Toby Perkins is MP for Chesterfield

What has Toby Perkins been up to today?

Toby Perkins is MP for Chesterfield and a member of the Labour party.

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Careers advice opens doors for young people, especially raising the profile of apprenticeships.

Under Labour every child will receive professional careers advice and work experience at school, ensuring they leave education ready for work and for life.

So important to stress that those who support the next generation of skilled workers are key to the nation addressing the low growth, low productivity malaise that has dogged UK under Tory government.

FE Week @FEWeek

"You are genuinely involved in work of national significance," Perkins tells those assembled #aelpNC22

Perkins says not enough alternative options are placed in front of school pupils in a drive for schools to send students to their own sixth forms. #aelpNC22

"I don't anticipate we would get rid of them at all," Perkins says on whether T-Levels would be scrapped under a Labour government. But it needs to continue to change to address issues already acknowledged, he adds. #aelpNC22

Making sure that apprenticeships are not seen as the preserve of big companies only, is one priority for Perkins. Another is making sure they aren't seen as a second choice to sixth form. It should be "a path of tremendous prestige," he says. #aelpNC22

Every single child should be presented with careers options alongside attending the school’s sixth form.

@Independent covering @ukLabour push for more careers guidance in schools | The Independent

I was told by a teacher that 'there are no jobs in politics' 😂
That's why the @UKLabour commitment on careers guidance set out by @tobyperkinsmp today at #aelpNC22 is important. Young people need to have good advice

Very proud to take my seat in Parliament earlier today.

Thank you to the people of
Wakefield for the trust you have placed in me to
be your MP.

I will be your voice in
Westminster and challenge this Government
to get a better deal for Wakefield.

Great week of pavement politics in #Hollingwood & #Inkersall. Residents have a clear appetite for change & desire for less combative, more inclusive, community-focused activity that gets things done for #Staveley. I can't wait to work with Debbie Wheeldon at #CBC to achieve that.

Labour offers a proper plan for change, to get Britain’s economy growing again so businesses and families can reap the rewards.

Our victory in Wakefield shows there's renewed optimism and hope.

Labour is back on the path to government👇🏼

Johnson has lost elections, lied in Parliament, governs over multiple backlog failures and now wants a 3rd go! Toby is as right today as in January, BJ doesn’t care about debasing his office, his party or this country. We need better.

Toby Perkins MP @tobyperkinsmp

We've all had Prime Minister's we didn't rate or agree with, but none have debased the Office like this one.

WATCH - My question to Boris Johnson at #PMQs today and his answer.

The Tories now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

We will not shy away from that responsibility, duck those challenges or fail to grasp the opportunities our country has.

Great to join colleagues on #labourdoorstep across Inkersall this morning in support of Debbie Wheeldon’s campaign as we head towards the July 7th Hollingwood and Inkersall by-election.

Voters all keen to move on from in-fighting that has afflicted Staveley politics recently.

Was interviewed a number of times by Harry Gration and he was every bit as lovely off screen as you would imagine he was on it.

Really sad news #RIPHarry

Was also good to meet Ukrainian families and their Chesterfield host families, many of whom my office and I assisted to get here at a lovely Chesterfield Labour club coffee morning today.

Was inspiring to attend William Rhodes Junior’s celebration assembly with parents in Boythorpe.

Also good to discuss issues and the future with Head Rachel Purvis.

Wakefield’s win will go down in history, @SimonLightwood.

I’m so proud of our Labour Party and the changes we’ve made to be a government in waiting.

Dowden isn't being "honourable". He's backed Johnson's lying, law breaking and corruption. He's repeatedly not only defended the indefensible but been a cheerleader for it. Dowden's not resigning on principle, he's just worried about the next election.

#LABOURGAIN Wakefield with 12.7% swing. Massive!! Really great result @simonlightwood ! 💪🏼❤️👍👍
Well done to Libs in Tiverton too- incredible .
And to the voters of Wakefield and Tiverton who were perfectly capable of working out how to make sure the Tories lost!

4am update: historic night

- Lib Dems wipe out the biggest ever majority in a by-election - turning 24k Tory majority into 6k win for the Lib dems

- Wakefield gained Labour with a very solid swing of 12% and majority of almost 5k

#LABOURGAIN Wakefield with 12.7% swing. Massive!! Really great result @simonlightwood ! 💪🏼❤️👍👍
Well done to Libs in Tiverton too- incredible .
And to the voters of Wakefield and Tiverton who were perfectly capable of working out how to make sure the Tories lost!

Was a great pleasure to visit Wakefield Ossett and Horbury campaigning today for @simonlightwood . Seemed a very good response and I will go to bed hoping to wake to news that we have a #LABOURGAIN and a new colleague in the red wall.

Simon Lightwood MP @simonlightwood

Polls are now closed!

Thank you to everyone who has supported me.

Glorious sunny day and @ChesterfieldClp team are in #Wakefield in support of @simonlightwood -warm response from people of Ossett so far!

Really pleased that @GMB_union have been successful in winning decent pay award for workers on the bins in Chesterfield.
Met with both GMB and @VeoliaUK and pleased to hear they have come to a deal that averted strike action.

NEW: Inflation up at 9.1% today.

Inflation is pushing family finances to the brink - but the low wage spiral many face isn’t new.

It’s a result of a decade of Tory mismanagement of our economy.

Labour will build the high wage, high growth, stable inflation economy we deserve.

Today I took the @centrepointuk quiz which I think is thought provoking about the lives and choices that people on the breadline face.

Have a go yourself and #walkintheirshoes

The full @YvetteCooperMP take-down of the #Rwanda policy, is the most thorough, detailed and florid dismantling of gov't policy I've seen in many years.

Worth watching in full and sharing. Patel reduced to gurning. I won't quote from it, because every line is quotable. ~AA

The Tories are now voting AGAINST Labour's Amendment which says "it does not want the national strikes to go ahead" and calls on government to hold talks with rail operators and unions.

Work that one out...

We are on the eve of the biggest rail strike in a generation.

And ministers haven’t spent a single second in talks since March.

Instead of grandstanding, it’s time they get round the table and sort this out.

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