Preet Gill is MP for Birmingham, Edgbaston

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Preet Gill is MP for Birmingham, Edgbaston and a member of the Labour party.

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Excellent discussions today w/ amazing co-panelists & @bensimms65 @DinaBalabanova & skillful chairmanship of @PreetKGillMP
We discussed how we can change & strengthen systems to serve the most vulnerable. Looking forward to working together to achieve #equity #surgery4all #sdg3

Super proud to be working with some brilliant people across the UK #coops movement on the fledgling @CooperativesUK International Co-operative Working Group💥 Thanks @CooperativesUK for a great weekend!

Great to be at the UK-India Women in Leadership Lunch Reception for #UKIndiaWeek thanks to India Global Forum for organising.

.@AngelaRayner said it absolutely right today at #PMQs. This Govt are completely out of touch & don't understand how working families are struggling just to get by. The Tory #CostOfLivingCrisis won't be solved if they think using food banks is simply a cash flow problem.

"It will be an absolute disgrace if the UK falls short of its promises to provide surplus Covid-19 vaccines to world's poorest countries." 💉

✍️ @PreetKGillMP

The PM has said he wants to desperately cling to power into the 2030s. Under this tax high, low growth Tory Government, at this rate the British public will have to endure 55 more tax rises. But when will enough be enough for working families? #PMQs

Boris Johnson must honour the promises he made at the #G7 last year when talking about Britains role in the world as a trusted Development partner, vaccine equity and multilateralism. My piece in @TheHouseMag

I wrote to @sajidjavid raising concerns on @OFFICIALWMAS waiting times. His response was woefully lacking. Govt must act 👇🏾

☑️ End chronic underfunding of NHS
☑️A plan to tackle bedblocking in hosp
☑️Support for GPs to alleviate pressure on 999 services

Great to speak at the @TargetOvarian reception today

When more people are aware of Ovarian Cancer symptoms, more lives are saved.

Make sure you're aware of:
💜 Persistent bloated tummy
💜 Always feeling full
💜 Tummy pain
💜 Needing to wee more

Thank you to all our speakers - @PreetKGillMP, @NKaseje, @DinaBalabanova & @bensimms65 - and attendees at this evening’s event ⤵️

Systems not symptoms: Tackling the root causes of the #globalhealth crisis, organised by the FPC & @KidsOperating

Why is #Surgery4All overlooked?

Fascinating Q&A at this evening’s event with @KidsOperating on the #globalhealth crisis with @PreetKGillMP, @NKaseje, @DinaBalabanova & @bensimms65 ⤵️

Why is #Surgery4All overlooked? 🤔

@bensimms65; I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense given the stats.
@PreetKGillMP; Too much aid focus. Humanitarian aid is a sticky plaster over roots of issues.
@NKaseje; Surgeons haven't been at the table defining issues re. #globalhealth.

Our speakers @bensimms65, @NKaseje, @PreetKGillMP & @DinaBalabanova are here and ready to kick off.

This evening we will discuss the best methods to strengthen health systems in developing countries and the role the UK can play in supporting such initiatives. 🙌


Our event with @KidsOperating has started ➡️ Systems not symptoms: Tackling the root causes of the #globalhealth crisis

🗣 @PreetKGillMP, @NKaseje, @DinaBalabanova & @bensimms65

🚨 1 HOUR TO GO ➡️ Systems not symptoms: Tackling the root causes of the #globalhealth crisis

With speakers @PreetKGillMP, @NKaseje, @DinaBalabanova & @bensimms65

More details on this event organised by @KidsOR & @FPCThinkTank ➡️

"I've changed my mind on loads of things"

@Keir_Starmer tells @REwearmouth how his views have changed over time, at #NSpoliticslive

Follow our coverage on

Today I called for the Chancellor to pay at least the real living wage for all those who work for government - including contractors.

He refused.

The Tories are choosing to trap people in poverty pay as the cost of living crisis worsens.

Working people deserve so much better.

Pay should be linked to performance yet, Birmingham Airport is seeing huge queues, reduced flights and the sector has lost 43% of staff. CEOs receiving huge pay increases when their employees are struggling to make ends meet is in no way justifiable.

Our report 'Forecasting the NHS waiting list for elective
procedures in England in 2022-2030' is now available online!

Download at:


Press release:

#SoMe4Surgery #MedTwitter


@BhamCityCouncil is consulting on proposed changes to Baskerville School in #Harborne that would see an increase in the number of pupil places being offered from 118 to 183. Details here 👇

Great to discuss with @ElizabethGlinka and @AbiBrown1 on #PoliticsMidlands yesterday last week's rail strikes. Yet another example where this Govt seems entirely out of their depth and incapable of showing the necessary leadership to solve our country's problems.

🚨Tomorrow 🕔6pm-7:30pm 📍Westminster

@KidsOR & @FPCThinkTank are excited to be hosting an event on #GlobalSurgery & #Surgery4All with speakers @PreetKGillMP, @NKaseje, @DinaBalabanova & @bensimms65

Register for tickets here:

@PreetKGillMP 'More than 70 UK NGOs have called on Boris Johnson to show "responsible leadership" at G7 Summit in his response to the global food crisis, or risk allowing the unprecedented levels of extreme hunger –worsened by the Russian invasion of Ukraine – to push 49m people..into famine'

@TPointynose @PreetKGillMP @BellRibeiroAddy “The government had charged around £4.50 per dose, versus the £2.30 per dose reported by the BMJ.”

Boris Johnson urged to show “responsible leadership” at G7 Summit to stop global food crisis pushing 49 million people into famine  | Bond

Pay should be linked to performance yet, Birmingham Airport is seeing huge queues, reduced flights and the sector has lost 43% of staff. CEOs receiving huge pay increases when their employees are struggling to make ends meet is in no way justifiable.

Great to join #PoliticsMidlands discussing by-election results evidencing the country is losing faith in the Tories. In Wakefield, people voted for @UKLabour - a strong & credible opposition forcing Govt into 15 U-turns and is the party on the side of working people.

Tomorrow, I look forward to discussing #Systems not #symptoms at #Westminster

With amazing co-panelists @PreetKGillMP @bensimms65 & @DinaBalabanova 👉Tuesday 28th June 🕔6pm-7:30pm 📍London

Organised by @KidsOperating & FPC ➡️

Long-lasting HIV prevention drug too slow to reach #Africa. It’s vital there is equitable access so we can save lives. #LeaveNoOneBehind

The Transport Secretary has “very extensive powers” over what can be agreed between rail operators and unions, and “very significant contractual power” to direct how industrial disputes are handled. Instead the Conservative government has “misled the public” on its role.👇🏾

Frances O'Grady @FrancesOGrady

💥 NEW legal opinion shows Grants Shapps has “extensive” powers to step in and help resolve the rail dispute.

He needs to stop inflaming tensions and get people around the table to find a fair resolution.

‘I don’t think that is justified.’ Birmingham Edgbaston MP @PreetKGillMP reacts to news that the Chief Executive of @bhx_official Nick Barton has received a 49% pay rise. #PoliticsMidlands

Harborne's fantastic Street Watch members have a stand at Harborne's Carnival, come along and ask them how to join up and enjoy the atmosphere of the carnival at the same time.

Coming up next on BBC1 @ElizabethGlinka is joined by guests @AbiBrown1 and @PreetKGillMP for today’s programme. Send us your comments on today’s issues using #PoliticsMidlands

“Successive Tory governments have conditioned our country towards mediocrity. There’s nothing inevitable about young people feeling they will never own their own home no matter how hard they work.” ⁦@Keir_Starmer⁩


#KidsOR & @FPCThinkTank are excited to be hosting an event on #GlobalSurgery & #Surgery4All in London next week, with speakers @NKaseje, @PreetKGillMP & @bensimms65.

🗓️28th June

More info. 👇

@PreetKGillMP @UKLabour @swedeninuk @SwedenUN @SwedenOSI_UK @edgbastonCLP @LabourCID @progbrit @PES_Women @SweMFA It was great to meet! Look forward to meet again. 😊

Today's devastating Supreme Court decision is a massive setback for women's rights in the United States of America.

The right of women to make their own decisions about their own bodies is a fundamental human right.


🚑 Calling for support for our ambulance service
🇦🇫 Holding the Foreign Secretary to account on Afghanistan
🏅Getting ready for the Games

Read about this and more in my weekly update 👇👇

📺 The implications for the backlog at the Home Office have real consequences. I spoke to one constituent, with @ITVCentral to discuss how delays to assessing her brother's application means he's left hiding from the Taliban in #Afghanistan 📺

"The Tory Party is absolutely imploding, they know they are out of ideas and out of touch"

Labour leader Keir Starmer says if the Conservative Party "had any decency they they would get out of the way for the next Labour government"

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