Wendy Chamberlain is MP for North East Fife

What has Wendy Chamberlain been up to today?

Wendy Chamberlain is MP for North East Fife and a member of the Liberal Democrat party.

Wendy Chamberlain has 7745 followers on Twitter.

After the sad news of Deborah James passing, my colleague and I laminated and displayed the signs and symptoms poster from @bowelcanceruk.
These are on the doors of every toilet in the building. These can be found online, if you wish to do the same.

A new poll has shown Alliance is the most trusted party on the Protocol.

We have repeatedly put forward proposals to mitigate checks in the Irish Sea, but the UK Government continue to ignore us and others in favour of the DUP.

We will continue to fight for what's best for NI.

A group of children suffering with long Covid came to parliament this morning hoping to meet Nicola Sturgeon and tell her what life is like with the awful condition of long Covid.

Unfortunately this didn't happen but @agcolehamilton made a point to go and see them.

Today we saw the second highest number of people waiting over 4 hours at A&E and record queues for cancer care.

But the SNP would rather waste time and effort on an unwanted push to further their obsession with breaking up the UK.

As I'm London to welcome @RichardFoordLD to Parliament tomorrow I hunted out a couple of North East Fife connections in the city...

The Liberal Democrats have made political history with this stunning victory in Tiverton and Honiton.

I'm delighted that @RichardFoordLD will be joining us as our 14th MP. He’s going to be a brilliant local champion for the people of Devon.

Last night the Liberal Democrats won a historic by-election victory in Tiverton & Honiton. Here's what I had to say about it on Good Morning Scotland. 👇

Brilliant to have @RichardFoordLD join our team as the newest @LibDems MP 😁
Busy weekend ahead as we prepare to welcome him to Parliament next week! #TivertonandHoniton #TivertonHoniton

Fantastic to be out in Tiverton with @OllyGrender and @mikedixn getting out the vote for the amazing @RichardFoordLD - a real opportunity for change in Devon today! #TivertonandHoniton #TivertonHonitonLD

If @DominicRaab had taken the time to read the Osman Judgment he would know that he has just utterly misrepresented the duty that it imposes on police forces on @BBCr4today. If he hasn't read it, why is he relying on it as an example of why the HRA needs to be replaced?

🚨 Only 3 weeks until closing – submit now 🚨
@FoodbanksAPPG want to hear your views on the most effective and dignified ways communities and all levels of government can support people facing financial crisis
Share your views 👉 https://bit.ly/3M9DH6T

Thank you to all Parliamentarians who joined us today to help make #RefugeesWelcome.

An especially big thank you to @timloughton for his ongoing support and for sponsoring the event.💛

Together we can help people escaping conflict and crises to regain control of their futures.

There are questions to be answered about Downing Street's involvement in removing a story from the Times newspaper, but in not having a standards adviser, Boris Johnson is avoiding scrutiny. I raised the issues yesterday in Parliament. 👇

Susan Murray is our candidate to be East Dunbartonshire's next MP.

The SNP have been awful for Scotland. Meanwhile the Conservatives are reduced to making excuses for Boris Johnson's lies.

In East Dunbartonshire a vote for Susan will send a message that it is time for a change.

It was a real pleasure to meet De-Graft Mensah, one of the current hosts of CBBC's Newsround, in Parliament yesterday. The programme is celebrating its 50th anniversary!

When we welcome refugees to the UK, we welcome much more than what they carry. 

Refugees bring so many skills, hopes, talents, traditions and family stories.

This #WorldRefugeeDay, I'm proud to join @RESCUE_UK to send a clear message: #RefugeesWelcome

This week is #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek!

Cervical screening (smear tests) can save lives, but they aren't always easy for everyone.

Follow @JoTrust this week to learn more about the test, #CervicalScreeningTips that might make it easier, and where you can find support.

The prime minister's own ethics advisor has resigned because of an 'impossible and odious situation'. The letter was published after MPs questioned a minister, preventing Parliament from being able to properly scrutinise it. Boris Johnson can't be trusted to uphold standards.

"Just 16% of Scots think another referendum is a top priority.

Any MSP who thinks that independence trumps the cost of living crisis, the climate emergency and the shocking waits for CAMHS needs to take a long hard look at themselves."



I suggested on @IainDale this evening that Paddington should be the next PM Ethics Advisor. Even Johnson couldn't resist a hard stare, and I think a fictional character the only one likely to agree to take the role! #Geidt

Earlier today I asked the government when the final statement about the autumn booster programme will come.

The interim statement once again left out unpaid carers. It is vital that they have equivalent access to booster vaccination as paid carers.

Consent of both communities in N Ireland was not considered important or necessary over Brexit but is now being used by Liz Truss to justify unilaterally altering an international treaty @BBCr4today #Protocol

"This government cares more about their independence obsession than everyone stuck on the longest NHS waiting lists in history, the cost of living crisis or the climate emergency.

The SNP and Greens are taking people for granted."



I am confused. The Protocol represents such a threat to the stability of the UK that it is legal to breach the international treaty which created it, yet the threat is not serious enough to trigger the clause within the treaty specifically to deal with such a threat, Article 16?

At today's Scottish Affairs Committee I asked representatives from the shipbuilding industry about how their sector can be supported in Scotland. 👇

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