Deidre Brock is MP for Edinburgh North and Leith

What has Deidre Brock been up to today?

Deidre Brock is MP for Edinburgh North and Leith and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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This is simply incorrect. Statements on Tuesday are normal. All parties incl Lab agreed to move drugs debate to Thursday once it was clear how many amendments had been put forward to legislation this afternoon and how long that would take, meaning the debate would be very late.

Michael Marra MSP @michaeljmarra

Due to the First Minister’s statement on her referendum bill the debate tonight on Scotland’s drug deaths has been postponed.

⚖️ The full text of the Scottish Independence Referendum Bill, announced in Holyrood today:

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 First Minister @NicolaSturgeon: “I can announce that the Scottish Government is proposing that the independence referendum be held on the 19th October 2023.”

Pretty jaw-dropping stuff

"UK government said it "intends to legislate to remove the Trade Union (Wales) Act 2017 through primary legislation when Parliamentary time allows, to ensure trade union legislation applies equally across Great Britain".

Black House
A b/w snap of a ‘black house’ style croft house and barn on a hill – likely somewhere near Ardgay/Bonar Bridge. Three people, a woman and two men are standing in front of the building.

Ed Davey absolutely terrified of saying anything about rejoining EU SM, FoM. The @LibDems @scotlibdems are as hamstrung by a commitment to a hard #Brexit as the Tories & Labour. #SundayMorning

The First Minister railed against years of austerity 'forced on Scotland by Westminster governments that we did not vote for'

"In early June 2008, I spent an uncomfortable night in a damp, dingy, dark bedroom in Kinloch Castle on the Island of Rum"

When you find out your research has been raised in Parliament 🤯. Thank you @DeidreBrock and @openDemocracy for raising our research:
You can find the report here: And article here:

Great to see people in town getting ready for #EdinburghPride. Being openly gay at school & Uni in the 90s led to violence and being socially outcast. How far we have come. Let’s never go backwards. Have a great day and stay safe 🌈 ❤️.

The news release on the Food Security & Supply Taskforce is here

A copy of the full, government/industry report is here

Thanks to @scotgov for quick action & industry who contributed.

This is just the start.

Edinburgh Bus Tours would like to wish everyone celebrating Pride in the capital a brilliant day 😊🏳️‍🌈 #LoveIsLove

#EdinburghBusTours #PrideEdinburgh #EdinburghPride #PrideMonth

For 3 months, @scotgov Cabinet Secretary @MairiGougeon & I have chaired a Food Security & Supply Taskforce.
Set up just after Russia invaded Ukraine, it’s report is now out.
A short 🧵 on why it marks a turning point in how we prioritise food security in this country.

Right to abortion overturned by US Supreme Court after nearly 50 years “Whatever the exact scope of the coming laws, one result of today's decision is certain: the curtailment of women's rights, and of their status as free and equal citizens.”

Positive comments @NicolaSturgeon #RHS2022 that farming is essential and integral to Scotland and that the Scottish Government will use its powers to the Maximum extent to help Scotlands farmers & Crofters. @NFUStweets

Day two breakfast at the Royal Highland Show hosted by Shepherd Wedderburn and Bidwells. Mairi McAllan speaking on rebalancing Scottish Agriculture touching on trade deals, SACGS and the price challenges facing farmers. #NFUS2022 #RHS2022

TILDA SWINTON 'I don’t quite believe the word British. I feel like it’s sort of a strictly-for-export term. I have never felt British, politically. I am happy to describe myself as Scottish and I feel, like many people, that Scotland is a naturally independent country.' #indyref2

🔴 @DeidreBrock in Parliament today asking about @openDemocracy 's recent story about how the Conservatives have failed to explain what £3.6m of spending in the 2019 general election paid for.

Clip well worth a watch

Culture Secretary @AngusRobertson has welcomed @Screenscots report on how the screen sector delivers £567.6 million Gross Value Added to the Scottish economy & sustains 10,280 jobs, saying: "Supporting the screen sector to grow and develop sustainably is a key @scotgov priority."

We’re all set up for the @ScotlandRHShow! We're here until Sunday, come and experience some of Scotland's finest produce. Stop by to say hello and stock up on Mara Seaweed 🌊

#HighlandShow #RHS200

Ahead of historic 🇪🇺 EU Council meeting @Europarl_EN gives Ukraine unambiguous backing for EU candidate status (and a standing ovation) 👏🏼👏🏼🇺🇦

"It’s no coincidence that the very politicians the Human Rights Act holds to account want to see it fatally weakened,” says Amnesty International’s UK Chief Executive Sacha Deshmukh on the government’s new Bill of Rights.

We are DELIGHTED ten more kittens have been born in our conservation breeding for release centre at @HighlandWPark 🧡

Born to mums Tulla and Margaret, the two litters of five could be among the first of their kind released into the Cairngorms next year 👉

Last week, the Scottish Election Study, an independent, academic study of Scottish politics, elections and voting behaviour, published results showing that a clear majority of Scots consider the results of the last election to be a mandate for #indyref2:

Is that right, Mr Jack? Despite the majority in our parliament for that referendum? Let’s be clear, a country’s right to choose should not be determined by the “firm belief” of an MP whose party holds only six seats in Scotland…

Brexit Legacy Is Hotter UK Inflation Risk for Years to Come - “The UK will be stuck with searing inflation for years because of Brexit, according to strategists at Wall Street’s top banks” Bloomberg

In Scotland, we have a Gaelic saying: Ceud Mìle Fàilte. It means ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, you are welcome in our country. That was my message to the Global Parliamentary Conference on Migration in Istanbul today.


🔎 Scottish Tory transport spokesman does not think the UK government should be negotiating with rail unions.

👀 But just a few weeks ago, he was urging the Scottish Government to do just that.

👉🏼 To the Tories, this is all just a game.

Scottish goods 'to be hit with EU tariffs' if Boris Johnson sparks trade war - whisky & salmon amongst items predicted to be worst affected #Brexit #NIProtocol

Interesting trial from Oz - drone planting 40k tree seed pods, shrubs and grasses a day in battle to improve biodiversity & blitz non-native invasive species in Australian Botanic Garden

🤷‍♂️ A bizarre clip of Murdo Fraser revealing some of the many reasons why the Tories at Westminster don’t want Scotland to become independent.

Another excellent piece by @tconnellyRTE summing up current positions on the #NIprotocol & relations with Europe: “The view across EU capitals is “that at every turn, London’s legal and political justification has been convoluted and disingenuous”

Tony Connelly @tconnellyRTE

NI Protocol: No off ramps, only cliff edges via @RTENews

“…the Scottish government’s case for independence once again, this week, sounded more dynamic, more credible, and more in tune with 21st century values than the Unionist forces ranged against it” - ⁦@joycemcm⁩

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