Yvette Cooper is MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford

What has Yvette Cooper been up to today?

Yvette Cooper is MP for Normanton, Pontefract and Castleford and a member of the Labour party.

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Standards falling across government with a Prime Minister who never sticks to the rules.

Yesterday the Policing Minister made cheap political attacks and broke parliamentary convention, because he has nothing to say about rising crime and falling convictions.

The Inspectorate is right to demand reform from the Metropolitan Police & to set higher standards for the new Commissioner - something that Labour, the Mayor of London & London residents have been calling for for some time.

An incredible evening at @TheMuslimNews Awards.

The Muslim News has been a trailblazer in the British Muslim community and these awards are a fantastic way to celebrate the community’s achievements.

Congratulations to all involved! 🎉

Very proud to take my seat in Parliament earlier today.

Thank you to the people of
Wakefield for the trust you have placed in me to
be your MP.

I will be your voice in
Westminster and challenge this Government
to get a better deal for Wakefield.

The Tories now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

We will not shy away from that responsibility, duck those challenges or fail to grasp the opportunities our country has.


Today, on #ArmedForcesDay we thank our Armed Forces for keeping us safe and for their service on the front line.

A Labour government would make sure our veterans get a better deal with fair access to the housing and the services they deserve.

Today on #ArmedForcesDay, we celebrate the special service our UK Forces personnel, veterans, and their families give to our country.

From helping Britain through Covid to keeping us safe and protecting our NATO allies, Labour is deeply proud of you. Thank you.

This is devastating.

For women in the US who see basic rights taken away & lives put at risk.

And for women across the world, an awful reminder that rights we have fought for decades to strengthen can be taken away - it is a fight we can never give up.


Wakefield’s win will go down in history, @SimonLightwood.

I’m so proud of our Labour Party and the changes we’ve made to be a government in waiting.

Out on the #labourdoorstep campaigning for @simonlightwood - he’ll be a brilliant champion for Wakefield. Polls are open til 10pm - don’t forget to vote @UKLabour #WinningWakefield

Polls are open. Today is the day!

Your vote could boot Boris out of Downing St and deliver a fresh start for Wakefield.

Don’t miss your chance.

Polls are open until 10pm and you don’t need your polling card or ID to vote.

Find your polling station: https://iwillvote.org.uk.

Thousands of holiday flights cancelled.
People unable to renew their passports.
Biggest rail strike in a generation.

The Tories simply aren’t doing their job.


Tomorrow, we can deliver a fresh start for Wakefield and boot Boris Johnson out of Downing Street.

Every vote is going to count.

Join our campaign tomorrow and help us win back Wakefield #WinningWakefield

On this Home Secretary’s watch overall crime is up 18%, prosecutions are down 18%.

The first Home Secretary for 25yrs to preside over such a big increase in crime & a big drop in charge rates at same time.

The weakest Government performance on crime for a quarter of a century.

Burglaries not solved

Frauds not investigated

Rapes not prosecuted

After 12 yrs of Tory Govt the charge rate on crime has sunk to a record low.

This Government’s record on crime is a disgrace. Crime up. More criminals let off & more victims let down


Out campaigning yesterday & today with @simonlightwood

Simon is campaigning for more neighbourhood police back on the beat to tackle crime & antisocial behaviour - he’ll be a great, strong voice for #Wakefield @UKLabour


The Tories slashed 20,000 police staff and crime has risen as a result.

Many thanks to @YvetteCooperMP for joining me today to discuss our plans to put bobbies back on the beat, to crack down on anti-social behaviour, tackle drug crime, and keep Wakefield safe.

Thinking of our wonderful friend Jo Cox & all her family & friends today.

In West Yorks we lost an amazing champion & pioneer as well as a much loved friend 6 yrs ago. But Jo’s family & community continue to ensure her values, kindness & determination, shine on #moreincommon

Six years ago today the person we loved most in the world was taken from us. Our family’s wish is that on this day we remember what we have in common, even with those we might disagree with. And to emphasise what connects us rather than what divides us. #MoreInCommon

This Government is presiding over #BacklogBritain

At the worst possible time, the costs for Home Office failure are being passed on to families desperate to have their passports processed. Ministers must deliver better.

Huge waits for passports and driving licences.

Huge queues at airports.

Huge waiting lists for healthcare and court dates.

Sign our petition if you’ve had enough of Boris Johnson’s Backlog Britain. 📝

If she was serious about stopping criminal gangs she wouldn’t have asked the National Crime Agency who tackle them to draw up plans for 20% cuts.

She wd know that the Israel/Rwanda deal increased trafficking & smuggling

& she wd work night & day w France to crack down on gangs

Home Sec knows her policy is unworkable, unethical & cd make trafficking worse.

Yet she chartered a plane she never expected to fly & wrote Rwanda a £120m cheque because she just wants a row & someone else to blame.

Its Government by gimmick. Our country is better than this

.@YvetteCooperMP on Rwanda: “There is no point in the Government blaming anyone else but themselves. They have pushed ahead with a policy they knew was unworkable, unethical, and incredibly expensive because they just wanted a row and someone else to blame.”

There is no point in Govt blaming anyone else but themselves.

Ministers are pursuing a policy they know isn’t workable & that won’t tackle criminal gangs.

But they still paid Rwanda £120m & hired a jet that hasn’t taken off because they just want a row & someone else to blame.

By pushing ahead with Rwanda policy, Boris Johnson has abandoned British values of common sense & decency - it’s unworkable, unethical, extortionately expensive & risks making smuggling & trafficking worse.

Govt has ended up targeting torture victims instead of trafficking gangs

Over 35,000 Brits waiting over 10 wks for a passport, threatening hard earned holidays, family & work trips. Today Labour called on Minister to apologise to everyone they’ve let down but Tory MPs voted to defend him. Welcome to #BorisJohnsonsBacklogBritain https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/tens-of-thousands-waiting-two-months-for-a-new-passport-ct6x2x3wg

By pushing ahead with Rwanda policy, Boris Johnson has abandoned British values of common sense & decency - it’s unworkable, unethical, extortionately expensive & risks making smuggling & trafficking worse.

Govt has ended up targeting torture victims instead of trafficking gangs

From court cases, to hospital waiting lists, to passports - everywhere you look our country is bogged down in delays and chaos.

The year is 2022, and this is Boris Johnson's #BacklogBritain.

💚 Thinking of the 72 people who lost their lives in the #Grenfell Tower 5yrs ago today.

Thinking of survivors, family & friends & the Grenfell community.

Thinking of the deep & terrible tragedy & injustice & how much more still needs to be done to right those wrongs

Govt approach isn’t working. It isnt deterring gangs & cd make smuggling worse. Instead of sending torture victims to Rwanda they shd tackle criminal gangs who risk lives & speed up asylum decisions which have collapsed

Govt has abandoned British values of common sense & decency

The Government is pushing ahead with Rwanda policy that is completely unworkable, deeply unethical, extortionately expensive, profoundly un-British, and which risks making dangerous people trafficking & smuggling worse. /1

The Government is pushing ahead with Rwanda policy that is completely unworkable, deeply unethical, extortionately expensive, profoundly un-British, and which risks making dangerous people trafficking & smuggling worse. /1

20% cuts to the National Crime Agency would be highly irresponsible & deeply damaging.

Former NCA head is right to warn of dangers.

It wd mean cutting action on criminal gangs, people smugglers, firearms, abuse of children. More Tory failure on crime.


These are jaw-dropping sums.

£11 billion lost to fraudsters and criminals and now this.

Labour will get a grip of this Conservative government’s wasteful spending and treat taxpayers’ money with the respect it deserves.

NEW: Rishi Sunak had been accused of costing taxpayers £11bn by failing to insure billions of pounds of reserves against interest rate rises


This is astonishing. How can the Home Secretary possibly claim to be taking border security and immigration policy seriously if she hasn’t even met with the Chief Inspector for Borders & Immigration in 14 months and hasn’t consulted him on key issues.

Keir Starmer says Conservative MPs have "ignored the British public" by expressing confidence in Boris Johnson

PM is "utterly unfit for the great office that he holds", the Labour leader says


The choice is clearer than ever before:

Divided Tories propping up Boris Johnson with no plan to tackle the issues you are facing.

Or a united Labour Party with a plan to fix the cost of living crisis and restore trust in politics.

Labour will get Britain back on track.

Liverpool fans have been treated terribly by UEFA and the French authorities. Ministers must press them to stop scapegoating supporters, apologise and learn lessons. Paris reminds us justice for Hillsborough still hasn’t happened.

My response to @IanByrneMP Urgent Question

I wrote for tomorrow’s Observer about how the Tories can no longer represent British values nor cherish our treasured institutions nor adequately invest in our future, but Labour can. That’s what modern patriotism is. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2022/jun/04/as-we-unite-for-the-jubilee-lets-believe-britains-best-days-are-ahead-not-behind?utm_term=Autofeed&CMP=twt_gu&utm_medium&utm_source=Twitter#Echobox=1654372801

We’ve had brilliant celebrations all day at Pontefract Castle - & a wonderful finish joining @WakefieldMayor for the lighting of the #PlatinumJubilee2022 Beacon. Thousands of people coming together & a great community atmosphere. #Pontefract @DavidJones3525

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