Anthony Browne is MP for South Cambridgeshire

What has Anthony Browne been up to today?

Anthony Browne is MP for South Cambridgeshire and a member of the Conservative party.

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The Lib Dems have named their price for a post-election deal with Labour: electoral reform without a referendum.

Great scoop in @Kevin_Maguire's Commons Confidential.

11. The EU Horizon program isn’t the only way to do global science. We would strongly prefer to be in it - but if the EU block us we will use the same £13bn we ringfenced forHorizon to invest in other ways of deepening our international leadership in SRI for global good.

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📗 Our new report, 'The future of financial services regulation', explores what changes should be made to financial services regulation now the UK has left the European Union.

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👏Thank you to @RWE_UK and @RenewableUK for facilitating our @EnvironmentAPPG visit to #RampionOffshoreWindFarm today

⚡️Net zero in Brighton is providing jobs and affordable, clean energy, to power 350,000 homes (half of Sussex)


Championing @CUH_NHS, @EastEnglandAmb, and @NHSuk staff across Cambridge City & South Cambs in PMQs today - I'll be taking this campaign forward. Staff must get pay supplements to reflect the cost of living here, in a way that does not impact existing NHS Trust budgets.

I do worry about Russian intelligence. Russia has sanctioned some former MPs because it couldn’t get an up to date list of MPs, openly available on Parliament’s website. No wonder the invasion of Ukraine has gone so badly.

There is a financial link between fraudsters and social media companies, and at the minute there's no disincentive for @Twitter, @Meta, @Google, and others to break that link.

Glad to hear @BorisJohnson confirm that @DCMS is looking at how they break that link in #PMQs today.

It is outrageous that Russia is treating newly elected MPs as second class citizens . It has not sanctioned any of us - because it is working off lists of MPs from the last parliament, and has even sanctioned ex-MPs. Russian incompetence strikes again.

There is a better way than busways for South Cambs. Here's why I'm supporting @BetterBusways against the damaging CSET Plans. 👇👇

This Gov is doing more than any other to clean up our water by setting a legal duty on water companies to do this; astonishingly Lib Dems voted against this; by 2035 env impacts of 75% of storm sewage overflows affecting protected sites will be eliminated @Conservatives

The #EnergyStrategy is a timely response to soaring gas prices.

✅Onshore wind expansion, more solar, hydrogen and nuclear will help to create jobs & cut bills.

🏠🏡More can and must be done to improve insulation and energy efficiency.

- @EnvironmentAPPG Chair @ab4scambs 👇

Fact: the Government has passed comprehensive legislation forcing water companies to end sewage discharges. Fact: the Lib Dems voted against it. The Lib Dems voted to pour sewage into our rivers. Since it is their main campaign theme, the political hypocrisy stinks.

Several highlights this week, including meetings with George Eustice and @NadineDorries and cycling over 100km for the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund 👇

Reacting to today’s Government announcement on tackling sewage discharges, our Chair @Dunne4Ludlow said:

“The Government’s announcement today represents a sea change in policy action around sewage.


Great to see more generators leaving the UK for Ukraine to keep the lights on in homes, hospitals, shelters and water treatment plants

We're donating 500 generators - enough to power 15k buildings - following a request from President @ZelenskyyUa and Ambassador @VPrystaiko


Good to hear from Environment Secretary, George Eustice at last night’s @EnvironmentAPPG with @ab4scambs on our vital plans to protect our environment

5️⃣ ways we're supporting SMEs

1 Increasing Employment Allowance – worth up to £1,000

2 Help to Grow Digital - 50% discount on software

3 Help to Grow Management - 90% funded mini-MBAs

4 Annual Investment Allowance - now at £1 million

5 Business rates discount - 50% discount

From July, people will be able to earn £12,570 a year without paying any income tax or National Insurance.

It’s a £6bn personal tax cut for 30 million people in the UK.

It’s worth over £330 a year and is the largest increase in a basic rate threshold – ever.👇

For the next five years, homeowners having energy saving materials like solar panels, heat pumps, or insulation installed will pay zero VAT.

The relief used to be more generous but the European Courts of Justice required us to restrict its eligibility.

We’re delivering our promise to match NICs and income-tax thresholds in full, this year.

It's the biggest single personal tax cut in over a decade.

70% of all workers will have their taxes cut by more than the amount they’ll pay through the new NHS & Care Levy.

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Today at 5pm Onward will be joined by @ab4scambs, @BCCShevaun, @Annaisaac & @TimPitt11 to provide an immediate reaction to the Chancellor's Budget.

📅Wed 23rd March
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✍️ "I have always seen three major reasons for aiming for net zero – one is to curb climate change, and the other two are to enhance national security and to improve economic resilience."

- CEN MP @ab4scambs for @ConHome 🌏🌳

We really appreciate @Conservatives for the staunch support of Ukraine! @BorisJohnson @OliverDowden @trussliz @BWallaceMP
So many full hearted wishes and genuine desire to help Ukraine! So many true friends of Ukraine! We are #StrongerTogether

The meeting with four Ukrainian MPs, visiting Parliament. They are four very impressive women, seeking help for their country as it faces destruction. Their testimony is incredibly moving, and their courage inspiring. We want to do all we can to help them.

Am in a meeting with very impressive Ukrainian MPs visiting the UK. I asked what they want: more bullet proof jackets, gas masks, chemical hazard suits, for the West to enforce a global blockade of Russian ship, and to establish an anti-Putin alliance of countries.

Want to sponsor a family under the Homes for Ukraine scheme but don't have links with any refugees? Independent matching services are getting up and running - this one by Reset is now live:

🌍Net-zero is a path to energy independence.

@GregHands was absolutely right in response to my question earlier. Net-zero is not part of the problem, it is part of the solution when it comes to both the transition and to energy security. So let's double down!

Next week Onward will be joined by
@ab4scambs, @BCCShevaun, @Annaisaac & @TimPitt11 to provide an immediate reaction to the Chancellor’s Budget and discuss its impact on UK households.

📅Wed 23rd March
📍 Online & In-person

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1. Far from the UK having the worst death rate in Europe (or even Western Europe) as many still think, it is actually 29th in Europe & 9th in Western Europe - below the Western European average & at the same level as France & Germany (no statistically significant difference)

BREAKING: #UK #Covid deaths over-estimated while other countries under-estimated. A study published in The Lancet rates the UK 102nd out of 191 countries for excess deaths.
(Bet THIS won't get prominent publicity on #BBC News).

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