Hywel Williams is MP for Arfon

What has Hywel Williams been up to today?

Hywel Williams is MP for Arfon and a member of the Plaid Cymru party.

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Workers' real pay will be cut by £470 thanks to Brexit

The deafening silence from Labour on this huge cut to workers’ pay is a dereliction of duty

@Plaid_Cymru are clear - we must rejoin the single market https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/workers-real-pay-cut-470-27293183

"Every year, the British legislature increases in size by appointments to the House of Lords. When was the last time we had a referendum on that?"

@BenMLake exposes Tory hypocrisy on Senedd reform 🔥


Following their widely-acclaimed work with Afghan refugees in Cardiff, the Welsh youth organisation @Urdd is now supporting 220 Ukrainian refugees in one of 6 @WelshGovernment Welcome Centres

We visited on World Refugee Day…


I, @FletcherPlaid and @buffywills tabled a motion calling on Government to Empower our communities, calling for community first right of refusal to buy community assets, a register of community assets, and funding and practical support, akin to Scotland. It passed unopposed! /1

“John Ystumllyn – un o arddwyr Du cyntaf Prydain…” @CylchgrawnGolwg

If the Isle of Man can control its own housing policies, then why not Cornwall?

The only way to solve our housing crisis is for powers over housing and planning to be devolved to Cornwall. We’re a national minority. It’s our right. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-isle-of-man-61867736

The FAW has confirmed all projected profit from FIFA’s prize money for qualifying for the World Cup will be invested into grassroots facilities https://nation.cymru/sport/gareth-bale-hails-faws-4m-grassroots-investment-after-wales-world-cup-qualification/

It's 6 years since #Brexit vote, yet leaked letter by PM's own Chief of Staff shows Govt thinks best “Brexit benefit” will end up being freedom to give city fatcats the privilege of being paid in shares, while “little people” suffer wage cuts during cost of living scandal #PMQs

I was so proud when pupils planted the #johnystumllynrose today. They will walk past everyday knowing about the symbol of love, friendship and community. This story is being revived and shared! @Zehra_Zaidi @siangwenfelin @garddioamwy @mariangwyn @mrchappell84

🚄 Does dim sylwedd i’r honiad fod HS2 yn brosiect ‘Lloegr a Chymru’ – does dim modfedd o drac i’w cael yng Nghymru.

Hen dric gan San Steffan i osgoi talu Cymru y £5bn sy’n dyledus i ni.

🌸Rosa Cutie Pie🌸

So delighted to have been awarded a Gold for “Rosa Cutie Pie” today at the #hta national plant show. Entered by @WyevaleNurs ! #newplants @NeilAlcock @Seiontnurseries @KaiAlcockHort

✍🏻 My column in the @CDHerald

‘Boris Johnson and his Ministers must change their approach not stand back saying the rail strike is nothing to do with them and get stuck in to solving the immediate problems.’

#RailStrikes 🚆

Workers' real pay will be cut by £470 thanks to Brexit

The deafening silence from Labour on this huge cut to workers’ pay is a dereliction of duty

@Plaid_Cymru are clear - we must rejoin the single market https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/politics/workers-real-pay-cut-470-27293183

Council of Europe rapporteur evades Spain's offensive against Catalonia report via @Elnacionalcaten https://www.elnacional.cat/en/politics/council-of-europe-rapporteur-spain-offensive-catalonia_776628_102.html

Pleser yw lansio partneriaeth rhwng @ITVCymruWales @MencapCymru - achos sy'n agos at fy nghalon.

Y nod yw sicrhau bod pobl ag anableddau dysgu yn cael cyfle i lwyddo mewn gyrfa yn y diwydiant creadigol.

Diolch @JulieMorganLAB @Sioned_W @MarkIsherwoodMS am noddi'r digwyddiad.

Britain today is a poor and divided country. swaths of uk are among Western Europe’s poorest. Barely a decade ago, the average Brit was as wealthy as the average German. Now they are about 15 percent poorer—& 30 percent worse off than the typical American. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2022/06/britain-brexit-economic-impact-boris-johnson/661332/

Falch o fod allan gyda @Adamprice ar llinell piced @RMTunion yng Nghaerdydd bore 'ma.

Ni fydd Boris Johnson yn siarad â nhw.
Ni fydd Starmer yn eu cefnogi.

Ond bydd @Plaid_Cymru bob amser yn sefyll gan weithwyr ✊

Ignoring reality won't make it any less real:

Brexit has worsened the cost of living crisis

@Plaid_Cymru is clear that rejoining the single market is the obvious solution https://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/politics/the-uk-needs-rejoin-single-24255238

Wishing you all a wonderful #SummerSolstice🌛

The image below shows Dr William Price.

He was a vegetarian nudist, chartist and druid who believed in free love and herbal remedies 🌿

He is best known as a pioneer of modern cremation 🔥



“Brawdgarwch, cydraddoldeb a rhyddid: angen cadw egwyddorion Iolo Morganwg yn y cof”

Rydym wedi bod yn brysur mewn cyfres o gyfarfodydd a thrafodaethau yn Llundain, diolch yn fawr @BenMLake @LSRPlaid a @HywelPlaidCymru am ymuno gyda ni. We've had a series of meetings in London, great to see @BenMLake @LSRPlaid and @HywelPlaidCymru for a wide ranging discussion.

*SWYDD NEWYDD* Fel prentis yn y maes Priffyrdd a Bwrdeistrefol bydd disgwyl i chi fod yn rhan o amryw o brosiectau yn cwblhau gwaith cynnal a chadw sirol yn ogystal â gweithio ar ffyrdd ddeuol. Dyddiad cau:07/07/22 @CyngorGwynedd https://diogel.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/SwyddiArLein/cy/Swydd/Manylion/22770

*NEW JOB* As an apprentice in Highways and Municipal you will be expected to be involved in various projects completing county maintenance as well as dual carriageway work. Closing date: 07/07/22 @CyngorGwynedd https://diogel.gwynedd.llyw.cymru/SwyddiArLein/en/Swydd/Manylion/22770

A suggestion to environmentalists out there who want to see sustainable change across our countyside.
Don't label farmers as the enemy; they are not all 'barley barons'.

Taith gerdded Sadwrn a Sul nesa o Benygroes i Pont y Cim - es i lawr yn sydun bore heddiw i wneud yn siwr fod y bont dal yna. Clywed @Tudur @BBCRadioCymru yn son am y bont wsnos dwetha. rhysmwyn@hotmail.co.uk os am ddod ar y daith

Thanks to Plaid Cymru, free school meals for primary school pupils in Wales will begin in September...

...a significant step forward in our efforts to address the cost of living crisis and child poverty in Wales. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿

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