Thangam Debbonaire is MP for Bristol West

What has Thangam Debbonaire been up to today?

Thangam Debbonaire is MP for Bristol West and a member of the Labour party.

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The #NHS urgently needs blood. The lowest stock is for O positive, which is at half the level it should be nationally.

We're told the number of appointments at the #Bristol Blood Donor Centre have dropped because of people being ill or on holiday.

I and my colleagues in @UKLabour just told the Tories to get a grip on #BacklogBritain. Passports, driving licenses, cancer diagnoses, and much more - people are struggling because this government has failed to plan.

Have you been waiting months for a passport or driving licence?

Have your travel plans been disrupted?

Still waiting for a hospital appointment or court date?

Sign our petition if you’re sick of Boris Johnson’s Backlog Britain. πŸ“

The Tories now face a credible Labour party: a government-in-waiting with a plan to deliver on the country’s demands.

We will not shy away from that responsibility, duck those challenges or fail to grasp the opportunities our country has.

This weekend big groups out in Bristol campaigning for @UKLabour:
Here I am with the Bradley Stoke crew and the city centre team today! Thanks all. @bristolwestlab @LabourRedland @LabourCC

No rest after Wakefield. Out in our nearest marginal of Filton & Bradley Stoke with @ThangamMP. In this Tory held seat people are not at all happy with the Tories.

This is a devastating step backwards for women's rights in the United States.

Every woman who needs one should have the right to a safe and legal abortion.

Solidarity with every woman affected by this cruel decision.

Congratulations to the newest @UKLabour MP @simonlightwood and to the campaign team, MPs, volunteers, staff, who all worked so hard throughout this excellent campaign. See you at work on Monday Simon to add to the Labour team in Parliament challenging this #Torychaos!

The Labour Party @UKLabour

Congratulations to @simonlightwood!

The new Labour MP for Wakefield. 🌹

The choice today in #Wakefield is stark. A Tory government unable to govern or Labour who has a plan to deal with #BacklogBritain and tackle the Tory cost-of-living crisis.

During my #BusinessQuestions speech today, I asked the Leader of the House if it’s fair that his government is asking the people of #Wakefield to pay more for less.

Thousands of holiday flights cancelled.
People unable to renew their passports.
Biggest rail strike in a generation.

The Tories simply aren’t doing their job.


Britain has a moral duty to help those Afghans who supported UK Forces in Afghanistan. But ministers have confirmed just 2 ARAP applications have been processed since April.

I've written to the Defence Secretary to ask why this scheme's been neglected and ground to a halt.

It is #RefugeeWeek but for many in Bristol it is #RefugeeDay 365 days a year. @BristolCoS is one such passionate group of people working hard to make Bristol welcoming to those fleeing violence and the impacts of climate change. To support them, visit:

The government is "goading" the RMT into striking - @UKLabour

πŸ’¬ Shadow Culture Secretary @LucyMPowell says the government wants the #RailStrikes to happen to "save their own skin" at the next election...

#KayBurley BH

Tomorrow, the rail strike will cause chaos for workers, passengers, and schoolchildren.

Tell the Tories to begin urgent talks to avoid the strike before it’s too late.

On this Home Secretary’s watch overall crime is up 18%, prosecutions are down 18%.

The first Home Secretary for 25yrs to preside over such a big increase in crime & a big drop in charge rates at same time.

The weakest Government performance on crime for a quarter of a century.

This #WorldRefugeeWeek I am proud thst Amal @walkwithamal will be visiting Bristol on Friday.

more info:

Out campaigning yesterday & today with @simonlightwood

Simon is campaigning for more neighbourhood police back on the beat to tackle crime & antisocial behaviour - he’ll be a great, strong voice for #Wakefield @UKLabour


This team one of very many setting off from the red door to campaign for @simonlightwood in Wakefield this weekend. Loads of support for @UKLabour and our brilliant candidate. #votelabour

Proud to be marching for @WeAreTheMU members at @The_TUC march. Passing many members’ workplaces in London. Thinking about all those musicians struggling with rising bills & the increased cost of travel, fuel & digs, particularly our freelance members. We demand better!

Huge waits for passports and driving licences.

Huge queues at airports.

Huge waiting lists for healthcare and court dates.

Welcome to Boris Johnson’s Backlog Britain.

A beautiful morning in Wakefield with @simonlightwood @Keir_Starmer and @JonAshworth

The 🌞 was out and so were the @UKLabour activists ready to turn Wakefield red on Thursday!

The Tories haven’t spent a single second in talks to avoid this disruption.

The public need a firefighter, but we’re stuck with a bunch of arsonists.

Workers want fair pay and respect - Ministers should get around the table and sort a deal.

β€œA truly ethical and moral prime minister would have nothing to fear from a strong minded, independent ethics adviser”

Labour’s @ThangamMP criticises the possibility of the prime minister not hiring a new ethics adviser after Lord Geidt’s resignation. #bbcqt

Workers in Swindon are facing the worst cost of living crisis in decades. The Conservatives are too busy fighting amongst themselves and mired in scandal to take the action we need - but Labour has a plan.


The @Conservatives have:

βœ‚οΈ Slashed services and demanded deep cuts to our railways.

⚠️ Risked safety with cuts to safety-critical staff

❌️ Poured fuel on the fire, rather than finding a deal.

Have they forgotten they're the ones actually meant to be running the country?

Oliver Dowden @OliverDowden

Families are facing global cost of living pressures. Labour's response? Backing national rail strikes.


Sign the petition:

The Government is pushing ahead with Rwanda policy that is completely unworkable, deeply unethical, extortionately expensive, profoundly un-British, and which risks making dangerous people trafficking & smuggling worse. /1

The fifth anniversary of the Grenfell Tower fire is a week today.

The shocking revelations from the inquiry have been heard by too few. So here is a thread which I will update over the next few days with some of the things you may have missed:

Exaftly this by my colleague @JennyChapman πŸ‘‡πŸ½
'Tories are deliberately making Brexit worse because Boris Johnson needs drama'

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