Steve McCabe is MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak

What has Steve McCabe been up to today?

Steve McCabe is MP for Birmingham, Selly Oak and a member of the Labour party.

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🔥A Tory rebel MP says: "Boris treats the party likes he treats his women. He'll never leave us. But he'll lie to us and cheat on us until we eventually have to boot him out".

Starting day 3 of our young activists delegation with a trip to the Al-Amari refugee camp in the West Bank, followed by a productive meeting with @ZimamPS - a grassroots Palestinian youth movement seeking to build mutual trust and foster peace for young people in the region.

This week we’re in Israel and the Palestinian Territories on a delegation with Young Labour activists, jointly organised with @WeBelieveIsrael.

We started our week by visiting the Old City of Jerusalem and the Holy Sites.

🧵I just want to say thank you.

Thank you for putting your trust in me to be your Member of Parliament.

This has been a historic result for Wakefield and for Labour, with a swing not seen for Labour since we were last in Government.

Today, on #ArmedForcesDay we thank our Armed Forces for keeping us safe and for their service on the front line.

A Labour government would make sure our veterans get a better deal with fair access to the housing and the services they deserve.

Police community support officers were patrolling Cotteridge park today and joined in with #2022greatgettogether and met up with @steve_mccabe @BournvilleWMP
PCSO 31904 Harrison.

The American Supreme court decision on a woman’s right to abortion is one of the worst assaults on individual rights we have seen in the western world for many a year. Our liberal societies which we have taken for granted are now under real threat

Thank you to the 26 MPs & Lords drawn from 5 parties across Parliament who wrote this week to @trussliz calling for “urgent, meaningful support to peacebuilding projects” & UK leadership in “establishing an International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace”

@steve_mccabe Thank you for highlighting this important issue. This is happening next door to me, and I already live in a deprived area. These rogue landlords need to be stopped!
Time to deal with scandal

On Monday @SwanshurstNews will be holding their 13th Veterans’ Day in combination with @steve_mccabe MP. It is going to be a brilliant occasion. Not too late to join us! @ArmedForcesDay

Still one of the greatest attack ads ever, sadly Callaghan wouldn't use it until it was too late - but today seems a good moment to give it a reup - for those who *really* remember the 70s.

@GrantSchapps said that the government has given £16bn to rail during the pandemic. Let's be clear, that's taxpayers' money to enable private operators pay £500m in dividends while @RMTunion members kept trains running.

I’m proud to announce I have been shortlisted for an NHS Parliamentary Award! Can’t wait to attend the award ceremony in 6th July! Thank you Elaine Kirwan, Anna Sykes and MP SteveMcCabe #thankyou #nhs

The change government began bringing Israel back to its citizens and different parts of our society together. I am proud that Labor was part of its creation and its most stable faction. I thank our partners, and am sure we will continue to lead Israel back to safety.

And we're off!

Steve McCabe
MP for Selly Oak Birmingham and Chair of All Party Group on retail opens #TheFedAC2022!

#TheFed #IndependentRetailers #SmallBusiness

'It is obvious that we need to sketch out much more vision'

Labour MP Steve McCabe says the Party are 'at a critical phase' moving forward with Sir Keir Starmer.

🖥 GB News on YouTube

Tory government's ongoing campaign to criminalise asylum seekers continues with a plan require them to wear electronic tags. This came to mind:

Nicola Sturgeon wants to focus on division. It’s an attempt to distract from her failures.

The next electoral contest in Scotland will be a general election, not a referendum.

Our chance to bring our country together, boot out Boris and build the future, together.

Given what’s happening in Iran I find it incomprehensible that 3 of the people scheduled to be put on tonight’s flight to Rwanda can be Iranians. Surely their circumstances deserve closer scrutiny and consideration

What a pleasure it was to welcome @CoventryRugby and @Charter_SB to witness our friend @steve_mccabe open our new library today. We felt immensely proud to host this community event and pay thanks to Charter Savings Bank for their donation and to Steve for his time!

Boris Johnson today on building 300,000 homes a year: 'I can’t give you a cast-iron guarantee we are going to get to a number in a particular year.'

Downing Street on May 11: 'Our target to deliver 300,000-a-year is central to our levelling up mission.'

Johnson today: "I want to talk about the single biggest chunk of household expenditure and that’s the cost of housing."

Johnson to Tory MPs on Monday: "There is one chunk of household income that is the biggest of all and that is tax."

Different day, different tune, same guy.

Bob Kerslake, on why extending right to buy to housing associations, would be, in @BorisJohnson's own (2015) words, "the height of insanity" 👇

Right to buy put homes in the hands of landlords. Rehashing it will do the same | Bob Kerslake

Hi @steve_mccabe. We would love a retweet if possible please - we are keen to attract the best people to train to teach here in Birmingham and the West Midlands. Thank you!

“The British government has shown a consistent reluctance to stand up to Iranian #humanrights abusers in recent years,” @steve_mccabe, a member of the #LaborParty and chair of #LFI group said in an interview with #KayhanLife.


Great to support @BSHeartFailure & @Novartis at today's parliamentary drop-in event, where we spoke to MPs about the urgent action needed to address the challenges facing people with heart failure.

Find out more about our work on heart failure👇

Thank you to @StephenFarryMP for supporting calls for a ban on hunting in Northern Ireland and to @steve_mccabe and @MargaretFerrier for their support at our parliament event yesterday.

#PMQs predictable bluster from Johnson. Alice In Wonderland performance - economy booming, no passport problems, NHS in good shape & 40 new hospitals. It’s gone beyond casual lying to total self delusion. How anyone can back him is beyond me

NEW: A third of any revenue from the Chancellor's windfall tax u-turn could go straight back to oil and gas producers in a tax giveaway.

This is a chaotic, incoherent Tory package that:
⁉️ Undermines the windfall tax
⁉️ Incentivises investment in fossil fuels over renewables

The concern for Boris Johnson if he survives the vote will be that his government will enter a new phase of drifting hopelessly without purpose or direction, entirely at the whim of whichever bit of the parliamentary party shouts loudest, retreating at the slightest pressure.

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