Alan Brown is MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun

What has Alan Brown been up to today?

Alan Brown is MP for Kilmarnock and Loudoun and a member of the Scottish National Party party.

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The UK Gov. cannot stand in the way of democracy with a pro-indy majority in Holyrood again. There's a clear appetite for political change with no alternative at Westminster. If blocked I will stand in a GE on the single issue of indy. We need our future in our own hands #Yes

It was a pleasure to meet with Ruth Hogg from Stewarton Academy in Westminster. I am delighted Ruth is joining the UK Parliament Teachers’ Institute this week as better engagement and dialogue with young people is of fundamental importance to our democracy @UKParlEducation

Ahead of Armed Forces Day, I was honoured to attend @EastAyrshire's flag raising event at London Road. It is imperative we pay tribute to all the service men and women, past and present, for their dedication and sacrifice #ArmedForcesDay2022

Earlier today, @grantshapps bragged about introducing new legislation to bring in agency workers to break strikes.
It seems pertinent, therefore, to share his words about our members during COVID when, far from being militant trade unionists, he described them as "true heroes".

Last week I attended @BreastCancerNow drop-in event at Westminster. Early diagnosis is the best chance of survival, therefore I am pleased to support their #NoTimeToWaste campaign. For more info contact the Helpline for free on 0808 800 6000 or visit 👇

‘Perhaps the UK Government should take a feather out of the Scottish Government’s hat and propose 5% along with a 5 year no compulsory redundancy agreement’

@RMTunion representative Mick Hogg spoke to #TheNine after rail workers nationwide went on strike today.

diary of former Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan, April 2018:

"apparently Carrie Symonds, head of press in Conservative HQ, is due to become a SPAD in the FCO...."

On #RefugeeWeek2022 I dropped into @RESCUE_UK drop-in session at Westminster. Always happy to convey my support for those fleeing conflict and oppression #RefugeesWelcome

I need your help to defend freedom of information and win the release of the UK Government's secret union polls.

Great night at @Takeabow_kk 10 year anniversary show last night.
Some top performers but the highlight was the visible joy in the youngest performers.
Well done to Martyn and Natalie the joint chief executives.
Thanks also to the trustees who help keep the trust going.

Great to be at Stewarton Bonnet Guild Festival today. Turnout to watch the parade was amazing. Great gesture to also crown the 2020 and 2021 Queens.
Well done to a hard working committee and set of volunteers.

Next week I will be holding a pop-up surgery at Kilmarnock Cross between 12pm - 1pm. Feel free to drop by and have a chat. If you can’t manage along but need assistance please contact my office and I will do all I can to help.

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1 in 14 people in the UK lives with Diabetes.
There are some other numbers we would like to share with you this #DiabetesWeek.
Read our patient information on the feet and Diabetes at
Service commissioners, find out more at

9️⃣ out of the 🔟 countries we examined in this paper were previously part of a larger union or governed by neighbouring countries.

🌍Not a single one has chosen to go back.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿It has worked for them it can and will work for Scotland.

STREAMING NOW: State of the Union with @CMonaghanSNP and @BrendanOHaraMP.
How did things get so bad? Is there any end to the sleaze, scandal and corruption? Is change even possible within the UK?
Available wherever you listen to your podcasts and from

Happy to add my name to this cross-party letter urging the UK Gov. to cancel tomorrow's flight to #Rwanda. Refugees should be offered protection on the basis of need, not on their method of escape from danger. They must put an end to this immediately and show some compassion.

Disappointed not to be taking part in this year's Roon The Toon.
Organised superbly as always and good luck to all taking part.
Closest I have ever got to the elite runners right enough. 😃

My last few @KillieStandard columns. Both also available on my website 👇

Have a great weekend, folks!

I am happy to convey my support for the calls to ratify the Istanbul Convention - violence against women must stop. The UK Government have to take urgent action and safeguard those who need protection @ICChangeUK

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Good of Miles Briggs MSP to help highlight more Tory UK Government failings during this cost of living crisis. I am sure he will now be demanding action.

It's energy failure after failure with this Gov. Hinkley is well over budget and Sizewell C's impact assessment says it will cost £63bn for a new nuclear station. I agree with the former energy minister, it is an utter fantasy they will deliver a new nuclear reactor every year...

This #CarersWeek, @CarersUK are calling for the Government to publish a Recovery and Respite Plan for Unpaid Carers. I fully support this call to ensure all unpaid carers get the support they need and deserve. You can also support the campaign 👇

I have once again called on the UK Government to deliver fair and fast compensation to the @WASPI_Campaign. Pensioners are already feeling the financial wrath caused by the cost of living crisis and this has dragged on for too long. It is time for this injustice to be resolved.

Whilst covering for the PM (again) @grantshapps has blamed the #aviation sector for the current problems (again).
Unions warned in Jan this would happen👇
I've been warning of this exact scanario for over 2 yrs. The treasury refused to listen

Had been neglecting my duties at memorial bench after my sister doing the spring start. Glad to get some maintenance work done with Cyndi and Dylan.

Congratulations yet again to @atfc1909 . Another cup in the locker...such an incredible record. A great day out in the sun. Well done to all involved with the club.

Great to see so many people enjoying the Newmilns (cattle) show.
The beer tent a necessity for some thirst quenching on the heat. 😉

Been enjoyable spending a couple of days and nights on Cumbrae. Great seeing families walking and cycling the island; paddle boarding; yachting and folk just enjoying the holiday sun.
It's possible Coby is feeling the effects of his walk.

The Westminster government want to give people the choice of metric measurements but not to decide their constitutional future via a referendum.

Make it make sense.

MP @AlanBrownSNP was at Sloy #Hydro Power Station on Friday. Alan heard about hydro’s vital role in achieving #netzero, particularly #pumpedstorage hydro and the need for a market support mechanism to underpin investment in pumped storage capacity, such as our #CoireGlas project.

We have six-and-a-half million fuel poor households and even after the measures put in place today, millions more will be pushed into fuel poverty. The Chancellor admitted as much earlier...

Today, the 26th May, marks the 67th anniversary of the 1955 general election - the last time Scotland voted Tory. Anyone who voted in that election must now be at least 88 years of age. Despite this, Scotland has endured Conservative governments for 46 of those 67 years.

Ah. The new excuse from Johnson he had no idea the gatherings went on way longer after he attended.
Presumably when he raised his glass to toast them and was surrounded by bottles he had no idea what was going on....still trying to take us all for fools.

Now we have the #SueGrayReport we can look forward to some announcement soon on dealing with this Tory #CostOfLivingCrisis ......not because they care about the possible 12m fuel poor households if there isn't any action. Because they care only about themselves.

Ofgem confirmed to me at committee that this could mean 12million fuel poor households unless UK Govt action taken.
This is now a national emergency and thousands of people could die as a consequence.
An emergency budget is long overdue.

BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking

Energy price cap in UK expected to rise to £2,800 in October - up by more than £800, regulator warns

I was there! Amazing to think this was 25years. Watching Killie on the 1980s I never thought I would see Killie win a cup let alone imagine the scenes of celebration on John Finnie Street and the town centre.
A fantastic day.

KillieFCSLO @KillieFCSLO

Where were you 25 years ago today?🤔😁🏆🥇💙🤍 #ScottishCup

A new Killie podcast brought to you by the fans for the fans. All RTs and follows appreciated. Official launch expected before League Cup group stages, with plenty of Killie related guests agreeing to come on over the course of the season. Forever and ever 💙💙💙

After doing deals with the Tories all over Scotland, Scottish Labour demand the slogan "vote labour to keep the Tories out" 🤷🤦

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