorities - tackling inflation, grow the economy and deliver more tax cuts (on top of his big cut in National Insurance this year).

@Ready4Rishi #Ready4Rishi

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