Brendan O’Hara is MP for Argyll and Bute

What has Brendan O’Hara been up to today?

Brendan O’Hara is MP for Argyll and Bute and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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"There is future if there is truth" via @ComisionVerdadC Awaiting the publication of the Colombian Truth Commission's report on 28 June 2022

"What he’ll do next is the talk of Westminster."

In his column this week, Argyll and Bute MP @BrendanOHaraMP discusses the Prime Minister's future.

In victory speech, Gustavo Petro, issued call for unity, extended an olive branch to harshest critics, saying all opposition members would be welcomed 'to discuss the problems of Colombia'. Writing a new chapter of history for Colombia

With the Refugee Convention under Tory attack like never before, on #WorldRefugeeDay2022 let’s all say loudly -

#RefugeeWeek #RefugeeDay   @scotrefcouncil

Bute’s last independent Fruit & Veg shop has been given a new lease of life! Allowing Jessmay to finally hang up her scissors and have a well earned retirement, this wonderful family are all set to take on the challenge of running their own small business. #shoplocal #isleofbute

#WeaponsofWar As nations meet in Vienna for the crucial talks on nuclear weapons, UN Sec General says, ‘Sexual violence in conflict is a despicable tactic of war & repression that destroys lives, terrorises populations & fractures communities.’ Both devastate. Pray for victims.

.@churchmoderator has accused the UK Government of "dishonouring God" by continuing to put up barriers against vulnerable people fleeing conflict.


This morning in my role as @theSNP Cabinet Office spokesperson, I asked the Paymaster General about publishing the resignation letter of Lord Geidt. I think the pressure of being sent out to defend the Prime Minister is taking its toll, because his response was quite something!

Lord Geidt's resignation letter is finally released. He is devastating in how he views Boris Johnson, his lack of character & morality. His language - "odious", "deliberate", "regret", "an affront", "I can have no part in this" is totally damning.

Niall Paterson @skynewsniall

It is now. Oooooh boy, it is now.

🥀 Ignoring the democratic will of the people of Scotland is not a progressive position.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland has the right to choose a better, fairer and greener future with independence. Not be relegated to branch office status.

No parent should have to choose between being with their premature or sick baby in neonatal care and having to go back to work to earn a living.

We can and must ensure parents of babies in neonatal care get the paid leave and support they need.,snp-mp-tables-bill-to-establish-neonatal-leave-scheme#.YqmJlSjprw0.twitter

A cross party group of MPs & MSPs wrote this letter👇 to the PM urging the gov to cancel the #RwandaDeportation its worth a read today. Thank you to all who work to uphold the refugee convention.

STREAMING NOW: State of the Union with @CMonaghanSNP and @BrendanOHaraMP.
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This morning, at some isolated spot, private contractors are strapping a tiny group of terrified and desperate men and women, perhaps children, into restraining devices, the more easily to port them aboard an airplane bound for a country most have never been to in East Africa.

I haven't seen a more thorough dismantling of gov't policy than this interview by @skynewsniall to @trussliz on the Northern Ireland protocol in a long while. Truss has not a single answer, of course, but it's satisfying to see the right questions asked. Deserves to go viral. ~AA

I’m representing one of the last people still on the Rwanda flight today and I must say it’s disturbing to see the Home Office briefing the BBC in this misleading & unpleasant way. First of all, my client hasn’t “lost repeatedly in court” - today is his 1st & probably only >

This government have done some pretty awful things... way too many to list here, but even by their standards, the immorality of this Rwanda deportation plan beggars belief. Today as @theSNP Intl Human Rights spokesperson I asked how they planned to evaluate its success or lack of

Archbishop Nolan today went to Dungavel to show solidarity with those asylum seekers locked inside and to express his horror at UK Govt’s scheme to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda.

With the weans at a packed Ingliston Big Top eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Christmas present… James, live in concert.

Archbishop Nolan: “The policy of forcibly deporting to Rwanda people who have come to this country in search of safety and security is morally wrong.
"It is an offence against human dignity and against all the best traditions of welcome of this country.”

Here's me trying to explain to MPs this week why the Rwanda plan might amount to constructive and chain refoulement in breach of Article 33 of the Refugee Convention.

Work commitments may have prevented me attending the ceremony at Dunoon Grammar School this morning but I did not let the announcement that @dunoongs had been shortlisted in the World's Best Schools Prizes @BestSchoolPrize 2022 go unnoticed at Westminster. Huge congratulations.

I've read & spoken to @FigandPen about the unmitigated disaster that Brexit has been for her business. Today, speaking for @theSNP I challenged Brexit Opportunities Minister to say how long she and thousands of others must wait for his promised "broad, sunlit uplands" to arrive

Please Retweet to help Argyllshire local girl Jamie receive the specialist treatment she desperately needs.

@abhscp @MemberThirty @jenni_minto @Argyll_ButeTSI @BrendanOHaraMP

📣 @BrendanOHaraMP: "Scotland deserves a better democracy than the charade that is currently being foisted upon us by Westminster."

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 With independence, we will always get the governments we vote for - not Boris Johnson and the Tories.

🗳️ Scotland will have that choice.

I’ve seen with my own eyes the devastating #environmental impact of the [Cerrejon] mine.. the pain of #INDIGENOUS communities pushed off their land for its expansion... a worrying double standard [by Irish Gov] in this shift back to Cerrejón,says @GaryGannonTD @BrendanOHaraMP

London Mining Network @londonmining

ESB slammed over 'blood stained' new coal deal after replacing Russian supply

“Independence…is not about turning away from the rest of the UK, Europe or the world.”

– Nicola Sturgeon speaks to Katya Adler about Scottish independence.

#HayFestival2022 @NicolaSturgeon @BBCkatyaadler

#asylumseekers Just when you thought it couldn’t become more inhumane, the Home Office tells hunger strikers the’ll be deported to Rwanda all the quicker. Join our online event on June 13 to learn how to challenge this hostile environment.

The 30 days countdown for the Colombian Truth Commission's report has started. The report will present crucial findings and recommendations for the No Repetition. Watch the @ComisionVerdadC full video here 👉 #Colombia #PeaceProcess

Johnson 1pm : I'm sorry. I've been humbled.

And....I've learnt lessons.

Johnson 2pm: I've changed the rules so I never need to be sorry or humbled again.

Gustavo Petro could soon become Colombia's first leftist president, a watershed moment for one of Latin America's most politically conservative societies.

His ascent has been propelled by the biggest, loudest youth electorate in the country's history.

📢 Today we'll be back in Parliament with @SebastianDDHH, asking for action to support for human rights defenders facing threats in #Colombia at what is a a crucial time for peace and democracy in the country 🇨🇴

"They were every week... wine time Fridays"

Insiders who attended lockdown gatherings in Downing Street tell @bbcLauraK that social events were held regularly and the prime minister was there "grabbing a glass for himself"

Exclusive: Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe reveals for the first time how she was made to sign a false confession in the presence of the British government.

Nazanin has never told her own story in full - until now.

Join @Emmabarnett on @BBCOne at 8pm & on @bbcwomanshour tomorrow.

ABColombia with 🇮🇪 & 🇬🇧 parliamentarians recently met with Afro-Colombia communities in La Guajira who are struggling to protect their land against a proposed mining project in Cañaverales. Read more on their rights here #AfrocolombianDay

The Afro-Colombian communities of Cañaverales, fear for the future of their environment and the community if a multinational #mining project in this region goes ahead. #AfroColombianDay #DiaDeLaAfrocolombianidad @laguajirahabla @CINEP_PPP #Colombia

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