Jamie Stone is MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross

What has Jamie Stone been up to today?

Jamie Stone is MP for Caithness, Sutherland and Easter Ross and a member of the Liberal Democrat party.

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It's time to cut fuel duty and save families £200 a year.


Lovely to meet my constituent, Christine, today at a reception for @TargetOvarian

Diagnosis and treatment for ovarian cancer doesn’t have to leave the whole family feeling devastated and uncertain about the future.

More information at: http://targetovariancancer.org.uk

What a pleasure to bump into a triumphant @RichardFoordLD this morning!

The newest Lib Dem MP has every reason to be proud of an astounding victory.

So pleased to speak to the team from @great_together and support their important message of unity.

I’m proud to work with MPs from all parties on issues that matter.

In Parliament and across the country, we all have #MoreInCommon than that which divides us 💜

'Homes for Ukraine' is supposed to provide families fleeing the war with safe shelter throughout the UK.

Yet families are still unable to reach their hosts, with hundreds in Scotland stuck in hotels.

The Scottish and UK Governments need to get these people into their new homes.

It doesn’t make sense that a driver can hit Hattie without having to tell me or alert the authorities.

The Road Traffic Act needs to protect Cats.

Sign this petition to demand that it does #ProtectCats #RoadTrafficAct


This #CarersWeek we are highlighting the amazing work done by carers. Many give up jobs or education to care for family in need.

Yet unpaid carers receive just £69.70 a week to survive on. Most of them haven’t had a break since COVID.

More must be done.

It was a great honour to read a lesson at the Platinum Jubilee church service in my hometown town of Tain last night.

No one booed me as I entered the church!

Seven years ago today Charles Kennedy left us.

He is absolutely not forgotten and will long remain a shining example of how politicians in all parties should conduct themselves.

🗣️ “Our Armed Forces personnel should not be bearing the brunt of poor decision-making elsewhere within the department” - @Jamie4North

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Three staged reaction to this:

1. Wow, what a beautiful place to work
2. OMG, imagine trying to do delivery rounds for the place
3. But you'll have a spring in your step as you curse Connect's geocoding because you'll be doing it for @Jamie4North https://twitter.com/Jamie4North/status/1530132040858976259

Jamie Stone MP @Jamie4North

🚨We're hiring up north!


"Rural communities rely on healthcare workers being able to travel to the elderly and the sick and yet rural nurses and carers are being left out of pocket.

Applause and empty gratitude isn't enough."



"How can the Scottish Government be effective in its policymaking, when Patrick Harvie, the minister responsible for home decarbonisation, does not even have an accurate picture of where and how Scotland’s homes are heated?"



The Secretary of State should come to the Chamber to correct the record on the false claims she made during a DCMS committee hearing last week

WATCH: @agcolehamilton speaking on keeping care close to home.

Every single expectant mother in this country should be able to easily access maternity services close to them.

Sadly under the SNP this is far from the case for the people of Caithness.

Culture Secretary @NadineDorries should come to Parliament to correct her inaccurate evidence to @CommonsDCMS, says Lib Dem DCMS spokesperson @Jamie4North

.@Jamie4North calls on the culture secretary to come to the chamber and clarify her inaccuracies about Channel 4 in her evidence to the DCMS committee

Today is pansexual visibility day. 👋 I define as pan. To me it means that who I love is more influenced by the person’s personality and vibe rather than their gender. A new(ish) term for an old idea, and it can mean different things to others. Love is love. 🌈 #LGBTQ

"Highlanders who rely on the train network to access work, medical care and onward travel urgently need assurances from the government that their lives are not going to be turned upside down."



I've written to the UK Statistics Authority regarding @NadineDorries's misrepresentation of official statistics on the ownership of Channel 4.

The Secretary of State claimed that 96% of people agree with privatisation. The Government's own consultation says the exact opposite.🤦

From Monday, the last train to Caithness will leave Inverness at 2pm.

On behalf of my constituents, I have asked @scotgov six questions about the ScotRail timetable cuts.

You couldn't make it up.

Less than a day after SNP-run ScotRail cut almost *one third* of its daily train services, the SNP's Shadow Secretary of State for Transport has just stood up in the House of Commons and said this...

Channel 4 has a key role to play in levelling up, but not if it's sold off to the private sector.

100,000 opportunities for young people, £2 billion invested in Nations & Regions, and plans to become a digital-first platform.

C4 is owned by the public, for the public.

Today is Nurses Day! I'm supporting @theRCN in showcasing the #BestofNursing.

Nurses in the Highlands, and across the UK, have played a vital part in looking after us - especially in the last two years.

Today and every day, we must appreciate their hard work!

There are more than 8,000 empty houses owned by the Ministry of Defence.

If these houses are fit-for-purpose, safe and clean, a lot of them could and should be used to house refugees who are awaiting permanent resettlement.

More details below...


I've written to the Secretary of State for Digital and Media to ask that the Government does much more to advertise discounts on broadband packages for vulnerable households.

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