Tahir Ali is MP for Birmingham, Hall Green

What has Tahir Ali been up to today?

Tahir Ali is MP for Birmingham, Hall Green and a member of the Labour party.

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A real pleasure to attend the opening of Mecc Trust's Mobile Citizens Advice Truck.

They will provide free advice on a range of things, such as benefits, housing, jobs and wellbeing.

To book the truck for your local area you can call 0121 440 3500

A fantastic initiative

Great to have been able to join the @RMTunion pickets again today.

Their resolve is strong and they will continue the fight for jobs, fair pay and decent conditions.

I have every confidence that they will win!

A pleasure to visit Fulham Road Mosque and discuss a number of pertinent local and national issues, including the Nationality & Borders Act and the situation in Kashmir.

Thank you to those who welcomed me for their continued work in the community and for their hospitality

Fantastic result for @simonlightwood and for @UKLabour

It's clear people have had enough of Tory inaction on cost of living and continued dishonesty of their leader.

They are turning to @UKLabour to get the job done.

Simon will make a fantastic MP. Congratulations

The Labour Party @UKLabour

Congratulations to @simonlightwood!

The new Labour MP for Wakefield. 🌹

Great to visit the @RMTunion pickets today at #BhamNewStreet

The Tories are refusing to negotiate with these workers in good faith, threatening their jobs, pay & conditions

Despite this, the workers remain solid in their determination to win a fair settlement


Today me & my colleagues @YasinForBedford, @Imran_HussainMP & @khalid4PB wrote to the PM about the persecution of Kashmiri activist Yasin Malik, who has been unjustly sentenced to life in prison by the Indian authorities.

Mr. Malik is a political prisoner and must be released

If, as Shadow Rail Minister, I’m able to meet with leaders of both Network Rail and RMT union, why can’t the Transport Secretary do the same to avert #ToryRailStrikes?

Total lack of leadership on #rail from Government, which will now sadly cause widespread disruption for us all.

#inflation at 9.1%, interest rates up, rampant profiteering across the economy & massive payouts for executives & shareholders.

And workers pay? Still frozen or well below inflation. Wages must rise across the economy to tackle the cost of living crisis & end in-work poverty

Great to be out with @YasinForBedford on the pickets, showing solidarity with @RMTunion members in their fight against job losses & for improved pay & conditions.

We in @UKLabour have a duty to stand shoulder to shoulder with workers in their struggle for a fair & just world

I'll be out on the pickets today to support @RMTunion members.

Solidarity to all those who are out taking action to protect jobs, ensure safety, and win better pay and conditions.

Had wonderful Time With British Parliamentarians @Imran_HussainMP, @YasinForBedford @TahirAliMP @khalid4PB @QurbanH10225194 and President AJK Barrisster Sultan Mehmood,Ch Altaf Hussain,kamran Hussain,Ch Majid Ismail,barrister Ch Karamat,Ch Dil Pazeer, Farooq Ahmed @UKParliament

Today I stated in Parliament that I intend to join the #railstrike pickets to support @RMTunion members in their reasonable demands.

I asked whether any Govt Members would also be showing solidarity with the workers.

I was not surprised by the answer...

Great to be out campaigning for @simonlightwood for #Wakefield along with my colleague @khalid4PB

Simon will make a brilliant MP for the people of Wakefield and I wish him all the luck with the rest of the campaign

An honour to visit @RMCentre today to discuss their important work & how I might be of assistance moving forward.

We will be working together to ensure that asylum seekers, refugees & migrants get the support they need & deserve.

Thank you to all the staff for inviting me

NHS waiting times up, people struggling to get cancer treatment, others crowdfunding for private operations, too few GPs.

Our NHS is imperilled by this divided and out of touch Government.


Today I voted to support recommendations from the Committee on Standards in Public Life to ensure public servants dispense their duties to the highest standards.

We in @UKLabour were joined by other parties to support these recommendations.

Not a single Tory voted in favour

Was a pleasure to meet with Cllr Shehla Moledina to discuss the issues facing the residents of #BalsallHeathWest & what campaigns we can launch to address them.

Shehla is passionate about working for her local community & ensuring residents are heard.

The Tory Party has ignored the British public by backing Boris Johnson.

With my leadership, Labour will put the public first, tackle the cost of living crisis and restore your trust in politics.

Very glad to join @CWUnews Post Office supply chain staff out on strike this morning at Birmingham CViT depot.

@CWUnews Post Office workers are out across the country demanding a fair pay rise.

Be sure to show your solidarity to these key workers by supporting their strike

It was an honour to address The Queen on such a momentous occasion: the first #PlatinumJubilee for a British monarch.

The Queen has shared our greatest moments and suffered with us in our darkest days.

This weekend, we celebrate Her Majesty.

Tory failure on energy is costing Britain.

Labour would reform our broken energy system and accelerate renewables and new nuclear.

We would save you money by retrofitting 19 million homes to be more energy efficient and cheaper to heat.

Tonight I have written to Foreign Secretary Liz Truss to urge the strongest possible response to the horrific treatment of Liverpool fans at the Champions League Final in Paris last night. I have made 7 specific demands that I believe must be urgently acted upon.

The Conservatives spent months claiming a windfall tax would hurt oil and gas producers.

Meanwhile the British people suffered from astronomical price rises.

What took them so long?

West Midlands MPs @morton_wendy @PreetKGillMP, @TahirAliMP @liambyrnemp @ShabanaMahmood @GarySambrook89 @khalid4PB @steve_mccabe @jessphillips & Colleen Fletcher - please show your support to #PayOurPolice properly in 2022. Your Bobbies are Beleaguered https://www.polfed.org/westmids/latest-news/2022/pay-and-conditions-hit-officer-morale/

The Tories, out of ideas, have borrowed one of ours!

Finally they've announced a windfall tax on oil & gas companies, something they would've never done without the consistent pressure from @UKLabour

Clear who is leading on how to tackle the crisis, and it's not the government

A fantastic visit to @DunstansPrimary today to talk to Yr 6 about their unwavering and passionate support for refugees.

We need more @SchsofSanctuary in Birmingham to ensure our city is welcoming to all those seeking asylum.

Thanks to the inspiring pupils and teachers!

The Tories say they can't use a Windfall Tax as its 'ideologically unconservative'.

They got that part right!

Taxing a wealthy few to slash bills for the many is as unconservative as it comes.

The Government know the right thing to do but they'd rather play political games.

Chasing passport applications I've found that @ukhomeoffice are closing applications if documentation isn't received within an unfairly imposed deadline.

I know constituents who've sent documents well in advance which have not even been logged.

Please action @kevin_j_foster

This man escaped a massacre. Our government wants to send him to Rwanda. We need to step up our campaigning against the cruel plans of this government. @BrumSchOfSanc @SchsofSanctuary Looking for guidance from @RefugeeTogether .

For each and every day the PM fails to bring forward a windfall tax on oil and gas producer profits, families are forking out an extra £53 million of energy costs.

But still - after weeks of promises -the PM is sitting on his hands, and letting people struggle. #PMQs

Inflation hits a 40-year high with energy prices soaring.

And this Tory Government refused to vote for Labour's proposal for a #windfalltax on gas and oil companies.

Clearly, they are on the side profit and shareholders, not of working people.


Real wages have fallen to almost £300 lower than they were 15 years ago.

The Tories are failing to grow our economy, and making the cost of living crisis worse.

Today, they can start changing that - by voting for a windfall tax on oil and gas profits.

Appalling. Israeli forces attack mourners of Shireen Abu Akleh, a fearless journalist murdered by Israeli authorities.

I'll be writing to @10DowningStreet demanding they unequivocally condemn these unprovoked attacks & hold those responsible to account


This is great new from @GMB_union who are now able to fully represent @Deliveroo riders.

We know that work in the gig economy can be brutally exploitative and union representation is sorely needed.

Great work to all those who have made this happen.

There is power in a union

GMB Union @GMB_union


@Deliveroo and GMB Union announce a new joint agreement for Riders.

It's official - we're the union for Deliveroo Riders.

Extreme poverty is expected to surge up to a million people as tax hikes, soaring prices and stagnant wages take their toll.

Why force ordinary people into poverty when the government could use a Windfall Tax on energy firms profits to cut household bills?

What we saw yesterday from the #QueensSpeech was more evidence of a govt bereft of ideas.

@Keir_Starmer did a fantastic job of outlining how a Labour govt would rise to the challenges of the cost of living, stagnant wages & climate change.

The Tories are simply out of touch

Keir Starmer @Keir_Starmer

A Labour government would rise to this moment, where the Tory government has so badly failed.

What is he doing!? Making jokes and using silly voices while families across the country are struggling to survive.

This isn’t a game (or an Oxford Union debate!). People are having to choose between heating and eating.

Take it seriously. Do your job 🙄

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