Stephen Farry is MP for North Down

What has Stephen Farry been up to today?

Stephen Farry is MP for North Down and a member of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland party.

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Tonight, @columeastwood @ClaireHanna and I forced a division on the immunity (de facto amnesty) clause in the NIO's Legacy Bill.

Sadly, the Conservative Government rammed this through over the heads of the voices of victims in NI. The fight goes on.

A new poll has shown Alliance is the most trusted party on the Protocol.

We have repeatedly put forward proposals to mitigate checks in the Irish Sea, but the UK Government continue to ignore us and others in favour of the DUP.

We will continue to fight for what's best for NI.

Trust levels in all five political parties from the outgoing NI Executive have increased and levels of distrust have decreased.

Alliance is the most trusted (50% trust, 38% distrust)

The DUP is the most distrusted (68% distrust, 25% trust).


#ICYMI Alliance has written to the UK and Irish Governments, outlining proposals for immediate reform of the Assembly and Executive.

Without these moves, the future of devolution is at risk, @naomi_long says.

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Who do NI voters trust to sort out the Protocol mess in NI? (June 2022)

(Trust or Trust a lot)

Business: 60%
Alliance Party: 50%
EU Commission: 47%
Irish Govt: 45%
Sinn Fein: 36%
DUP: 25%
NI Exec: 17%
UK Govt: 5%

DUP and UK government "not acting in the interests of Northern Ireland" – Sorcha Eastwood as MPs back move to override Brexit deal

@SorchaEastwood | @BBCMarkSimpson

Podcast 📲 @BBCSounds

Today I presented a Bill to Parliament to make it an offence for politicians to wilfully lie to the public

Together with five other parties @Plaid_Cymru have urged @CommonsLeader to ensure the Bill can progress so we can begin to restore faith in democracy


It is shameful that we don’t have an Executive to address the cost of living crisis in NI.

I welcome assurance from Chancellor that households in NI will receive equivalent support.

This support is due in October. But there is much preparation to be done. Urgency required.

Alliance Party @allianceparty

NI households face steeper energy bills than elsewhere in the UK. The Absence of an Executive is blocking Energy Bill Support.

The Chancellor needs to move quickly to ensure equivalent help for NI.

Northern Ireland Protocol Bill ‘built on sand’ claims Alliance’s Farry after legislation clears first Commons test

Yesterday's Protocol Bill was based around a number of false assumptions and disingenuous pretexts. Brexit poses the threat to the GFA. The Protocol offers a soft landing. It is far from perfect solution, but negotiations based on trust are only way forward.

Alliance Party @allianceparty

"This is an extremely bad bill. It's unwanted, unnecessary and indeed it's dangerous," says @StephenFarryMP on the Protocol Bill and how causes major problems for NI.

This is a very good point by @StephenFarryMP about the complaint - made much of in Sunak’s spring statement - that the Protocol’s had the effect of stopping NI getting reduced rate VAT on energy saving materials. It didn’t get it because the government has failed to ask for it.

There are plenty of options remaining that the Government can pursue, says @StephenFarryMP. "People say there's no alternative to this Bill. Let me be very clear: there is." #NIProtocolBill

.@StephenFarryMP has called on the House of Commons to defeat the disgraceful Protocol Bill. Speaking ahead of the Second Reading debate, he stressed that the legislation is very harmful to both Northern Ireland and the UK as a whole.

An incredible evening at the conferral of the #FreedomoftheBorough from Ards and North Down Borough Council on the #IrishGuards #ArdsandNorthDown #Freemen #TurloughMór #Pipes #Drums

Very sad news. Jim Fitzpatrick was a giant in the NI media and the wider community over many decades. I always enjoyed talking with him. Our deepest sympathies to the Fitzpatrick family and the Irish News team.

A shameful, political and anti-woman decision from the US Supreme Court. More reactionary decisions may follow. Around the world previously accepted mights are under attack.

Failure to reform Assembly and Executive risks future of devolution, says @naomi_long as she writes to Governments.

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Many thanks to @StephenFarryMP
for meeting with me today to
discuss the UK’s pledge to the
@GlobalFund. A fully funded replenishment this year will save 20 million lives from being lost to AIDS, TB and Malaria. An ambitious @FCDOGovUK pledge is essential

"This will face serious issues of legitimacy, in terms of the wider victims community," says @StephenFarryMP on the Government's Troubles ‘amnesty’ legislation.

Wherever they are from, whatever they are fleeing, we are open and welcome to them.

Because 𝗲𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝗼𝗻𝗲 deserves the right to safety.


"This PM has made clear on multiple occasions his commitment to the GFA. That includes the ECHR being part of domestic law.

"How can he stand over that commitment when the Justice Sec is about to publish a bill that disapplies the Human Rights Act?" @StephenFarryMP #PMQs

More culture war destructive politics from UKG.

Human rights protections are integral to liberal democracy.

The ECHR is not a menu. You are either fully adhering to it and the Court or you are not.

Well done to all of the @NIFRSOFFICIAL youth cadets who graduated today in Bangor. Great to see them showing off their new skills. Grateful for ongoing service of NIFRS to the community.

Congratulations to all the @NIFRSOFFICIAL cadets who graduated today 🎊 You are a credit to your families, NIFRS & our community. Thanks also to the incredible volunteers who give their time to support, guide & train our young people #MakingADifference #community #volunteers 🚒👩‍🚒

"There are no sacred cows." @PaulaJaneB tells @MarkCarruthers7 there will be no "parish pump politics" from @allianceparty over potential changes to the health service...

"The Assembly has been an impediment, in some respects, to LGBT equality"

@EoinTennyson tells @MarkCarruthers7 the current structures at Stormont means it is incapable of reflecting Northern Ireland today

Today a Parliamentary Committee considered the latest regulations on the commissioning of abortion services in NI.

I welcome clarification from @BrandonLewis that he will directly commission services as soon as his new team of experts in @NIOgov have done the necessary prep.

Helen Keys speaking at @NFFNUK event in Parliament alongside @LinesMartin and @StephenFarryMP
Real challenges for Northern Ireland to transform farming to meet carbon and biodiversity targets.

Alliance's @StephenFarryMP:“The [European] convention is hard-wired into that [Good Friday] agreement. Does she therefore agree it is untouchable?”

Patel: “Because of the legal proceedings that are taking place…I’m not going to pre-empt any remarks or comments around the ECHR."

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