Ronnie Cowan is MP for Inverclyde

What has Ronnie Cowan been up to today?

Ronnie Cowan is MP for Inverclyde and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Thank you to @ToniaAntoniazzi for raising this serious issue again for many suffering families. NHS funded access is the only solution. @sajidjavid I believed you when you told me you would help everyone. Come on, they have waited four years. Time to act. #Westandwithyou

End Our Pain @End_Our_Pain

Thanks to @ToniaAntoniazzi for her continued support and for drawing attention to the continued blocks to patients trying to access #medicalcannabis prescriptions on the #NHS. It is essential that @sajidjavid acts now and intervenes in this crisis.

The #PeatlandACTION team will be at the @ScotGameFair.

We support the delivery of #PeatlandRestoration all over Scotland. Come and speak to us to find out how you can get involved. Find us on Gunmakers Row, stand G14.


🥀 Anas Sarwar and Labour want to keep Scotland’s NHS tied to a right-wing privatising Westminster Tory government.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Independence means our NHS will be protected from Westminster and empowered with the tools to continue delivering for the people of Scotland.

Just finished filming with the amazing crew @BBCNewsnight looking at the potential Gambling Act Review White Paper - scheduled for broadcast tonight. @glagamres @UofGSPS @UofGSocSci @GRHAPPG

If advertising in general or specifically on football shirts did not boost the profile of the product and then lead to more consumers of that product, then nobody would advertise on the shirts! They know it works that’s why they do it.

The Big Step @the_bigstep

Watch this for hard-hitting, evidence based opposition to a gambling sponsorship ban 😅

Well it’s rumoured that the white paper is out next week! We were promised by @CPhilpOfficial changes were coming to ensure safer gambling rules ! I hope he’s a man of his word !
@the_bigstep @carolynharris24 @BorisJohnson @GambleWithLives @ronniecowan

Help! #ProjectFear is in overdrive. The ultra-Tory @Telegraph blurts out that we Scots would no longer be able to have our Fortum & Mason hampers delivered our Scottish townhouse or country estate if we vote #YES. We have had a family meeting & concluded that we would survive.

Argyle Street / West Stewart Street looking good.
Let’s plant wild flowers and create a meadow . @inverclyde #inverclyde

“Our politicians need to know that a failure to take strong action will lead to thousands more suicides over time and that they will be held responsible,” says our co-founder, @Charles_GwL.

Do you have a child starting school this August?
If yes, you may qualify for the Best Start Grant School Age Payment. The applications for children born between 1 March 2017 & 28 February 2018 opened on 1 June 2022.
Call our Financial Wellbeing Officers for info: 0800 013 2196.

Please can I ask Twitter for the biggest favour?

The below petition takes one minute to sign

Support the call to save lives

Sign the petition for Overdose Prevention Centre

We have until 10.30am tomorrow morning

Please help by retweeting


Over 1000 gambling suicides in England since the @Conservatives pledged to review the Gambling Act in 2019

By taking action on these 3 points, they could save hundreds of lives a year 👇🏻📽

Please RT


Scotland has consistently pushed for Safe Drug Consumption Rooms, similar to those which have successfully reduce drug death rates in Portugal. This plan has been consistently blocked by laws set at Westminster. To tackle drug deaths we need more control…..with independence…

Kay Burley @KayBurley

Nicola Sturgeon should be worrying about drug deaths not another referendum

@CPhilpOfficial says people in Scotland don't want #indyref2

#KayBurley UF

“A dead child is not better than a child on cannabis. This is not acceptable.”

A heartfelt thank you to Dr Bonni Goldstein, I was honoured to speak with you today at #CannabisEuropa and I'm so thankful for all the doctors like you sticking up for children and families like mine.

New Policy Podcast!

This week, Craig talks to @Dr_W_E_Bulmer about the UK Government's attempts to bury what is left of the UK's "unwritten" constitution, why an independent Scotland should write a constitution and how we should go about doing it.

"It's inescapable"

The evidence is clear – gambling advertising draws young people into addiction, resulting in hundreds of deaths each year

If the government don't take action on advertising, they will bear responsibility for the deaths

@DCMS @hmtreasury @10DowningStreet

Councillor James Daisley (Ward 6) will be available to meet constituents on the following dates

Just to confess, I have never been a Labour MP nor have I been a justice minister nor am I the Health Secretary - last night’s @BBCNewsnight 🙈😂👀🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 #indyref2

Jamie O'Neill @jays_the_one

Former Labour MP @AamerAnwar?

Enable Death Stare 🤨

How long before @metpoliceuk take the view that what @SamCoatesSky is doing isn’t so very different from what @snb19692 is doing? Let’s consider very carefully where this going.

The Better Together buddies are out in force at Scottish Questions. Tories, Lib Dems and Labour all attacking the democratic right of the Scottish people to hold an independence referendum.

Great evidence session at @CommonsHomeAffs with @_JuniorSmart @jackhspicer and @nickyjanehill ( @Abianda1 ) .

We should all let the evidence lead to better legislation and leave our prejudice at the door.

Foodshare pickup with nephew and grandson tonight (sister on holiday and grandson wanted sleepover!)
Nephew saying that the young team that do some work for him are buzzing about #indyref2
Get in touch! We need your youth and enthusiasm not just your vote!

The UK Government has said it will scrap a law passed in our Senedd that would protect workers rights.

Plaid Cymru has a very simple answer which would remove Westminster’s right to run roughshod over our democracy forever:

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Welsh independence.

Another inspiring day meeting MPs - more than 20, from all parties - to advocate for drug law reform with @anyoneschild families & supporters.


Someone has already noticed that on the 19th of October 1781 General Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown 'effectively ending the American revolution and assuring America’s independence' as Wikipedia puts it.

This afternoon, the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom received a reference by the Lord Advocate under paragraph 34 of Schedule 6 to the Scotland Act 1998 under the Supreme Court’s devolution jurisdiction. More information is available on our website:….

Indyref2: Thursday 19th October 2023.
The hard campaigning continues in earnest, starting now.
Loads of information going through the doors over the next 15 months so lots of help.
Only 478 days to go - no regrets this time - do and give whatever you can.

If there is to be a second referendum on Scottish independence then it needs a clear vision for why an independent Scotland would be different. For me, setting out #BasicIncome as the foundation stone to a new social contract would be the best start #indyref2

The people of Scotland must have their say. Who can argue against that democratic principle?

We shall be seeking an independence referendum on the 19th of October 2023.
The same question as last time. Different outcome.


Grateful to my fellow Bishops within the House of Lords in joining with me to support the need for a statutory gambling levy.

A better funding system for research, treatment and education will reduce gambling-related suicides and save lives.

Have your child's seat checked for FREE today.
📅 Tuesday 28 June 2022
⏰ 10am - 3pm
📍 @Morrisons Car Park, Rue End Street, Greenock PA15 1HA
@GoodEggSafety @RoadSafetyScot @PoliceScotland @SFRSYourSafety @ArnoldClark

"I support the principles that underpin" a universal basic income, says Liberal Democrat MP Daisy Cooper, "I want to live in a country and a society where people are not so desperate they can't afford to pay for the basics" #PoliticsLive

Its time to kick gambling ads out of Sport @the_bigstep @GambleWithLives

Delighted and excited to be working on the final touches to our client, @ManOnInverclyde website. Fingers crossed for launch at the end of the week🚀 #Webdesign #webdevelopment #glasgow #inverclyde

We are delighted to announce that Dr Anne Schlag has joined our team as an Advocate.

She has been very supportive throughout the twelve months it has taken to become a full charity.

#Intractable #medicalcannabis

The Council immediately made this dangerous manhole in Gourock, which I reported, temporarily safe and informed me who was responsible for further attention. On contacting the responsible body, an emergency job was raised immediately and attendance requested the same day.

No single use plastic bottles or cups at the water stations for the Port Glasgow 10k today.
So much less waste and picked a bag of rubbish up too.
Rain? What rain!! Again a great atmosphere and effort from all entrants.
#Inverclyde #portglasgow10k

I’ve not gambled for over 2 years now which is great. I can’t wait to walk with @the_bigstep on 9th July trust me if your suffering from addiction your not alone please reach out

We are supporting this petition urging Bournemouth to drop their gambling sponsor, Dafabet.

Will you add your name and share too? via @38_degrees

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