Pete Wishart is MP for Perth and North Perthshire

What has Pete Wishart been up to today?

Pete Wishart is MP for Perth and North Perthshire and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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Of all the potential future Tory leaders when Johnson eventually goes you would have to conclude it won’t be Raab. #pmqs

Still the hate, still the puerile name calling. They want to be part of a mainstream campaign but they just can’t help themselves. It’s up to them. The only way back for Alba is to stop the hate and the characterisation of us as ‘traitors’ and ‘sell outs’.

In the last indyref there were only 6 SNP MPs. All of us learned to walk tall and stand up to them in the very heartland of their power. This time round there are significantly more of us....

This time round we know what 'No' looks like. It looks like PM Boris Johnson, being taken out of the EU against our will, the attacks on our democracy, Scotland disrespected daily. It looks like this sorry state of affairs being the best we can ever be. #Indyref2023

What a brave, remarkable statement from the First Minister. After all the nonsense, the naysayers, the belligerent opponents, we will do this. Democracy must win.

There we go. If we are legally imprisoned in their union we will fight the next General Election on a platform that 'Scotland should be an independent country'. This is it.

That's quite a masterstroke. Referring the bill directly to the Supreme Court bypasses all the unionist legal challenges.

It was an excellent session with the Cabinet Secretary yesterday. Transcript will be available soon.

What a fantastic concert for Sara’s birthday. ABC, 40 years of the Lexicon of Love with the South Bank Sinfonia conducted by Anne Dudley. Every instrument was mic’d filling Glasgow Concert Hall. With @SOH12 @ABCFRY

It’s ‘the birthday’ today and we’re hitting Glasgow. We’ll reveal where we’re going later….. With ⁦birthday girl @SOH12⁩ 🎂🎁

Great meeting with Perth businessman and all round good guy Pete Chan. Discussing his ‘bag o chips’ weekly walks and support for ⁦@AndysmanclubSco⁩

Partnership working at its best thank you for your support ⁦@PeteWishart⁩ and Pete Chan always up for a photo 😂👌❤️

Visiting the reopened Bothy in Perth with Graham Urquhart from the Scotsman Group and General manager Belinda Swan. Great to have this fantastic eatery and bar back.

Wait till he hears my views on the internal democracy in the Church of England…..

Bet Raab’s glad that’s over. Still not listening, still belligerent, still backing Johnson. They’re toast….. #r4today

Those Tory by-election defeats were as predictable as they were certain to happen. Johnson is simply a vote losing disaster for them now. Going to be an interesting couple of days….

Business Questions on their ‘Brexit day’. ‘This is a Prime Minister with the ethics of a polecat’. Think you’ll like it…..

31 years ago today. Our most iconic and unforgettable gig. Here we are aristocracy bashing... "I'm not too hot on Dukes or Earls or Graces. But I love respect and exalted places". Tear down these walls they keep raising for you.

For worse read ‘much’ worse….

A bit from today’s ‘ethics debate’. “This is a Prime Minister who has the ethics of Caligula overseeing a Government that has the morals of the last days of the Borgias”. I think you’ll like it……

From @PeteWishart: "He's a weird combination of privilege, narcissism, nastiness, and naiveté all wrapped up in that bumbling facade that he has carefully concocted... If there's one PM in need of ethical advice and the assistance of a moral compass, it is surely this PM." ~AA

I will be leading for the @theSNP on the ‘ethics’ debate. It’s almost designed for one of my contributions. Tune in if you want to see the fun. #ethics #themoralityoftheBorgias

I need your help to defend freedom of information and win the release of the UK Government's secret union polls.

Today at 3pm the @CommonsScotAffs will be hearing from the Secretary of State for Scotland @ScotSecofState

Watch on Parliament TV… or live on our Twitter feed

Read more about the session:

Just another Brexit party happy to deny this generation the right to freely live, work and love across a continent. Well done Labour. Johnson is proud of you today.

Bowie. For all the fun that followed. ‘Jock, I’m only dancing’ ‘life on deep fried mars bars’ the man who fell to Perth’ etc. I was there when Kate Moss uttered his famous words. Indyref banter at its best….

Bella Caledonia @bellacaledonia

Who were your favourite 'celebrity' endorsements/appeals in indyref1? It's for a thing.

With the starting gun fired on the next indyref we’re out campaigning in Alyth. With councillor Grant Stewart and ⁦@JohnSwinney⁩

The start of her birthday ‘week’. At our favourite restaurant in the world. The one and only @SOH12 @craigcmillar

‘“Could you imagine any other successful, resource rich country being asked to forego all its own internal democracy to be run by this morally bankrupt failed state. They’d be laughed all the way out of the United Nations.”

Business Questions today. It’s all going to be about getting Scotland out of there morally bankrupt failed state. Think you’ll like it……

Anas Sarwar's anti-democratic position of opposing #indyref2 has him at odds with:

👉 Scotland's trade union movement
👉 Majority of people in his Glasgow constituency
👉 A third of Scottish Labour members

He can oppose independence, but he can't keep opposing democracy. #FMQs

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