Allan Dorans is MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock

What has Allan Dorans been up to today?

Allan Dorans is MP for Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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This #WorldRefugeeWeek I'm pleased to send a clear message to the UK Government - refugees are welcome here.

I want to recognise and welcome the refugees who have made Ayrshire their home, and who bring so much to our local community.

This week is #CervicalScreeningAwarenessWeek.

If you've been invited for your smear test, book it now. Smear tests can save lives, but they aren't always easy for everyone. Visit @JoTrust to learn more about the test:

Privileged to attend Armed Forces Day in Ayr to thank and acknowledge our armed forces, past and present, for their service. We are forever in their debt. Photos of Reverend David Gemmell who conducted the flag raising service and Provost Iain Campbell of South Ayrshire Council.

The Governmentโ€™s plan to deport people to #Rwanda is a disgrace and must be stopped.

I am standing against the #AntiRefugeeLaws which seek to punish those who need protection.

As a former Police Officer, I understand stress comes with the job & we must deal with this. However, it's unhelpful for the media to suggest mental health illnesses are soaring among our officers, when figures show these absences are, in fact, falling:

Iโ€™m pleased to add my name to this cross-party letter urging the Prime Minster to cancel tomorrowโ€™s deportation flight to #Rwanda. This is a shameful and abhorrent plan which must be dropped immediately.

Great to see my colleague @allandoransMP today as we attended Auld Kirkโ€™s church service for the Queens platinum jubilee. Always in awe of the church Rabbie Burns attended and the great history. ๐Ÿด๓ ง๓ ข๓ ณ๓ ฃ๓ ด๓ ฟ

Pleased to attend a meeting of the Women Against State Pension Injustice (WASPI) group this afternoon in Ayr and delighted to be recognised and presented with a WASPI HERO AWARD for my support for the cause since 2017. The campaign for justice for the WASPI women continues !

Every month I have a column in the @cumnockchron

You can now find my monthly contribution on their website. Here's my column for May:

I support a ban on foie gras made by force-feeding. We agreed it's too cruel to produce in the UK, now letโ€™s finally end the hypocrisy by banning all foie gras imports! Read @animal_equalityโ€™s new report:

Dementia is one of our greatest long term health challenges, with a devastating impact on individuals and their loved ones. That's why I've written to @SyedKamall in support of @AlzResearchUK's call for a Dementia Medicines Taskforce.

Today marks the start of #CarersWeek2022!

Carerโ€™s have, and continue to, work tirelessly to provide support to loved ones throughout our community.

I want to sincerely thank all the carers in the constituency for their compassion, dedication and commitment to helping others.

38 years after the death of SNP deputy leader Willie McRae a fatal accident enquiry still remains refused

The death was sudden suspicious and unexplained.
I call upon the Lord advocate to start inquiry into the death of Willie McRae
If you agree please RT and show your support

I have written to the Chancellor on behalf of my constituents in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock on the urgent need to protect the banking and cash networks for the many who still rely upon it.

I will continue to campaign to prevent any further bank closures:

'Its achievements have largely been overlooked by the Scottish media, seeing little coverage while the TV and press have focused on a small number of high-profile failures' // @allandoransMP

By defeating #Malaria we will strengthen our health systems and create a world that is safer for everyone. A successful @GlobalFund replenishment this year will bring us one step closer to #ZeroMalaria. @FCDOGovUK

The @saastweet is urging new and continuing students to apply for their funding now! This is crucial to ensure your funding will be in place for the start of the new term. To apply students must complete an online application form at:

๐Ÿ‘‡๐Ÿปโ€œThe @scotgov has continued to successfully deliver new & complex social security benefits in challenging circumstances. THIS IS A SIGNIFICANT ACHIEVEMENT. There is a conscious focus on the needs of service users, building on the principles of dignity, fairness, & respect..โ€โ—๏ธ

Today is #NursesDay!

From my recent experiences of being hospitalised and cared for by both NHS Scotland and NHS England, I have nothing but admiration and respect and thanks for the professionalism and dedication of our wonderful nurses everywhere.

Early diagnosis is essential to improving #bowelcancer outcomes.

Being able to recognise the symptoms could save your life. Read about the common symptoms below:

Excluding a foie gras ban from the #QueensSpeech condemns hundreds of thousands more ducks and geese to a life of violence and force-feeding.

@BorisJohnson and the Government should know: we will not let this issue drop! RT if you're with us, for the animals โœŠ

The Government wants to rip up our #HumanRightsAct.

They want more power for them and fewer rights for you.

If enough of us take a stand we can stop them.

Speak up to #SaveYourRights

Today is #FirefightersMemorialDay.

At noon today we stop for a minutes silence to pay tribute and remember those who sadly lost their lives while serving their community.

Their bravery and sacrifice will not be forgotten.

Every 15 mins someone is diagnosed with #bowelcancer and sadly more than 16,500 people die from the disease each year in the UK.

Thatโ€™s why I am supporting @bowelcanceruk to continue raising awareness of the disease. Join me here:

Last Saturday before Council Elections supporting Ayr West SNP candidates, Margaret (Meg) and George Weir in Ayr High Street today. You are important. Your vote counts.People have died for us to have that right. Irrespective of how you may vote, please honour them, by voting.

In the run up to #MentalHealthAwareness Week I want to highlight the fantastic work of @AyrshireColl's #WearItOnYourSleeve Men's Mental Health campaign. They have created a safe online space for male students to open up about their mental health and you can find them on Facebook.

I was delighted to attend the @AlzResearchUK 's virtual event yesterday. Such an interesting and insightful discussion from the panel about the potential a #DementiaMedicinesTaskforce could have.

Thanks to all for kind words wishing me a speedy recovery after my recent fractured femur.Recovering well and able to walk (with crutches) 200 yards to the local pharmacy today. Gentle reminder for upcoming Council Elections. You are important ! Your vote counts ! Please vote !

You still have time to fill in #ScotlandsCensus2022 - the closing date is 1st May. It is your LEGAL responsibility to fill this in. Anyone who hasn't completed this by 1st May could face a fine. Help and support is available at or on 0800 030 8308.

COVID-19 has set back progress to #EndMalaria.

This #WorldMalariaDay Iโ€™m calling for an ambitious UK pledge to @GlobalFund to help get progress back on track, and strengthen our defences against future pandemics. @trussliz @FCDOGovUK

Delighted to be able to leave the house for the first time after 3 weeks on crutches, to meet with Dr George and Margaret (Meg) Weir, SNP Candidates for Ayr West in the Council elections on 5th May. Both will be outstanding Councillors for this area.

Calling local businesses in the constituency - @AyrshireDeal in partnership with @AyrshireChamber is offering two free virtual information sessions about the Ayrshire Growth Deal on:

- 16th May -

- 20th May -

If you have an idea or a business that innovates around climate action and sustainability then apply for the @BudBrewingUKI @100_Accelerator challenge by 30th April and help boost your business and build a smarter world:

Sad unable to attend the service of remembrance tomorrow for WPC Yvonne Fletcher,murdered in 1984 Home after 16 days in St Thomasโ€™s Hosp with a fractured femur. Wonโ€™t stop me wearing my face mask to continue to raise awareness of the #justice4yvonne campaign, at every opportunity

Census day has passed but there is still time to fill in #ScotlandsCensus2022
The results will help local authorities, the health service and government plan vital public services to improve the lives of those in Scotland. Help is available on the website:

I was delighted to meet with the founders of @OshaysFASD back in February to discuss the vital work they are doing to bring attention to Foetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder #FASD. The group have worked tirelessly to help others, and for this I applaud them.

In St Thomasโ€™s Hospital London. Visited this evening by the legend, John Murray. Message for Government and Saleh Mabrouk. We are not going away, not giving up, we will achieve justice for Yvonne,whatever it takes.
The Campaign for Justice for Yvonne continues! @Justice4Yvonne

You can now download my newsletter for the month of March on my website:

If you would like to receive my newsletter by email each month, please email: including your full name and address, with YES in the subject heading.

March Monthly Update.

I plan to post an update of my work in Parliament and the Constituency each month, to keep constituents up to date with what I am doing as their representative.

Hereโ€™s some of what I did in March:

Yesterday, I asked the Under Secretary of State what discussions he had had with the Scottish Government in relation to the P&O's actions and what efforts has he made with Cabinet colleagues to end the utterly despicable practice of #fireandrehire

Here is his (non) answer:

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